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What high school movie is complete without a montage. The hairspray abuse was sustained and painful! It is clear everyone involved had a blast - towards the end quite literally (ohhh the health & safety gods did wrythe in their tombs). Unquestionably the best use of a fooseball table on a moving vehicle I've come across. A good wacky step towards the future!

The innocent beginning soon turns dark, then weird, then weirdly dark. "Nothing is innocent in this world" - nor indeed in this film. Good fun at times. Story-wise, it gets a bit lost, and it might be worth really testing the limits of your gear and working with it's strengths - some of the camera shake was a bit extreeeme, and the low light shots suffered (consider adding your own light - sometimes even the screen of a phone can make all the difference).

Just for clarification (I'll be back to review later) - this film was disqualified for being very very late (like 6 hours). The team were notified in advance (many days) that the film would not be played at the heats (and why) - perhaps some of them weren't informed, or maybe they were there to support some of the other awesome films from their school. For the record, I personally rate this film very highly, and would have loved to include it in the heat (and it would have done well in the audience favourite votes too I have little doubt).

Everyone loves a good moustache. Audio issues were very distracting however. It was good to see a variety of shots and angles being attempted, and I loved the animated snippet!

Successfully creepy, very nicely shot, and good acting to boot. A couple of issues with the audio but overall a film to be proud of.

Great lead, and some awesome shots that came together into something very enjoyable to watch. Well done!

Some great effects used, that worked well to add to the story rather than distract from it. The lead was very sci-fi looking too!

Loved the climbing through the cat door :) Some tricky night shots, some strange hiding in the bushes business, unfortunately I couldnt feel too invested in the story.

Really nicely shot and edited, with some subtle effects that blend well with the onscreen action. The acting was wonderfully natural, for such an odd situation, well done to the actors. The dude giving birth was fun. Great film!

A fun effort from such a young team - keep it up guys!

Some pretty good tension building up until blam, the mother.

Some really strong camera work - even some sweet focus pulls to help guide the viewer. I felt the buildup of tension took a while to kick in, but there were moments of humour through the acting that were well received by the audience.

Crackup film, nice moves from the cast and some great reactions from the crowd. Its an experience that you have to just let yourself go and be carried away with.

Great first effort - a little more fussiness with the camera work will help to get over some of the distracting technical issues. Good on you.

The fog at the beginning was a lucky break, lending a little otherworldliness to the film. The story has some inconsistencies, as do all classic time travel tales, but were at times distracting in this piece.

Not a bad effort - at times the camera shaking was a bit much, but there were some nice moves in there. Nice blood splatters :)

A nice fun little film with an interesting lead character and some laughs for the audience. Good job!

Very well made film, chocked full of humour, craziness, some great acting, and a great way to approach the genre. The ball idea is fantastic. Really well done on the film!

There's something to be said for giving people tic tacs for what ails them. Bit of a mixed bag for me this one - I think trying to pull off adult characters with younger actors is difficult, and in this instance I found them distracting me from the story. I would suggest maybe trying to play to your strengths, though I applaud your effort. Some nicely chosen shots helped to create some interest, but the locations were not ideal.Definitely potential here, keep on filming!

Nicely shot, with a cohesive story. Seems like a big leap to just go ahead and do what his friend asks like that - and then have a bit of a sit down. But very moody and atmospheric. Well done.

Best Car Award for sure, though it is in fact so shiny that at one point the crew and camera/mics etc can be seen reflected in its glory. The story is...umm... a freaking DINOSAUR??@#@ You're all clearly drunk, and should have the keys to that lovely machine taken off you immediately. And given to me. Shame about the technical issues, but there were some good moments (the invisible ball!).

A bit of fun, got a few laughs from the crowd. My favourite part was the spaz-out-on-the-grass scene. Nice moon in the background of one of the shots.

Great fun with lots of interesting locations, boats, planes, mountains, babes, flames. Some great camera movements, and interesting angles. MFx100. I liked it!

Some decent acting from some of the cast (Polly was a little stiff, however... ;) ) helped to carry this piece along to its beautifully framed conclusion, which was well met by the audience. I kept thinking to myself as I was watching that some tension-building music might have helped to amp up the anticipation. Good effort!

Musicals are so hard, and you've dived into it with gusto and enthusiasm - great to see! Some good comedic moments, and quite an impressive array of props! Though i enjoyed it a lot, it was perhaps a little long for my taste.

