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I think this is the film you need to watch three or four times to work out what it was actually about or trying to achieve, personally I had a thank god moment that I wasn't watching yet another lame attempt at comedy like most teams really go for, it wasn't the best but it certainly wasn't the worse. I missed the reveal the team members mention in their self reviews so hopefully I can see what they are talking about when it's up online

another simple but fun, it is what it is film, didn't get that it was a mystery film at all but the simpleness of it got a few laughs, Im guessing this team favors the slap stick comedy that the majority of these teams seem to run at regardless of the genre

fun yet very simple, did I miss who was Chalrlie and the line one more time? I don't know the elements didnt really stand out for me

2nd best set of costumes Ive seen, second only to the steam punk film on the night as well, I think overall for the ones in this heat it had a very strong story with good flow, acting was great, one of the better 48hr challenge films Ive seen and don't worry about the members of other teams who clearly marked you down, sorry to see that but bad sportsmanship is everywhere

I agree that there were some nice shots and you had a lot going for you however feel you missed on the story and some of the acting

enjoyed the beginning, thoght it was taking me somewhere else thogh, or it should of taken me somewhere else, there wa a bit of a drag toward the end, but a great start

I completely agree with Clint Milne above, comedy over such topics, we need to be careful with ethical duty of care, nice camera work though

best in the heat for me also, however the whole film was carried by one person and felt the production team relied on this too heavily

it got the most laughs but felt the controversy surrounding some of the footage been shot early have left some questions, apart from that I enjoyed it

some good acting and a twist just felt it was a slight identity crisis for the genre

great potential, some really decent expressions simple, easy to follow, a strong contender on the night bt far from the perfect 10s your team and friends are giving you in the reviews, cinematography feel was virtually non existant, however it moved along nicely

that wa a visual explosion that cold of done with a slight pull back as I wayched others moving in their seats, but like another reviewer said, they remember your film and so do I so well done, great effort, the talent all looked confident and carried off great expression

The team that had the budget, had to be the most envied and talked about film outside after the viewing, Visually the best film there on the night, the story I have to agree was told in a complex manner but I like intelligent plots that make you think which I feel we were robbed with by the addition of the voice over that explained the whole thing, I loved the location, costumes and of all the films it had the most cinematographical feel and advanced story line, the suond let you down in areas, ,talent showed great expression through the scripted areas

I agree this is a clever film, loved the talents expresion in some scenes and loved the final bit at the end as well, well done for building to a climax, would love to see what you would of achieved if you had an experienced dop some money and some more time, great 48 hour film, great story