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The costumes and props in "A Ripping Yarn" are probably some of the best in the competition. That said, I was left a little disappointed because not enough attention is put in the story, favouring visuals. It makes a spectacle, but one that can be hard to follow.

But f**k it. You can tell the team had fun making it and that's what matters.

It's always a shame being at the end of a heat, because audience members have either been drained or wowed by your competition. Whether due to this or simply because of how it was shot, I have no idea what "Banana Bread etc." was about.

Some cool prop work was great, but the editing left me confuzzled.

Advice to the filmmakers: You had a tough genre for five minutes, but you still could have created something more coherent by simplifying the concept. The simpler the film, the more work you can out into honing it. Write to suit the challenge - then create your ultimate time travel end-of-world short when you have more time.

Real shame about the disqualification, because this was a funny flick. The use of the prop integrates naturally into the bizarre story, but the adherence to the genre was questionable.

Advice to the filmmakers: Whatever happened that got you disqualified, don't do that again. If you come back next year, and I sincerely hope you do because I love a good laugh, really read the genre description on the 48Hour website and try stick to it. Subverting or doing weird things only works if it still stays within the bounds of the genre.

I don't want to be mean, but this film was one of the less enjoyable flicks of the heat. WhoFlipped shouldn't dismay, though, because the lesson to learn is very clear.

Advice to the filmmakers: The key issue with "The Inheritence" lies with its characters. For an audience to engage with a picture, they must must must be rooting for the protagonist. The other characters can be evil family members, that's fine, but if we don't like the lead, we won't want her to win. When writing your entry next year (please come back, I'd love to see another film in 2017), really think about that main character. Make us want them to win, and we'll be on your side :)

We went west 48hr clearly has a love of classic crime flicks. "Fleeced" felt Ritchie-esque in where its inspiration may have come from, but sadly it suffered like many a 48Hour movie before it. That is, trying to do far too much in not much time and not having the expertise to pull it off.

Advice to the filmmakers: Come back next year, but make something simple. With a smaller concept, you'll have extra time to hone and sharpen your film. This isn't Sundance, its the 48Hour - build a film to suit the challenge.

I could say lots for this film or I could reducd the word vomit into my key emotion.


But seriously, top work and very funny. Gloriously silly acting by some of the actors (only some, though) and a fantastic idea for a film. It embodies everything that can be good about this competition.

Was it a Mystery as the competition organisers describe? That's debatable. But what isn't up for debate is how much I think the entire audience enjoyed what they saw.

Lots of films in this competition have poor sound, acting, use of elememts or a mixture of all. This is part of the deal when you watch a heat, and many times a film can come back from it by being charming, funny or genuinely emotional. Not everyone has the best equipment, or some industry pros behind the camera. That's ok.

The one thing you absolutely need, though, is an understanding of the genre you have been given, as well as some basic screenwriting principles. Unfortunately, as fun as it may be to produce a movie with some villainius psychopath as the lead, this doesn't make a film the audience will want to see, which happened here.

Advice to the filmmakers: You don't need to subvert a genre or do it any differently than the 48Hour website suggests. Next year, give the description a really good read and just do that. Then take time to make your main character likeable and you'll have 10x the success of this year, tech issues aside.

I had high expectations for this team having seen some of their other work, so I was worried I couldn't possibly be delighted. Thankfully, I was amused just I was hoping for.

The film doesn't start off strong, with dodgy sound and some pretty clunky elements. Then Earth Vision guy turns up and everything gets beautifully out of control!

Basically, this is a film with three distinct parts. The first might worry you. The final two are superb. Fantastic acting all round, unique use of the genre and a happy feeling in your cheeks by the end.

I laughed, and considering that's clearly what Une was going for, the team gets top marks for that. I'd rate this film more highly but as the other reviewers also point out, the genre and the prop were lost. The uninspiring prop is ok, but genre is really important and a good test of a team. It's a shame, because the comedy setup of a fumbling, arrogant spirit summoner could have been really powerful for the horror element, but a pure comedy route was taken instead.

So, the film is very enjoyable but sadly it missed the mark.

By professional standards this film has a lot of issues. But f**k professional standards. When I was their age I couldn't produce a film as charming as this. The acting was delightfully self aware and the story dumb enough (in a good way) to make it pretty entertaining. So it wasn't a masterpiece, oh well. I reckon if Traditionally Untraditional keep going we'll have some great 48 Hour films in the future. By professional standards.

Lots of highs and lows here, but then also lows that became so low, they shot out the other end and were high again. Every fibre of my review Being says I should ignore the great comedic acting and hilarious genre-appropriate visuals and slam this flick for the sound issues - but oh my goodness did those issues add a lot of laughs.

The sound muting for ages in this film was a blessing in disguise, and I hope The Winners weren't too stressed about it. The weird facial expressions, spontaneous bdsm and many other random moments became so much better when we the auduence had no f**king idea what was going on. Top laughs.

The scene with the bell was funny, but I had no idea what was going on. I'm not even entirely sure what the story was meant to be. If it was about Flowers hating his weird sexy job, this didn't really come into play until the end. Unfortunately, this made it a fairly unengaging film.

Advice to the filmmakers: Definitely come and give it a go next year, but consider two things: Put a mic closer to the actors for clearer sound, and when you're writing dialogue, ask yourself "Does this line push the story forwards or is it just fluff?" If fluff, cut it.

I didn't enjoy the film as much as others seemed to, though no one film will please everyone. Harper's dance moves were fantastic, but I think there needed to be more. I recognise using Dance as your final weapon probably counted for the genre, but I expected the other characters to dance as well - though maybe that's my own personal opinion.

