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fantastic movie. very well shot, nice use of lenses and fantastic lighting. the main actor did a great job at portraying a disrespectful homeless man in the library you could almost smell the ciggy butts on him. and the fire in his eyes when he drew that penis! that kind of raw passion is not often seen in 48hours. extremely satisfying ending and great vfx. top stuff!

interesting concept, felt it got a little confusing at points wasn't sure what that bad guy was up to. but the acting was good and the film kept my interest throughout

haha the songs in this were soo good, well done guys I really enjoyed your film. full of lols. finished the heat on a high!

nice job, hats off to the actors staying so still. i found the out of focus shots really distracting at times and would have liked the story to go somewhere or give us some hints as to why everyone was frozen.

This was great, one of my faves from the heat. a fairly simple story that was super entertaining and well paced. the actors were really natural and editing in the portrait mode was pretty seamless.

man nice work on the creepy ass ghoul prop and big ups to the driver who vomited up that black stuff, looked disgusting! nice film although i was wondering what the reason was behind the characters' actions a bit too often

creepy self indulged angel comes down from heaven and kidnaps a woman while singing about his musical. really well shot but shame about the warp stabilised footage. good effort with the songs, was obviously a challenge but you guys gave it your best

love this teams sense of humour, all really natural in front of the camera. could be improved with a bit of technical finesse but really enjoyed the film!

haha this was hilarious great job on the vfx, loved the sleazy prince of wainui and his dodgy rocketship. all the actors did a fantastic job. I felt the flat meeting was a bit too much like one of murray's band manager meetings but other than that really entertaining

felt very complete loved the scene where he's confiding in his grandmother and the granddad computer gag! I wasn't expecting the ending but it was perfectly set up for in the beginning. nice work on the lappy's face

fantastic animation, really felt the personality of the robot coming through. the film had a great sense of tension and the story was well told without dialogue

Fantastic take on the anti romcom, i cant to see more from this director, well filmed and cut with a great story arc

Have to say this is one of the greatest films of our generation! hard to believe it was made in just 48hours