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The last film in a heat is always a tough place to be. I enjoyed the angle on this one and loved the normalisation of the content. The acting was done well and the script was also a strength.

While story is king, and this has a creative take on the story of Santa, we need to hear it too. The sound levels seemed low in the heat and this made it much harder to really enjoy.
Some great lines were included and the awkwardness of the situation was done well.

48 Hour films are often weird- the time makes use do weird things.
This is weird and they wanted it that way. I've seen a few heats over the years and this one had everyone, and I mean everyone, cringing at just the right moments.
The images stay with you (in a good way) and the sound simply builds on what you see.

So this didn't make the Auckland short list? Wow.
A slick and haunting short, this film builds tension and character in spades.
Nice effects and camera work, combined with a great script and sound make 'Monarch' a good film.

This film looked great, sounded great and was well acted.
The narrative structure also worked well, until the final act. It set it up, developed it and then kinda fell away (but only in comparison to the high quality of the previous 3-4 minutes).
Many 48 Hours films would love to have an ending as satisfying, it is just that this film deserved more.

There are plenty of films that play with space and this films references several.
To make a zero- g film in 48 hours shows the amount of courage Qualified Tim possesses and the fact that he pulled it off says volumes.
I'm pleased that Qualified Tim has emerged from the ashes of Disqualified Tim and made the deadline.
This has final contender written all over it.
Well made and brave, 'Apollo 69' will be one that people remember for all the right reasons.

Stretching one gag so far sometimes just doesn't work.
I enjoyed the den scene and the associated loop hole and feel that this could have been worked in more.

I really enjoyed this. The humour, the effects, the Wellingtonness of it.
I haven't seen many films blend animation with live action in the 48 Hours and this made for a nice change.

Filming at night is hard and this is why. The grainy images made this less effective than it could have been.
One challenge to time-travel movies can be developing a plot that doesn't confuse yet moves the story forward. For me, this film didn't quite get there.

I love the fact that this film takes the knocks of 48 Hours, owns them and then spins a yarn out of the burning rubble.
It reflects the reward of persistence and never giving up.
Nitro blends honesty and humour into the work.

Great use of drone footage, but the story was not as strong as it needed to be. We never really got to know the characters and this made connecting with the film hard.

A slightly unusual film with great humour and a strong story. The film built nicely and was engaging to watch. The main actors did a good job and added plenty to the impact of the film.

This film was quiet and hard to follow. The actors did well however, and added plenty of charm.

This reminded me of "120 Hours on Osdom", one of my favourite 48 Hour films. They used the low budget stylings nicely. Well set up, with a clear narrative and executed with good humour.

Mockumentary is a classic in 48 Hours and for good reason- it gets laughs. This one was a good angle on the genre, which integrated the elements nicely. The main actor worked well with his facial expressions and the camera movements were awkward yet effective. The concept for the film was strong and developed nicely. One of the stronger films in the heat.

Story may be king, but sound is very unforgiving. The early part of this film was dogged by poor sound which was unfortunate. The bad-seed element was nicely set up, but the walking was just too long.

The 'at night' element was largely achieved through stark lighting, which wasn't the most clever use of the genre. The flashcuts were a nice addition and added a spook factor and tension. I felt that the ending wasn't as strong as it could have been.

Thriller is a hard genre in my opinion and this team attempted it well. The plot was one that was always going to be hard to pull off and it just didn't quite hit the mark. Some nice use of shadows used, as were the flashbacks.

Some lovely drone shots to open with, gave way to a narrative that just didn't come together for me. The tension that was attempted didn't make sense.

Strong start to the heat with this film. Funny and nicely shot with some great cut-aways. Built nicely. I felt that the Christmas element could have been more central, but the end payoff was there.

As this film opened I thought it may be shot entirely from within the fridge. This thought was surprisingly positive, such was the engagement created with a fridge shot. Perhaps this could be considered for the Technical Element next year.
Some fantastic dialogue added humour and the film moved along well.
I really enjoy it when a film makes you go 'How the f*ck did they do that?' This team did that with the spinning hand back in 2007, and again here. They have some seriously talented folks in their backroom and just let them play.
For me the weakest point was the ending, which seemed a touch of a cop out.
I both love and hate being in Puppyguts heats. Love it because you know they push the envelope with what is possible. Hate it because they usually make better films than I do.

I really enjoyed the thoughtless of Harper, it was played well and created a good amount of humour.
A two person team is always a tough proposition, especially when you script so many characters. I thought you dealt with this well however and I enjoyed the charm of the ever-changing costumes.
A tighter edit would have maximised the humour of the main character.

I liked the set up in Civic Square and you really had me at this point.
Unfortunately the film took too long to get to the climax for me.
It started to create a haunting mood on a couple of occasions, with the figure in the background, but this wasn't built upon.

