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Teenager into film making, first year competing and had a lot of fun can't wait for next year.


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There was no backstory which did work but left me asking why. Hilarious film which everyone was laughing throughout, dialogue during the end was amazingly dumb and made it just what it needed to be. The body guard showed emotions slowly towards the end and made it almost a sad but still funny ending. Amazing splat stick short made super well, great job.

I knew straight away that the lady was a robot and the use of VR worked so well, the story was very clear and had an awesome ending. It almost showed what could happen in the future with artificial intelligence and kept me engaged the whole time.

Really well made and kept me on my toes the entire time, awesome message at the end with 'the rubbish monster' however didn't get through to me clearly that that was what it was. Little to no lighting helped the mood and made it quite spooky and having some humor is always great.