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Watched this after the best actor nomination you were given. I'm with the last two reviews on this! I think people get so caught up in production values and what is "technically good" film making and I get that, but this is meta gold! There is just something utterly brilliant about this film. It's even more brilliant if your lead actor didn't "leave" as you say and this was the story you intended all along! I have to admit when you cut in that blooper clip in the car park I had my suspicions, but there is no way I saw that ending. The irreverent use of the technical elements was great. Great acting by old mate at the end. I hope he gets the win at the finals. Top work, don't change, I think how you tackled this was utterly original intended or not!

My heat favorite. Pleasant and unexpected take on the genre, great use of lighting, the framing of some of your shots were weird in a way I loved. Very satisfying twist in the narrative and the dialogue was very eloquent. You can tell that a bit of thought had gone in to costume and set. Probably the best closing line I have seen/heard in a 48 hour film. Can't fault it.

Simple story, executed very well. Shot selection was dynamic and they really got the most of the set used. It also has a subtle but very appropriate score that builds the tension well. The acting was on point and the camera work for the closing shelves was so well done I'm not quite sure how you did it! Very well made, the reason I haven't given the full grade was because the ending was exactly what the audience was anticipating and there was no reveal/twist/surprise I was hoping for.

Awesome concept just about executed. I enjoyed it all the way through, great comedic timing from the cast.

The kind of movie I wish I could make! Obscure in all the good ways and I never knew where it was going (a good thing) I really liked that first track in particular.

This has to be up there with the best use of the prop!

I loved the effort behind the advert continuously running throughout (that was "raisins" i heard right?). A very good looking, and sounding film. Obviously a talented team right across the board. Niiiice.