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Two lovers go to a therapist to sort out a particular problem.

This film was great. Really well acted and it was very cringe in places. Hilarious use of the laughter and some great directing/camera work and editing kept the story moving well and told some great visual gags. Possible finalist in my books.

The story follows a senior EMS a rookie, as they go about their day helping people get through there incidents.

If nothing else, this team should win best team intro - it was hilarious! I enjoyed the film and thought it was an interesting premise and well shot and acted. Nice work

Two detectives, Hart & Soul, are forced to work together to solve crime, it works so well that their boss decides they need an additional partner. Much hilarity ensues

As always Chess Club impress with another slick production and great acting. Wouldn't be surprised to see it in the finals.

Three different peoples songs about depression and anxiety.

I really loved this film and was really impressed with how well this team took on not only musical but also their subject matter. I think they conveyed the message really well, without being over the top. Great film and well done.

A guy wakes up in a broken rental ship and only has minutes to live.

Props to Cold Blooded for a great solo team effort. I loved the use of Lego (obviously Dog's Breakfast are big fans of Lego) and mixing it with live action - light have to steal that idea one year :) I thought the acting was great and the setup for the whole thing was well put together.

A dance that has to be perfect but someone is causing problems because they can't remember their moves.

A great take on the genre and as always the camera work and acting was on point. Some very nicely acted and shot scenes and the editing was very smooth and added to the drama. Will be interesting to see how the audience receives it review-wise as it did definitely push the envelope on the dance genre. Well done team!

A family of superheroes battle the enemy, while one of them is trying to get into university.

A fun film with some great laughs. Good use of the wind element I thought and the daughter that kept getting shutdown was hilarious. I enjoyed it :)

Parents are called in for detention because of their kids.

This movie was fantastic! The acting was superb, the story was simple and well written and it almost had me crying. I expect to see this in the AK finals at least. Awesome work. The message in this film was also well delivered and would easily work as a short outside of the competition

A social media addicted DJ struggles with his monstrous addiction.

Hilariously funny and well done. I'd expect to see this in the audience faves at least. It got one of my votes.

A girl reluctantly comes out to her mother but her mother stands 'beside' her during the whole thing.

The idea behind this movie was brilliant and I liked the story and the message was well thought out but it was let down by the singing. I know singing is difficult if it's not your thing but one thing that will help is to record the singing first and then lip sync on location. This helps keep the sound more even and lets you control the shots you need.

Would love to see this film redone with more time because I thought it had great potential.

A story of a girl growing up, and interaction with her mother, told in rhyming voiceover.

A nice story with a classy final transition. I enjoyed the film

A story about love rivals, I think? Think this was the anti rom-com.

I could see what they were going for but it just didn't hit the mark for me.

It's 2019 and legalised euthanasia is legal and we follow two technicians going about their day, one being new.

A very dark film compared to last years Under the Bridge. Not sure if the volume issues were the theatre or the film but I struggled to hear some of the setup at the beginning. Another well told story by this team.

A door to door salesman is trying to sell a Chronoshifting Flux Duck time machine.

This was an interesting take on the time travel genre. I don't want to give anything away but it lost me a bit in the cave towards the end but overall quite good.

A couple are terrorised by a killer.

There was some laugh out loud parts in this film and some very gory effects which seemed to get the audience going.

A woman talks to her PepTok device which gives her a string of motivational sayings based on the phrase she says.

Chillybox did a good job of this, with a story I don't recall seeing before. Simple, yet effective.

A literal fish out of water movie that makes the most of Dannevirke :)

A guy moves to the big city, get a big job and needs to solve a big problem. Well executed as always with some classic laughs in it.

I liked the concept of this film and the supernatural element , I thought, was well used. Could easily be fleshed out into a longer movie too.

I loved the evilly evil song, it was very catchy!

Great to see teams embracing musical and running with it. Some genuinely funny bits in this film.