Overall, an enjoyable watch, if somewhat jarred by some echoey audio. Loved the cosplay! Especially the Steampunk getup.

Love one-shot films, but there is definite room for improvement (though isn't there always in a 48 Hour film). Ranked in as my third-favourite for the evening, but I think it needed more. I wanted it to keep going after the battle - to find some conclusion to the Mistaken Identity story. Not as good as last year, but an enjoyable watch nonetheless.

Knew which film would steal the audience favourite show right from the first shot of Mr Nibbles. This team utilised a wonderfully cute cat and a delightful elderly actress to provide one of the most entertaining and well-made films of the heat. Great job!

Though I couldn't hear what was happening half the time, I thought the Elf character was hilarious. Can we get a standalone spinoff of her character? The fortune teller didn't do anything for me.

Musical is never an easy genre to get, so my hat off to Trapdoor Films for making the best of things!

My favourite part of this film was the event-orgainser. His struggle to keep things perfect resonated with me and was far more interesting than the actual storyline. I think you might have tried to tell too many side stories in one film, meaning there was a lot to take in in a short time period, and some of your musical lip-syncing was off, but I recognise how hard a genre that is and I think you guys did a good job, considering!

This was one of the better musicals I've seen in the past few years.

Next year consider some kind of 'awkward-banter' film. Your actors did a wonderful job of that type of acting, but as soon as they tried anything else it started getting a little wooden. Your lighting let you down as well, and shrouded arguably the best part of the movie (the lead actress) in shadows for half the film. Grab a big piece of white-polystyrene or cardboard and throw that mother in front of their faces next time. Something as simple as that would have dramatically changed the look of the film.

I didn't really believe the story, but the banter between the actors was pleasant to watch so good job!

These were some cute-ass dinosaurs! It kinda reminded me of The Land Before Time...ah childhood.

The voice acting on the protagonist dinosaur was a little tricky to understand, but then I don't speak dinosaur very well so perhaps that's my fault.

Well done for making some people jump at the end, but shock horror is too easy and doesn't do anything for me. Tension is what should be in a horror movie and there was none of that in the film at all. I would have liked to see more exploration into the relationship between Morgan and our protagonist and perhaps some form of revalation for him at the end - something for him to learn.

There were some pretty shots, though.

Screw a long, thought-out story! Sometimes you just want to laugh at a ridiculous amount of dudes peeing and that's what Tyrannasaurus Shark gave us! I think you would have gotten away with less sketches...there was no real reason to have that length of film, but I laughed at them all the same!

I must agree with vfs, though. Come on, you guys! You can do a new team intro. Step it up a notch!

It's unfortunate that team Unproductive Productions was the last film, because the worst thing you can hear at the end of a 48 Hour heat is, "...and I have leukemia." Though I would say well done to the team for trying a meatier subject, I think their actors didn't quite look the part so belief had to be suspended perhaps more than it should have been. I must say, though, my hat is off to the actress who played the mother character for that shot where she was crying. Not many people can do a crying face!

Just because you have seven minutes doesn't mean you should use them all! Seeing a film like this makes me wish more teams entered shorter movies. The use of elements wasn't hugely unique, though it fitted well with their story and didn't seem like it was just thrown in at the last minute which is more than can be said for the majority of 48 Hour movies.

One of my favourites of the night. Loved the comedy (pushing that child around had me laughing heartily!).

As some people here have already pointed out, and I fully agree with, the female villain was weak, and the fight scene was long and unconvincing. Other than that, pretty good film!

Great urban legend! I think we can all agree that waking up in a bathtub filled with ice, missing a kidney, is our biggest fear. Isn't it? Guys? ...guys?

Probably should get a new camera person and editor, though. Some of the film had very soft focus, and it had weird colour grading.

If the technical problems with this team are addressed, watch out!

One of the harder genres to pull off, but I think this team had a great effort! Not much else to say that hasn't been said already. Needed more story or character development, and less magic (or more magic). Acting was questionable, but I thought the costumes were great, and it has some pretty funny moments!

Good, silly fun! I loved how the male actor mimiced that beer advertisement! (YESSSSSSSSSSSS! *pointing*)

I'm afraid without a good story, to me, a film is pointless. Despite my love of the style (PUPPETS! Loved it!), the film seemed poorly written, hastily cut together and had some major audio issues. A little extra time in the writing process and editing process and this could have been so much better!

At the end of an inspirational film, one should feel inspired in some way. I don't feel anything for the film, and I think it's all in the ending. The set up was really good for an inspirational film, but the focus was on the wrong character. (I'm afraid I don't remember names) the lazy character had so much more room for development!

Audio and lighting was a bit of an issue (not to mention the director saying "Action" in one of the shots!), though it's not nearly the worst I have seen.

I should end positively, though. I loved how it was subtitled. It brought a bit of culture to the Heat! Great effort, guys!

Dragged out a bit and not interesting enough to sustain my attention for the whole film. Good work, actors, for remembering the entire script!

Went on for too long. Could have been much funnier, with much greater impact if it was half as long. It was also a little too obvious that he didn't want to kill himself, which made the punchline not as funny. In saying that, I did like the titles at the end of how he died.

Well presented, though!

Probably one of the better-made films this heat in terms of cinematography, and I suppose just general quality. A couple of audio glitches, but nothing serious.

The story was where it was let down. I agree with vfs, it could have been a really intense, quite chilling story about a creepy guy and this young girl in a house in the middle of nowhere, if it wasn't for the comedy character. In saying that, however, would it have been thedownlowconcept if it didn't have the comedy? I don't think so.