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I liked the films vibe and thought it made for uncomfortable viewing ( in a good horror way) but couldn't get away from the fact that it felt so close to that scene in Minority Report when Tom Cruise gets his eyes replaced.

The idea of mocking the auckland house market is topical and fun to poke at but I felt this hinged too heavily on the film. It felt more like an advert for living outside of Auckland than a story as the jokes had more priority over the characters.

Probably one of the funniest films of the night. It was silly and ludicrous and didn't take itself too seriously. Although the film wasn't asteticlly great, moving or impact full, it definitely was fun.

Amazing what you have achieved in 48 hours. I think the only let down was the sound felt slightly flat but loved the concept and animation. Some great comedic elements also with the mirror deflection.

A well put together film of great imagery and sound. The storyline was slightly lost on me though as it was potentially too deep to cover in 5 minutes.

Although when it first started it felt cliche to have the hooded figure following our protagonist, it really paid off when the reveal was made. That line could have flopped but the delivery was great. Also great work on the cinematography!