Another great film from this heat. Hilariously well done and the z-grade was so on point! Set in "Japan, where we are now" the movie deals with a Kaiju that is about the destroy the country.

The special effects in this film were fantastic, I absolutely loved it, and the purposeful continuity errors were brilliant. Well done team, loved it!

I really enjoyed this simple film about a guy getting ready for a date but overtime he sneezes he ends up back in bed at the start of the day. Some on point acting and nicely shot and told story. Great effort.

I didn't really pick up the comedy in this film and there was a long musical number on the roof of a building that seemed out of place with the rest of the film, which started very stylistically.

Some funny jokes, plus one or two off-colour jokes, and some good acting.

A father is telling his son a bedtime story about becoming an elf. Some genuinely funny parts in this film started the heat off well.

I liked what they did with what could be a disastrous genre if handled wrong.

Some on the money acting and some great out of focus shots (not something you normally hear but they worked perfectly for the genre) helped sell the genre.

This was definitely my favourite of the heat. A runaway boy meets up with a homeless man under a bridge and they spend the day together before the boy has to return 'home'

It was very well acted, beautifully shot and told a great, and somewhat sad, story. It didn't come across as a film made in 48 hours at all, it was more like something that was funded and produced over a much longer timeframe. Fantastic work and I would be very surprised if it isn't a finalist and probably nominated for a number of awards.

I love how this film starts at the end of the last one and tells a complete story very simply. Great acting and story.

Another slick film by these veterans 48ers. Nicely told and shot movie that is definitely worth a watch.

I loved the premise of this film/trailer, where the protagonist hears the narrator and is transported based on the narration.

Very funny and got a lot of laughs.

Nothing says Christmas quite like Santa going on a bloody revenge rampage.

A left field idea for a Xmas movie that looked like they had a lot of fun making.

This is my favourite film from this team. Funny and well executed.

A true game of cat and mouse but the mouse is the cat and the cat is the mouse. Funny stuff.

A burglar uses his powers of time travel to pull off the perfect crime.

It was a good concept and well executed, the only thing for me was I thought the ending didn't give the payoff from he build up.

A guy is on a tinder date with a girl and they have to deal with some unpleasantness from her past.

A thoughtful, funny and well executed movie with some good acting.

Pretty sure this was actually a "Real-Time Movie" genre, not one location as in the title.

A woman is having a baby and is being driven to the hospital, with nanna, a guy that had to be dropped off at work, the husband and then mum driving.

This was a really good idea and I thought it was really funny. I'd love to know how many takes they took to do this because it was predominantly shot from a dash cam angle so there were no cuts for the bulk of the story.

A penis puppet is out of control and ruining the owners life. The payoff was nice at the end.

It wouldn't be a 48 hour heat with out some penis jokes in it and this team grabbed the subject by the balls and rang it for all it was worth.

A girl is interviewed to be "Punk of the year" (I think that was it, sorry if I got it wrong) and the dialogue is between her and the interviewer.

This was the team that had their car broken into on the Saturday and lost everything, so first up huge props to this team for not only sticking to it and handing in a film but I actually liked it. They twisted the genre up and pushed at the stereotype of what it means to be punk and I think the lead actress did a good job in showing it's about attitude, not the look.

A guy wakes up(?) and he is a dog.

Ant asked for subversion of genre and I think he got it in this film. They certainly stretched the one location aspect of it and there were some funny scenes. They could have dropped some of the swearing and not lost any of the impact of it but then our films have been over the top before so maybe I'm wrong.

A guy wakes up, having been vomited on and the rest of the flatmates are under suspicion as Charlie tries to work out whodunnit.

Props to the guy who had the fake vomit over his head for the whole thing and there were some funny moments in the film

Two F-14 tomcats are out on patrol when one gets shot down and the other has to deal with it.

A one man team, shot in front of a green screen. It was like Hot Shots with the production values of an early MITCIT green screen movie, with a touch of white tiger thrown in for good measure. I thought it was hilarious and a classic 48 hours movie, including the credits. This got my third vote of the night

Keep your 'eyes peeled' for this one in the screening room.

