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Shameless self plug to make me feel better about the other reviews lols. Thought we made a decent effort at the genre. Had heaps of issues with audio which I feel detracted from the film a lot. Otherwise, (biased opinion lol) good movie.

First film ever for the whole team. All done on the fly after watching movies. Probably would have helped if we got some kind of kung fu flick genre seeing as I've always wanted a Wong Fei Hong haircut.

And just read people don't like when you defend your film. Ignore all of the above. Thanks.

Good film. Also think that music detracted from the film as a whole at some points. Love the choice of urban legend. Slightly unconvinced as to the strength of which the plot was pulled off.

The story development/plot was portrayed a bit weakly. Hard genre to pull off, especially in a humorous way. Really appreciated the cuts and music. Enjoyed the mother and shrink shots in the opening segment.

As cringe as the "my son can't keep his eyes open" was, found it really funny.

One of top three of the heat. Lots of lols to be had. The lead character was fantastic. Probably biased since I enjoy a good mock Australian accent/heart Steve Irwin. Good effort with fight scene.

As yeahshotbro picked up, the motive of the female villain was a little weak. Otherwise, great movie.

Probably my fave of the night. The homeless guy was superb. Great character development.

Could have done with a warning concerning ripped jeans and potential ballsack shot. lol.

Hard genre in my opinion to pull off. I think it a fantastic attempt. Thought there were some really funny parts in the film. "I can climb a tree". Great effort in costumes etc.

In the most manly way possible, cute film.

Was very funny. Thoroughly enjoyed the plot. Liked the take on the genre. Some good music incorporated too. Solid effort

Jazmyne - had to look that one up lol. Agreeeed.

In agreement, it was really cool introduction. The rest of the film didn't manage to capture a real hold on the film.

Was thinking to myself that the writer must have had a crazy time writing all that dialogue out! Props for that!

Funny premise to the film and found it very entertaining.

Lacked a stronger plot and/or music. Otherwise, the quality of sound was really great. Great effort!

I appreciate the nature of this group to ability to tell their story. Story had a great premise. I also like the light hearted take on the genre. And again, fantastic shots! Kind of agree with just an issue of further developing the story, otherwise an amazing effort as always!

Nice to know they're human and can mess some sound up too :)

Visually amazing! Appreciate the effort and time it would have taken to produce this film. Story was the weakness to the film. Lack of development. Otherwise, fantastic effort! Well done!