Quirky take on the rom-com. The Lannisters would be proud of you.
I liked the pun in the title too.
For me one area to work on is the pacing- it just seemed to drag a touch during the interview scenes.
I enjoyed the acting, particularly the priest and the Hmmming doctor.

I loved the set up of the night club and returning home.
I felt the next part of the film didn't progress the narrative as creatively as it could have, although the enjoyed the overheard conversation.

It is rare for a 48 Hour film to make me laugh out loud, but this did.
Seriously hit the black comedy genre perfectly.
Built to the climax well.
I had two issues with the film, which are minor, but I feel need mentioning.
The two characters in suits added little. I think it would have been tighter without them and really came alive when the other characters came in.
The drone shots struck me as unnecessary.

Saw this at the finals and really enjoyed it.
I loved the humour and style of this team.
Well scripted and acted, with cinematography to go with it.
Quality film.

I saw this at the finals and loved it.
The narrative is both complex and yet easily followable, which to achieve in the realms of 48 Hours is (in my opinion) the Holy Grail.
Beautifully shot, nicely balanced humour and serious themes.
This team is a powerhouse and they have again delivered.
Personally think this should make its way to the National Finals.

In some regards I liked this and in others I totally didn't.
The use of the prop seemed totally forced and was not well integrated.
The problem was I could see the end from the beginning and therefore lost interest.
The end sequence was really well shot.

This was a well presented film.
The set up was quick and easy to follow.
The development included some nice touches, but the ending failed to deliver for me.
I loved the randomness of Morgan and would have liked more of this.

A valiant attempt at a musical, but the poor audio synching and randomness of the narrative were major distractions. Few musical attempts have tried to get so many songs in

Second attempt at the review. I wrote about the wrong film...
I liked the concept and felt it was quite well executed. A bit on the simplistic side with the narrative.

I liked this one, although the pacing went up and down a bit.
The auditions went well and this was well incorporated later.
There were a couple of shots out of focus which detracted.
Clearly a well organised team, had everything at their disposal and used it well.

Good premise- A trademe auction of the titular item.
Some lovely comedy in the petrol station built into a good chase sequence (loved the asthma line) which built nicely.
Some of the audio was a bit wobbly.
Liked the lead actor, he developed his character well.
Clearly a fun film to be involved with

This film follows a girl who is trying to learn a language via her ipod. The voice of the ipod tries to chat her up.
The image was clear and looked sharp, but the premise wasn't up to much and allowed for no story to really hook into. We followed her walking around Wellington listening to voices.
Story is king; this story wasn't even a prince.

I saw this in the finals and it blew me away. It played last of the finalists and prior to it the top award was fairly open with some strong films. Then Traces of Nut came and stole the show.
Great story, well told, with fantastic images on the screen. The acting was first class and hit all the spots. Clearly ToN have spent their year away from 48 Hours kicking some serious ass.

If this doesn't win the national finals then whatever does will need to be unbelievable.

I think this team need drug testing because they were so good.

I liked this film and felt the use of the black and white added plenty to the moodiness and creepy factor. Simple in its construction, I'd have liked a bit more their back-story suggested. The tension needed to rise, and with the nature of the narrative this was always going to be tough. Perhaps the use of more energetic editing in the later part of the film would have worked. The male protagonist had glimpses of Antoine Dixon about him.

Polished and sharp, this team have backed up last year's film with another good one.
The plot focusses on a man hearing voices that finds himself with inside knowledge of something sinister.
I felt a twist was really needed to lift this film into finals contention.

This team of youngsters clearly had some fun making this. They should be proud of their efforts, even though I haven't given it many stars.
The story was there, but needed to be clearer.
Some neat scenes and mood were there,

This one confused the heck out of me. The story really did need to be clearer. A lovely sequence of the cast being arrested (?) near a fence was a highlight.
Story is king. Get it right and the rest falls into place. This team could (and probably will) do better in the future.

I really liked this one and it got my fan favourite vote. The concept was solid and well executed through good editing and characterisation.
Developed the atmosphere well, while the plot was steady.

This film got a good reaction from the audience- clearly there were fans around. The idea of racing against 'The Clock' was developed deliberately and carefully.
Lacked the sparkle of a finalist contender, but did the job quite well.

I've just watched this in the screening room.

I agree with the other reviewers, great effects and wobbly narrative.

I liked the LOTRish tone, which would be bloody hard to achieve in 48Hrs. The setting, the costumes, the music, screamed Sir PJ.

I loved Kumaras work last year and enjoyed the film this year equally. I would really have loved this in on time and with the narrative that tad clearer.

Nice use of the reverse motion to mimic telekinesis.

To the best of my knowledge Kumaras are a fairly new team, last year and this, but it strikes me that we have a new Wellington team that will year in year out be pushing for the podium.

Some lovely creepy touches, largely through the acting, were disrupted by a loose edit.

The film needed more care with what was a good idea.

