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One of the better over head shots from this heat. The costume was pretty impressive also. I was a little confused in the theatre about how this was a holiday movie, but upon reflection, was the holiday aspect when our character entered the Virtual Reality realm? If so, I think this idea could have been fleshed out a little more. Maybe something showing a need to escape reality in favour of a virtual world holiday might have helped? I got the impression that this may have been a solo team? If so, that's pretty impressive alone. Technically, there is some pretty great work here. The colour grading and such really does make our character in the space suit look like he's on Mars or some other rocky planet. I feel like the original vision of this was lost due to the time restrictions and such of this competition which is a real shame. I would really love to watch what would have been the final film if this team had been given time and resources to finish their original vision.

I enjoyed this film a lot, even though it did confuse me a little. I really enjoyed the world building through visuals. That was executed really well. We're led to believe this world is dark and dangerous through visual exposition like missing person posters, bleak headlines on a fake newspaper, and so on. Props to whoever made the props, haha. All of that is great, but I'm not sure how that all tied into the payoff in the end. I enjoyed the payoff in the end, very funny, but I think the lead up could have been a little tidier. I think this duo could go on to make some solid films in the future. Good work. Looking forward to see what you can make in the future.

Very funny and snappy. Some of the best laughs on the night came from this film. Manages to pack in a surprising amount of gags in a short time, including sound effects and a pie call back. The subject matter could have been a disaster, two males with a female alter ego, but I think the film had enough charm and humour to do it well. Done in great spirits. There were even a few slick shots that impressed me. This film has a rough gem vibe about it to me. Everything about it was pretty strong, just could do with a little polish. But hey, not every film is going to be polished in 48 hours.

Lots of cringe, lots of comedy. Technically pretty amazing also. Portraying an imaginary scenario can be very tricky, and this team pulled it off. When the lead actress accidentally flicks a let's just say 'substance' on her face, not only was that a highlight of all the films shown at this heat, but for her to keep acting whilst that was all up in her eye.. Jeez, that's commitment to a role. And you know what, thats not the only gag, there's plenty more there. Thoroughly entertaining, and very solid technically. Sound was a little odd in places, but other than that, one of the best on the night for sure.

Great use of black and white to give that old school horror feel. Great artistic choice. There was a little element of low budgetness to this film, but I think it adds to the story. Many older horrors used cheap and nasty props, so the use in this film is fitting to the style they're paying homage to. The kraken for example, very clearly low budget, but charming all the same. Very entertaining story also. Three characters evolving into animals because they smoked a crazy drug. I'm pretty sure that often happened to my flatmates when I was at uni, so very relatable. Talented team here. I hope to see more of what you make in the future.

It's really great seeing young people making films. This is what the competition is about, just getting our there and giving it ago, and learning along the way. This is a delightful story which screams youth, which is great considering the story is about the generation gap. I suspect a few people watching this will focus on technical flaws, and story points, but that's because they're all a bit disillusioned by life and take things too serious. They don't get it because they've crossed the generation gap and become uncool old fogies. The part where one of the girls thinks that being an adult means eating artisan chocolates made me giggle. Good work, looking forward to see what you make in the future.

Great story with a fitting pun of a title. Enjoyed the wordplay there. This short was very technically well made. The VHS style to the training video was too good. The actor in the role of the salesperson was spot on. Very funny and delightfully zaney. The concept itself is great, sending post it notes to the past. Brilliant technically, and very entertaining, my only issue was a little fat could have been trimmed off the story to keep it lean. Why mention the bit about not sending note to loved ones in the past without showing us the consequence? Seemed a little redundant. Maybe I just didn't pick up on it in the first viewing? If so, a film that requires repeat viewings is one of my favourite film devices, but doesn't suit the completion style that is the 48hours.

Really great location and scenery in this film. The opening song was very well done also. Musical is by far one of the most dreaded genres and not only did this team pull it off, but they pulled it off with style. A forest adventure filled with sword play, a mushroom trip, finding ones way, AND singing. Damn, that's a lot right there in such a short time. Amazing stuff. Great costumes also.

One of my favourite performances of the night came from our lead in this short. Very sincere, and believable. Great casting. Credit to whoever made the props to probe with, very well done. The story managed to be fun, sincere, and entertaining all at the same time. An anxious alien about to perform an anal prob for the first time is just gold. Shot well, great sound and editing. Lighting could have been a little better. Some shots seemed a little dark, but that's getting a bit nit picky in what otherwise is a good film. I'll be watching this one again when it's online.

This film was well presented and somewhat entertaining. Good use of split screen, which would have been a tricky element to add, so great stuff there. The story itself was as cold as the colour pallette at times, but did end strong. Seemed like they were going for some laughs, which were there, but why not go all out if that's what your intentions are. Great film over all, just lacked a bit of impact leading up to the end. No surprise they did well in audience voting, seeing as they brought half the audience with them. Good work and probably a city finalist, as you should expect with the support they have. Well worth a watch.

Sad that this film was disqualified. Some great performances by human and dog alike. The story was pretty faithful to the given genre, however it was a little confusing as to why so many people showed up in the barhroom at once. Maybe a bit more focus on one or two people turning up rather than however many there were. Story felt as cramped as the people in that room. That said, I enjoyed the film. It was shot and edited well, and great job on sound. Better luck next year.