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I somehow spaced between the title card and start of the film that it was action-adventure. The first two minutes are a FANTASTIC slow burn with a strong lead performance ... and then it goes action, which is often quite nicely shot, but feels like it slightly squanders the intrigue and promise of the beginning ... nature of the genre, I know. Also the young actors as security guards don't quite sell. Still, slick, engaging work and a technically impressive product for the timeframe, even in a heat with quite a few technically impressive films.

Super fun and funny, with a real charming handmade quality about it but too smart and well-crafted to feel amateurish. Great to go out on a smile after such a heavy heat.

Goes from being very bog standard (I think we hear "I'm Vic Meyer ... I'm an insomniac" as dialogue within 15 seconds of each other) to ending on a completely surrealist note ... can't work out if it elevates or ruins it, as I've no idea what this was trying to do, but it certainly makes it more distinctive.

So THAT's how you replace Simon Ward. Clever, guys. And funny.

Having only seen one heat, I can only imagine that most teams have struggled with this genre this year; I certainly found this tough, not helped by being the fifth serious film in a row and coming off a slightly similar arty film. But it had a nice vibe about it and I liked the lead actress's performance, who carried it wordlessly and effectively. Also: beautiful team intro.

A few films in this heat had characters that seemed too old for the actors that were playing them, and this was one of the worst offenders. Also suffered from being the 3rd or 4th film with a gun (I swear there are more guns in the average 48 hr heat than there are in the whole of NZ), being incredibly slow to get out of the blocks despite the race against time genre, and missing camera angles near the end. Still, there's a good idea there, and the lead actor gave it his all.

Starts strong with a promising setup (and nifty prosthetic effect), but didn't pay off for me ... I wasn't really clear exactly what was going on, or who the characters were, and by the time the guys with guns showed up, I was out of the film.

Funny what Alan said - the first thing that went through my head is "when the hell are they going to make a feature?"

It's not my favorite Goodfellas film - I found it a bit overly jumbled chronologywise on the first viewing and spent a disproportionate amount of time figuring out what was going on - but it comes together powerfully and clearly at the end. And always love what Damon does with the camera.

I don't think I've seen anything this team's done before, but really enjoyed this film. What seems like a straight-up obsession film changes tack rather quickly; despite its surreal conceit, it still feels really relatable, and quite funny to boot. And great team intro! Thumbs up all around.

OK, just to be clear: this film is terrible. But it's awesome, the sort of best worst movie insanity that only 48 hours can provide. In a film full of films notable for their technical prowess, this film well and truly doesn't give a crap, is never not funny, makes no damn sense, is missing heaps of audio, and gave me a permasmile for its entire running time. Bless you guys, I have no idea how this film came to exist, but I love you for it.

Not very technically accomplished and cliche: true. But what it loses in those cards, it makes up for in sheer charm, particularly from the lead actor, and I can't help but think if these guys keep it up they'll be a top drawer team down the road. Also splits the award for best intro with idiotVision.

Low-tech and fun as hell! Takes its incredibly silly premise and runs with it for all its worth, with lots of fun winks to genre conventions. Quintessential 48 charm.

This is a very provisional rating - I can guarantee it will go either up one star or down a star on a second viewing. Unquestionably well made, but I found the first two/thirds really frustrating from a character psychology perspective. The big reveal was either a. incredibly clever in casting everything before in a new light, suddenly validating the entire movie or b. completely unrealistic and out of tune with the way the characters acted before. I honestly don't know which. Either way, it's the movie from the heat I most want to see again ...

ah, bless you, iBeard. You know you're always in for something demented with these guys, it's just a question of whether it falls on the "lovable but wrong" side or the "let me wash my eyes with bleach NOW please" side. Here it's very much the former, just clever enough to get away with being amazingly stupid and consistently funny, with the biggest belly laugh of the night for me.

Can't hide my prejudice - any 48 Hours film that starts off with "A Film By" credit immediately puts a very, very bad taste in my mouth. That said, these guys mostly won it back with the clever structural conceit - it doesn't necessarily bear up to scrutiny, but on a first watch it worked well enough - and the wit that went along with it, with some of the sharpest dialogue writing of the night.

It's actually clinically impossible to believe this is the same team that inflicted GRADUATE MASSACRE on the world. Sharp photography, nice structure, good mix of serious moments and laughs, and I loved the dialogue-free establishing of the scenario. With pro actors, this would have had the potential to be a film that could survive outside of the competition, I reckon!