I got a bit lost as to what was going on. Dunny sounds got a laugh from the crowd, and I liked the " <--- THERE IS A BALL THERE" on the screen - amusing and practical! Nice timelapse sequence.

Very nicely shot with well chosen lighting and colouring. Perhaps a little too much on the close ups, maybe a little more variation may have maintained interest?

Some hardcase characters, and a nice lighthearted revelry in the splatter aspects of the genre. "I want you to have my balls" - line of the night for me! Very gross at times, well done :)

Not really that true to genre, but there were some crack up moments, and some well framed shots.

Vote spamming: Its obvious, and it spoils and undermines the hard work the team actually put in. Sorry to the team.

OK, so any movie that begins with an exploding baby is all good by me. Lead actor did a great job of action-heroing, and the accent was both humourous and pretty consistent. Some good hand held shots made the most of their great action setups, and the fight scenes were on the whole not too bad. Loved the fake-slowmo. Also left me with the memorable line of the night "looks like I'll be leaving a floater." Nice work guys, well suited to the genre.

I'm not certain about the music that was chosen for this film, though it did have flavours of Fallout 3. The newspaper headlines also seemed a little incongruous, given the situation. On the plus side, the location was amazing, a real wow moment for me. You've got guts filming in such an isolated spot, good on you!

Great name (and logo)! I liked that there was some actual tripod use, there hasn't been too much of that this year. Some parts were a little drawn out, and I thought that a little audio texture could have lifted the film a little.

From the opening shot, there were some nicely shot scenes. The acting was notable for the naturalness (most of the time) of the actors - something you can't always count on in these films. There were some great VFX, and the booming bass of the "invaders" was a great audio queue. At times the hand heldness was a little TOO Cloverfield, but there were some nice POV's. Nice ending also, including the subtle effect.

Some memorable moments from this film. The recurring screens in a dark room worked nicely, and there were some great fluid hand held shots. The concept for this film worked nicely. There were some good transitions between the cyborgs and the other characters, and quite effective use of dutch tilts at times to help create unease in the audience. Pacing was good in parts, particularly the chased by cyborgs parts. The night rain looked nice too. A real shame about the audio, as I couldn't really follow what was happening a lot of the time.

I initially liked the concept of the cards controlling the fate of the characters. There was quite a Hunger Games feel to this film. Although at times the setup became overly complicated, and a little "talky" (the phone conversation for example seemed to last a long time), there were moments of great pacing, such as the running. I liked the lighting in the shots of poisoning at night, and the characters lying on the ground, was nicely shot and atmospheric, as was the nice looking bush just following the death scene. Good location. Audio issues were a shame.

Despite some shaky hand held footage, there were some good shots, though at times a little too dark. The music chosen was appropriate for your film, and I liked the moment at the end where the acting shines through. Nice river shots.

Some fun camera shots - round and round the actors for example. I liked the end chase scene, showed the characters in an expressive way. Audio problems made some parts hard to follow. Crackup toilet paper POV shot.

Much of this film was very dark, which did go with the subject matter very well, but in some cases was a little too dark to see whats going on. Also quite topical I think.

Apologies to this team, someone distracted me and couldn't give your film my whole attention. I found what I saw a little slow paced, maybe tightening up the edit might be something to work on for your next film!

Really nicely done card trick, and lots of fun things to watch, including a halfway decent stunt fall. Heaps of good laughs from the audience, well done.

Wow, that start... if there was anything I could unsee... there were some good moments, the "batman" voice of vic-in-the-mirror was great (but changed back to normal near the end?)

One creepy into to be sure. Leading into the film with a solid masty scene, things got crazy. Sexy-robot-crazy though, with some classic lines like the totally deadpan "coitus complete, powering down". A good watch.

What a fun jaunt. A murderous husband-seeker indeed. Well acted to good humourous effect, nicely received by the audience. Great fight scene. Loved the bell, a good recurring theme.

I'm a huge fan of anyone brave (crazy?) enough to do a 48 hour animation. Those eyes... I admit to getting a little lost around the reunion part, but those freaky eyes will haunt my nightmares!

Cheesey start, and a little slow paced for me, but played well to the genre. I'm a real fan of those on-the-ground shots too.

OK, lemme say, the singing may not have been technically perfect, but I found this film enjoyable start to finish. There was some real acting going on, and who doesnt appreciate boob humour. The dance break, legendary. The camera work was superb, and the effects were appropriate and well executed. Really well received by the audience, and congratulations on audience fave, well deserved!

