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This felt more like a body switch genre than a quest movie, but the head explosions were inventive and it felt like the filmmakers had really been hoping for Horror. It was gross, but people who like gore will be pleased by this as there was some effort that had gone into it. The little girl was good and the last line was very creepy and funny.

I loved this short, one of my audience votes and the planking was totally in context and hilarious, the shots of statue man in the various backgrounds had clearly been thought out.

The acting performances were great, good comic timing and even though the ending did sort of sway towards Revenge Movie, I was still entertained. Choice!

This film made me laugh and had memorable music which is a big win for a musical short, I don't think it's fair to dismiss it as just a music video as it had sections of dialogue punctuating the song. Like someone said, it had a point of view and clear opinion and purpose to convince two America-haters into loving America (in a sarcastic parody sort of a way).

I'm not looking for groundbreaking visuals anyway, it enhances a film if they achieve that but I just want to be entertained with a fun five minute film when it's 48hrs. They could have done some more interesting shots, but I directed on a team two years back and it was hard enough getting a regular script ready to shoot let alone a musical. We scripted it with lots of locations and I had no idea what a nightmare it would be chasing people with release forms, we couldn't even hand it in on time. I felt keeping it in a controlled location kept focus on the music, but if the music and lyrics were crap then that would have hurt it but that would be the same for any musical.

Did it nail the genre? Probably not. It did take recognisable musical genre conventions and pay tribute to them though so it didn't completely miss the mark.