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Defiantly a good film. better in the sense of a mockumentary genre as opposed to Star Crossed-lovers

Such a good film! loved it in every aspect!. Brave choice using children as actors despite the infamous rule to never use children or animals in film

A good comedy in amongst the heat. starting to see a bit of a pattern from this team in the sense of producing comedy films. would be good to see something different from This team next year. Overall good film

Plot could have used more to it. other than that was a good idea

Would have done very well shame it was disqualified

This team hit expectations. Loved this film

Nice use of working the genre to their advantage of being literal high school students. SFX & Stunt work were good. plot was lacking some structure in places

This film defiantly was unique!. had me laughing hysterically at some cliche things

Interesting use of the musical genre!> was fun to watch and the whole idea was solid. I expected more Musical like conventions in the film such as singing as opposed to rapping. in saying that it was cool to see rapping incorporated into a musical. Fight scene choreography was good

This film was cool and it seems like the team had a good understanding of the genre. Plot could have been stronger in terms of the lead realising that he was repeating time over

This one was quite cool. Classic Thriller type of film. Loved the shadow scene. Had me and my friends laughing for a little bit. Use of SFX was good. overall nice film

This film had an interesting concept. Their ideas behind this was solid but the execution was not the greatest in terms of plot. Dialogue was interesting in this piece also. Solid attempt at exploring mental illness such as Depression in more depth

I LOVED THIS FILM. I was laughing for a while with the well thought out use of dialogue, Shots and actions that occurred in this film. Defiantly potential this team. Their plot could have used a little more structure

Nicely executed film. Strongly disliked this film at the beginning. near the end it became tolerable. Nice concept towards the genre

Nice film by this team. The little girl was amazing in this film and needs applause on her portrayal of her character. this is defiantly not the type of film I expected in this genre, it is always good to have a twist on a genre but I personally prefer the classic type of monster movie such as Nosferatu. Nicely shot and edited. Did not have a distinctive door slam

This Team was by far my favourite from all the heats. the use of all the required elements were used effectively as opposed to just being randomly added in!. The use of the door slam was the most effective! for me I thought it resembled coming out of the closet???

Well done to this team!. any team that uses Homosexuality in any film will always have my votes as they are not usually covered in film, especially in New Zealand.

Loved the car scene. the use of odd camera positioning ( Car ext ) had me hooked. the scenes in the hospital where funny. Although the ending seemed premature and didn't quite make sense