Something a bit different from these guys this time, good to see them branching out. Some good acting - Vic was great, at times scary! - and a good eerie feeling to the film. Bullying is topical, and I think the team did really well in restraining themselves from the final explosive...err...explosion.

Some unintentional laughs (I could be wrong!) help to lighten things up - I wasnt a fan of the pan-from-nam. I did like the snazzy car-door shot, that was neat. Also, thats a sweet looking gun.

Really enjoyed the acting, and there were some great focus pulls and camera work. At times the music overwhelmed the audio. Loved the knife-in-the-back. I did feel a little like the ending was not quite there.

Humourous end got some always-appreciated chuckles from the audience, nice one. Technical issues, in particular audio, are something to work on for next year!

Some really nice camera work at times, and good use of lighting was something I had noted also. There were a couple of points where the edit could have used a little finessing, but hey, whose doesnt in 48 hours. The acting I found a mix of good and not as good. Good fog(/smoke?)

Im giving this a 4, not for the singing, or the songs, but for putting it out there. Well done with a tough genre. Also good on you for not trying to needlessly drag it out to 7 minutes either.

The costumes and makeup were really well done, and definitely stood out during the heat. There was also a good build up of tension, good use of music to help this along.

Some technical issues, particularly with audio (wind noise was one I remember), which can be difficult to cope with - a great learning experience I'm sure! I really enjoyed the way you converged at the end :)

OK so there were some technical issues with this film, but that shouldn't detract from its moments of humour. At one point I remember thinking "is this a POV shot, from the _ass's_ point of view??", so kudos for that. Also, "sticky one", a timeless line, received with much grimacing from the audience :)

Such a shame this wouldn't play right in the theatre (possibly it rendered wonky?) as it looked great. Good strong idea, followed through nicely to the end, and a good reaction from the audience. A couple of "action" calls from the director still in the mix. The lighting in the balcony scene was really nice and fantasy adventure-like. Always good to get flames in there, and great credits, very arty!

Pretty good job of dealing with the one-shot, well done. Damn chainsaw!

Rollicking animation, quite trippy at times. The music is catchy as hell, dammit*&%$%##@

Loved the distinction between the two Nicky's - colour, sound, even pacing. A sweet crane shot. Great acting, and actually successfully inspirational, well done.

Wow Nicky way up that high tree, that was something@! Liked the flashback technique, and yay for a helicopter. It was a bit cold in the theatre, that fire looked nice and cosy.

Good humour right from the start, well received by the audience. Loved the sweet old radio. Goat urine! A nice, simple concept that flows along easily and manages to sneak in a bit of an uplifting ending.

Nicky Brick laying a brick, wow, I'm scarred! Nicky also seems fine with casually murdering several people - I'm afraid of what that kid (Nicky Jr) will grow up like!

Cool canons, nice use of local features. I felt for Nicky, that boss was a real piece of work, nicely redeemed in the end.

A few interesting transitions in there. The under the stage bit, and the end, were successfully spooky!

Nothing to be ashamed of here, this was a great first go, keep at it! The dead cat gag worked well for the audience, and I loved the "what the fuck" slow mo.

Really great costumes. Nicly shot, very slick looking production. Got some great laughs from the audience too!

I liked the imagery at the start, and the crowd slow-mo was nice. There was some good humour, and the film got its share of laughs. I'm not too sure about the story side of it, but it had that Benny Hill something about it. Sweet moves.

A nice little film, well shot and suitably inspirational. Slightly telegraphed, but I liked the surreal inclusion of people along the road. Beautiful golden colours.

You flash, flash bastards. This was ultra slick. Incredible images, great set, faultless concept. Delivered faultlessly. Loved the NP. The song, and singing, were great. Excellent use of line and prop, and an incredible slow-mo. Wow.

Quite a humourous little number this one. As well as a few good laughs from the audience, I also heard a couple of "aww, cute" from behind me. Then the ending. Dodgy, dogdy people. I love it.

I guess audio is one area this team should work on for next year, but there were some nice shots. After seeing so many high definition films, it was nice to see a clip that was shot on something a little more old school. Certainly got good reaction from the audience, well done.

Great costumes, pretty good effects for the super powers etc. Really good humour thorughout, the audience reacted well. There were some sound issues, but the action was solid. Nice comic titles and things too.