I liked the set up and there were some good comedy moments, but the whole film just didn't gel for me.
I nearly peed when the top of the Watties bottle was spotted squirting the 'blood'.

What a location! The bookstore was a real gem.
The acting was good quality, with each character clearly established.
A more satisfying ending would have seen the characters exit the shop.
Not an easy genre and well attempted.
The camera bobbled around a bit too much for me.

Claymation with a frog, not your everyday end of the world content.
The start seemed more like watching a home movie that a 48 hour entry, but once the frog got going the film picked up.
I really liked the voice overs, some good humour here, but it was largely lost due to the low volume of it.
A nuclear war between Finland and NZ has great comedy value and could have been played for much bigger laughs.

For me a superhero film needs to make better use of the super powers. After a good set up shot from the POV of the hero, we never really find out what he can do.
The camera work was on the shoddy side, with the focus rarely on the subject. At first I thought that this was deliberate to suggest the hero was recovering from eye surgery, but as it went on my mistake was clear (even if the shot wasn't).
I liked the use of the tent, but more needed to be made of the hero.
Perhaps making an erotic thriller would have been a better choice.

A zombie athlete with a craving for brains.
This film took the classic outsider who trains his way to the top into new territory.
A well made-up zombie was put through his paces, before finally achieving his goal and getting the brains.
The story built well, making good use of the location and narrative to tell an entertaining tale.

Puppy Guts have a reputation and have lived up to it with their latest film.
Genre: Nailed. Production Values: Highest order Acting: Polished
A film that disturbed in a good way, entertained throughout, and got great reactions at every request.
The only thing of that prevented a full star rating was one shot that doubled up.

A Hutt Valley Bromance. Rom-com with two guys was always a tough challenge, but they produced some good moments which made the audience chuckle on more than one occasion.
The sound was a main issue here, with wind causing havoc in the microphone and the balance between music and dialogue lost on a few occasions.
The editing was pretty basic really, the film could have been a lot tighter.
The effects towards the end add good comedy value to the film.

A ballsy effort at a musical which just didn't come off.
The image wasn't of the highest quality, clearly something had gone wrong in the process. It left movement looking gritty.
Writing songs for 48 Hours must be very tough and full credit to them for giving it a bash.
The plot was on the confused side, with a dancing pizza delivery girl somehow entering the fray.
Clearly a lot of fun was had and the team will come back better next year and I'm certain their fingers will be crossed for a different genre.

An good concept, but the way the plot developed just didn't do it justice.
Clearly a new team, and in the future they will be better, but right now the film just didn't build in pace, tension or comedy, so left the audience feeling flat.
Full credit to the super hero, Aro Valley in lycra!
I liked the camera movement during the time stop, showed some flair, but the rest was just ho hum.

Thrilling from start to finish, I liked the ending didn't find cheesy at all. Nice cinematography and some good acting! nice job everyone

A musical one-room was never going to be easy. But when you write and sing the entire thing from start to finish you deserve credit.
A shame this was DQ'd, because it had a lot going for it.
The audio was a little out of synch with the action, but the film was certainly watchable and the characters likeable. Good effort Hamsterdam

Not a well made movie, this film had an interesting idea that just didn't last the distance. Some early laughs based around photos soon wore thin for me and just keep me interested.
I'd like to have seen the plot develop a little more, rather than just repeat the same joke.

Confusing and hard to see, this film took the very faddish concept of planking, and confused me even more than I was already.
Clearly an inexperienced team, they need time to hone their skills and come back fighting next year.

A new horror genre was created by this team, the demonic therapy genre. Impressive special effects, some lovely lines to play up the comedy, and overall well done.
Nice. Impressive. Well done.

A real shame this was DQ'd because it was a really impressive movie. Taking the quest genre in a new direction that I think everyone in the audience could relate to- on the loo, with the paper out of reach.

Some creative angles mixed with interesting interjections into the bathroom made for an entertaining film. One of the best endings of the night.

Some lovely costumes used.
I'm looking forward to seeing them next year, and hope they get it in on time!

A very much average 48 Hour Film. Poor acting, mixed in with some clever edits, and plenty of drug jokes made for an okay film, but nothing that will bring Bobby Back...
However, the body switch genre was tough and they certainly nailed that aspect of the film.

A good attempt, but the skill just wasn't polished enough.
They clearly had some fun making the film, which is half the point, but the film just didn't work.
Cheesy, but not a quality Kapiti Cheese, more like your budget brand.
A few audio and editing errors did detract, but there were plenty of laughs from the audience.

A really neat twist on the zombie genre, although I feel as though so close, yet so far.
A dance movie that really needed a big finale.
Good make-up on the zombie, with some lovely moments throughout.

A nice take on the woman wronged, with flashbacks to bookend the film.
Some great dialogue (especially one line from Bobby) mixed with some that didn't have the zip.
Good use of the elements, and was certainly one of the best in the heat.
Overall, the story just didn't grab me for a higher star rating.