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I saw this one in heat 12. Not sure why it is listed here as heat 9.

This film had a really nice 50s/60s sitcom feel with good use of canned laughter. I liked the couple's pet names for each other, including 'wheelbarrow', 'cabbage leaf', and 'socket wrench'.

But it was also hard to follow (maybe it was just me). There were quite a few WTF moments, and I'm still not sure what was actually going on.

Dude breaks a sculpture, so dragons are going to come (with a note of doom). The dude has 2 hours and 13 minutes to fix it. It was basically fun. I really liked the line about the uncle being a wizard ... at this kind of thing. The tattoos on the Dragoons were good and creepy. And there was some pretty good acting. And the use of the leaf at the end was brilliant!

Easily the best of the heat. It had the audience groaning, laughing, and giving heartfelt ahhhhhs. Easy to follow and good production value. And excellent makeup job!

It is a shame this one came in late. It was really good. It used the one-shot method to good effect. I liked how the rhyming narrative pushed the boundaries of how far you can twist the English language without getting busted ("Nicky Brick was asleep ... the kind they call fast.") I also liked the feather blood effect and the very effective use of the "I did that" line to finish it all off.

The start was hilarious--transitioning from very serious titles proclaiming that the footage was found at an asylum and real and then cutting to the cartoony stop motion, which I could imagine was produced in an asylum. It was kind of cute in a disturbing way.

I was intrigued by a woman whose previous 3 lovers had all died shortly before marrying her. However, we never got to find out why. Instead, the story focussed on a recipe to protect her current lover. It could have been developed better as a urban legend film with some sort of distrust of the myth, and also a backstory of who Hira was and why she specialised in protecting lovers.

It really didn't fit the rom-com genre. It seemed like they were wishing for another genre as they had this whole black-and-white thing going on and almost a heist-type story going stronger than any romance. I did like the twist though!

An engaging film about someone who somehow lands a job dance-busking at the zoo. The acting was cheesy. But I enjoyed the dance teaching montage. Generally, it was an easy film to enjoy.

Very weird. Post-apocalyptic home video being watched by a sarcastic twisted dude. There were moments where I was really lost. And there were funny bits that had the audience laughing. I liked the Alanis Morissette reference. I would vote this as the best-worst of the heat.