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While admittedly a bit on the cheese side, I like the way that you approached this. Taking "fish out of water" both figuratively and literally was a fun way to tell the story.

Unfortunately there was a technical issue with audio syncing - it was a bit distracting at times.

The costuming was fun - I enjoyed the use of cupcake wrappers as fins. I think you approached your theme well - had you focused on the Fish's revenge, you would have slipped into Monster Movie instead :)

While I don't doubt that the intentions here were good, I unfortunately feel that the execution was flawed. In all honesty, it felt as though the whole topic was shoehorned, and it lacked sincerity.

I think putting a bit more into developing the characters may have helped - as it was, I felt very little connection, even to the victim, who is meant to be the protagonist.

Ending the film on "Me too" felt like a cheapening of both the film and the movement.

It's extremely hard to tackle this sort of subject with a limit of 5 minutes. While I do think the message is important, I think that perhaps you need to develop the method in which it is delivered a bit more and maybe address it when you are able to do so with more time and sensitivity.