Congratulations on pulling off such an intricate and extended one-shot. Kudos for doing it in daylight, where there are no shadows to hide. The old-timeyness of the image worked well, and didnt get annoying. A good solid beating there, always helps, as does an early poo joke. Rollicking soundtrak. The surprise ending was done well too. Wicked.

Nicely paced, and well shot. The golden dawn light was really nice, and the balloon in the background was a great catch. Great acting, and nice delivery of the line. The tear at the end...sniff. Inspirational.

Nice xcu of the screen reflecting in the eyes. Slow-mo pie squashing was traumatic for those of us who love pies. The killer panda, sweet.

Kind of poetic having a pun destroy the world - worked well into the slow-mo.

Unfortunately for the team, the cleaner rustling around with the rubbish bags during the screening was distracting, a shame for them.

Delivered the line nicely. Spooky location at night!

Not sure about the POV head nodding, but I loved the slow-mo facepunch :)

Very blairwitchie, appropriate footage style. The wheezing of the bad guy had me reaching for my puffer.

Really nicely shot. The leaf necklace was great, and worked well. The yucky nut house was genuinely freaky, and it was played straight, well done.

Haha...turtle head... Nice use of the prop, and the line too.

The leaf and the line seemed inconsequential to the film, but there was definitely some action going on. Liked the scooter. The slow motion was nice.

Some good tension building up to the battle - good line delivery. Liked the car lights. Nice use of leaf - toilet humour ftw

Oh my god, the drilling at the end, switched from a crime to a horror! I thought the character of Nicky was done well, and despite a few audio issues, I liked the flashbacks and the horrific dental torture.

Mean dancers, nice intro into the story and characters. Nicely shot, though watch for tripods and other sneaky stuff getting into shots. The ending was kinda weird, but overall very impressive.

Some good cloverfieldish action. Got a bit lost with the story. The leaf looked gross!! In a good way.

Dialogue was a little muddy and hard to make out in places. Good variety of music, and some obvious talent there.

Suuuper cheesy slow-mo action, good reaction from the audience. Some of the acting seemed a little distracted. Dont give up!

Some good camera skills shown in coping with the one-shot deal. Tricky shooting at night with any camera, but at times the image suffers. This was particularly evident with the slow-mo scene, (unless I missed it elsewhere? - if so, apologies!) which was quite dark so hard to make it out. The audio made it difficult to follow in places.

Liked the good use of negative space. Good audio throughout. Overall, much of the film looked a little too dark for me, though I wonder if that was due to having the theatre lights up (for translation purposes, understandable). Good to see a bit of motion tracking and that too.

Really well done animation. Well paced, visually amazing. Good use of prop. My favourite for the heat. Arrrrr.

Enjoyed this film a lot. The leaf was one I was waiting for, and your team really did it well. Catchy tune, passable singing, pulled this off well. The innuendo got some good laughs from the audience. Loved the phantom mask, hilarious. Great slow-mo too.

Good use of the prop. Quite a dark piece! Sweet POV climbing the tree, and I loved the sweet old jalopy in the garage. Crackup detectives.

Room for improvement with some focus problems and sound issues, but quite enjoyable to watch. The audience reacted well to the horse gag, which is good to see. The location was nice, appropriate for the direction your genre took you, and the costuming was well done. Gotta love a poo gag too. Nice use of the line too!

Totally perfect genre for you guys. Obviously well prepared for it, with an impressive arsenal. Not 100% sure about the story, but the action sequences carried it along. Loved the accidental shooting.

Commendable acting, which is not as common in this event as it could be! Really good makeup/fx, some suitable grossness, good tension build at the start. Nicely shot too.

The rainbow shot was a great score! Shame there were a few focus issues, and little odd music jumps. Funny slow-mo shot!

Wow. Right from the get go with amazing logo, this was a polished film. Additionally, I have crane-envy. The location was very appealing too - almost made me want to splash about even though it was really cold in the theatre. Some nice subtle effects too. And Lucy's legs too, I'm just saying. Good work guys!

I was excited to see an animation, but honestly wasn't too impressed with the result. I applaud the intent!

Nicely done handling such a tricky genre. Think I might have detected a sneaky cut, but it was well disguised if there, as I'm not sure. Not a huge fan of the horrible horrible sound looped in the sofa bit, but it certainly helped with the creepiness!

Great costumes and props (swords and hammers etc) that really went well with the genre. Loved the cat on a spit, nice touch. It was a shame that the film was let down by sound issues (and the humourous "rolling, action").