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Would have been great to be apart of this team. Good effort!

Enjoyed this film. It was difficult at times trying to read the txt however I enjoyed how the movie came together at the end.

I really enjoyed this film. It had plenty of humour and felt it was a well thought out price of filming. Congratulations on a clever take on your genre.

A quirky film that had me smiling from ear to ear.

A Fantastic film. Brilliant story line and the two main characters were hilarious!! A well shot film that delves into the core of what ladies talk about. Brilliant acting, superb script and excellent comedic timing. Once again Touching Cloth has created a film that will be among the regional finalists for sure.

WOW WOW WOW!!! What an Incredible film from start to finish. The cinematography is absolutely stunning, the acting is superb and the storyline is outstanding. Rubbersoul has outdone themselves this year and in my opinion is their best short film to date and has the potential to be a national winner. That ending - WOW!!!

Blew my fricken mind man!! Didn't really know what was going on and after the film I was like - what just happened?? I felt like I was on the journey with yas and left a little hung over afterwards....... Nice!

Another film I saw at the finals and really enjoyed!! Liked the whole concept and really delivered with the genre. Great acting from the leads and have no doubt a team to watch in the future!!

GREAT FILM!!! Very nice use of the genre and great directing. Story was great and kept me hooked right to the end. Always a pleasure seeing what Touching Cloth come up with year after year - another amazing film.

Saw this film at the regional finals. What a great take on the "time travel" genre definitely thought out of the box there. Enjoyed the animation, I thought the concept was simple and effective. There were at least 3 or 4 stand out films on the night and this was one of them - congratulations on the win Tanked Engines

I really enjoyed this film. I thought the lead actor played his part perfectly, reminded me of a young Mr Bean with a little mix of Jim Carey. Loved the ending and cannot wait to see more from this young talented team!!! Congrats Quantum Studios!!

I really enjoyed this film. Great camera work with good pacing. Good acting especially with the mirror scene. Would like to see more films from this team in the future.

WOW!!! Great Film!! This had me in stitches. Loved the concept with this genre and delivered flawlessly. The acting was great however the lead actor was outstanding, such a natural on camera and found him to be very engaging and very funny. Definitely my favourite of heat 2.

Had a good laugh with the dancing and seemed like they were enjoying themselves making this film.

Loved this Film. Great camera work and editing. Had me hooked from the very first second, one of my favourites in the heat - Bravo Reserviour Dogs!! A team to look out for the future.

I love the fact that young people are out there giving this competition a go. To me this film is what it is, a group of friends having a bit of fun making a film.

I Liked this film. Good concept and delivered pretty well. Enjoyed the party scene and great placement with the can of V.