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Funny, quirky, and it played with the genre elements. The ‘visual effects’ were a fun sight. But there were a few plot holes that never got quite wrapped up to keep the story afloat. It seemed like a good Good time anyways.

Hilarious story, had the audience laughing (always a good sign.) Adored the pour scene, that was quality. I think you might have missed some middle section of the story to give it more meat, but still very entertaining none the less.

Yes big boys! Not sure if it was quite the real time movie it could have been, perhaps you needed a clock to show time passed? Or maybe I missed that part. Excellent story and execution, and very impressive V-Chug.

Be proud of this great film.

Really awesome set of shots of going back and forth to the coffee shop, but I’m missing the nature-run-amok part. Was this inspired by the lack of sleep 48 hours gives you? Still an interesting story that went quite far in the 5 minutes given.

Also, incredible graphic arts for the intro! Good job for that!

Interesting idea, alright execution. The gags were pretty good for a young team. Having a mockumentary (was this intentional?) is very tough. Not sure you quite pulled that one off.

Characters were okay but you probably needed some more time fiddling with the plot as there were some loose ends

Major props to using stop motion! Nice unique take on the secret identity genre, the best outta the heat for me.

But I’m scared of sneezing now.