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I actually really liked the concept behind the story and it had potential. Some of the out of focus shots made it a little difficult to follow.

Outstanding. Loved the fact that the audience was left to figure out what he would do with the tampon! Ten out of ten for the acting.

Great kids, and nice shocking ending. Couple of rough bits in editing, otherwise all good.

Great idea and some good acting. A few sound issues but otherwise solid.

Felt that it had real potential to be going somewhere that it never quite got to. Nice original flavour that could have been built on more.

Great 'Kiwi-style' film. A minor problem with out of sync sound, but otherwise it had it all. Crowd favourite and for good reason.

Good concept. Acting a bit wooden at times.

Good call using black and white. Very creepy.

A great idea that dragged in a few places. Loved the dream sequence.

The actors did a great job. I like the idea of the audience 'filling in the gaps'. Excellent music.

The continuing reunion theme was clever. Great ending.

Visually quite stunning and captivating. If the music had packed a bit more of a punch you would have nailed it.