A couple are meant to meet the in laws for lunch (I think) and they bail but give the excuse that the partner has 'the runs' which causes the in laws to want to help out, which they end up trying to run from.

Some nice acting, and I think we've all been there at some stage, so it was a relatable story and I thought was an interesting take on the genre.

A new flatmate arrives and during the night is woken by his flatmates that have gone to war.

To me this was the kind of lark I like to see in 48 hours, a good bit of fun with some over the top moments. An interesting climax to the film as well.

A very sombre film, told in narrative, talking about the crime of living. It was very different to any of the other films in the heat and was an interesting take on the genre.

The movie starts at the handing our of genres at the 48 hours and they roll through the puns related to era's. The payoff was good and the scenes were funny. I really enjoyed this film and thought it was well done.

A guy helps a lady on her way to the train and things take a turn, a serious turn.

I thought the team did well with the cat n mouse genre, and the drone shot in the warehouse was great and used to good effect, rather than just for the hell of it. I thought the elements were well used in the film and the acting was good. There was some nice camera work and the torch/phone light shots looked really good.

This film and some funny moments, and who doesn't enjoy Cookiefoot.

A group of friends go camping in the woods and party with some special brownies. Kind of like the hangover films, kind of.

I thought this film was really well shot and the acting was good. The chase scene was well filmed and played well with the audience.

It is always tough when your audience knows that they are watching a shock ending movie, but I didn't feel the ending was a big enough shock. Overall I thought it was a very good short film and would stand well outside of the competition.

There was definitely a mistaken identity and a great homage to Taken that tightened the script. Overall an ok film.

There was actually a couple left on earth and they are meant to be rebuilding the human race but one of them isn't into it. Some wonderful awkward moments in the film and the lead was quite funny. The ending was odd, but also kind of worked with the film.

The story was pretty simple and I'm guessing this was a new team to the competition, based on the audio. Just some tips for next year - get some wild audio on location, this is room tone so you can put it into the places that have no sound so it doesn't stop and start. It can also be used to cover your directions to your actors.

I'm not sure why we didn't see the face of one of the actors, unless it was to emphasise that he was very tall and didn't fit into a two shot, or if your sense wasn't able to go wide enough.

Keep it up and come back again next year and apply what you've learnt from this year.

I didn't really get the mystery in this film as it felt fairly obvious from the start. It was dark (there seemed to be a strong theme tonight for kidnapping) but the story didn't really draw me in.

This film did get one of the biggest reactions of the night, not for the movie but for the worlds slowest moving credits. Not sure if that was an accident or on purpose, but it got a lot of laughs.

This fell into the awkward romcom category for me. There was some amusing stuff in there but wasn't really tight enough to pull it off completely.

Next year they could improve their film with more attention to sound, it was hard to hear some of the dialogue, but this is what this competition is all about.

I thought this film was hilarious and the two lead actresses were brilliant and held the film together well. Some brilliant awkward moments and a funny story. Interesting use of the character, not sure how the judges will view it - ambitious or breaking the rules - but I thought it was a great film.

I wasn't quite sure what vita glide 357 was exactly but it seemed to be some kind of erotic drug? There was some great editing and the acting was good but I just found the story a bit confusing and it seemed to end on without closing the story fully, but maybe I just missed it.

This was another well produced, well acted film. The story had some great funny moments and I thought the actresses were very good, engaging and did a great job.

I wasn't quite convinced over the story - I don't want to give any spoilers, so I'll just say I wasn't sure about the bosses motivation.

Still a very enjoyable film that was shot and edited very well.

Another great film with great feeling from Crankleskank. Thankfully not as sad as last years film (although the actress was fantastic last year too) and was a sweet story.

I thought the acting was top notch, the story was funny and well executed. Could easily make the finals.

Chess Club again make an excellent film. They fully embraced the musical genre and did a fantastic job! I loved the story about "Breadman" and the journey it took us on. I also enjoyed the little easter egg to their robots film, for us long time watchers.

Great singing, acting and fantastic production values. I would fully expect to see the film in the finals. Nice work team!

I love animation films and this one was incredibly cute. I loved the time travel idea in this film and the lead character was hilarious.

Damn these guys are good. Such slick and amazing animation it just doesn't look like something made by 3 guys in 48 hours, such is the quality of their work.

The characters were hilarious and Ryan's voicing is just brilliant.

A well deserved winner of the AK final and I would presume a shoe in for national finals. Brilliant work.

They had a house on fire - where do you go from there?

I enjoyed the musical (and of course the excellent beard) and thought the lead actress had a stunning voice.

It didn't catch me as much as Lease, but you can't compare them. Plus they had a house on fire!

This was a charming musical from a very experienced team.

I thought the story was great and I loved the use of the songs. The ending was classic and not what i was actually expecting.

This was a very simple story, well told and well acted.

A car crash leaves a guy with two broken legs, and his best friend (a goldfish) in a leaking tank. He has to race against the clock to get his fishy friend to safety before the tank dries out.

Another great film from this team that have produced some strong films from the start.

The lead actress in this was fantastic, she showed a great range of emotions and whilst there were scenes that I thought were there for the gross out laughs (which there were a few) they also dealt with a very dark subject.

As other reviewers have said, I'm sure it will create a range of discussion and with it's subject matter I'm sure it will be controversial but I thought it was well acted and very well shot.

Wizards battle an evil wizard killer - who has mouths for eyes - and must face him in a final showdown.

I enjoyed the acting and special effects, the story was kind of quirky but lacked the punch of last year.

This was brilliantly over the top gross out stuff that got some huge laughs, and I think the odd gag reflex from the audience.

I thought this was a charming film with some very quirky funny parts.

A girl drags her friend along to watch her compete in a poetry competition. The evening continues to a great finale.

There were some wonderfully awkward moments that were incredibly funny in this film. Really enjoyed it.

Wow, just wow.

This team is consistently excellent and this year they stepped it up again.

A woman goes to turn off a light as she leaves the lounge and it flickers and she sees a ghost of a past house tenant. This continues to it's brilliant conclusion.

This was beautifully shot, well edited and the acting was brilliant! I would expect it in the national final

I guess, like the other reviews, I didn't see it as a dance/musical but I thought it was a great film.

Three guys working with a 4th who is a pain in the ass is mysteriously murdered. It thought the cinematography was great and the style of the film was well played.

I won't review our film, but to answer your question - I was meant to have a shot of her hand knocking buttons while they were "going over mission details" which accidentally opened the airlock, but through lack of sleep and starting filming too late I just missed it :)

Another young team in the heat tonight.

A young girl, in an effort to impress her overbearing mother, is pushed into rowing and works hard to succeed and win a race. There was a nice showing of the progression of time using actors of different ages at points in the film.

I presume they had trouble with wind in their set mic because it appeared most of the film was overdubbed in post (not badly but the sync was a little out).

A (night?) class is in progress when we join the film and one of the students is asleep, another student decides to steal his keys from his pocket. The other student then can't get into his locker which he urgently needs to do.

There were some very funny parts in this film and it looked like the team had some fun making it.

Four girls live/flat together and one of them is a jigsaw puzzle freak, sleeps with them, dreams of them etc. One of her flatmates steals a piece and she hunts her down.

There were some odd moments in the film but it was very easy to follow along.

This was quite a funny mistaken identity film.

Two school boys discuss poisoning another kid because he was hanging out with one of their girlfriends.

While not a big surprise in the story I thought it was well executed by this young team. The looks on the actors faces was priceless in a couple of scenes - they absolutely nailed it! Nice work.

Again, with the very low sound in the theatre I found it hard to hear a lot of the key details in this film.

Two guys are watching a film (which I think was online, rather than being emailed to them) which predicts certain events in their life.

It seemed like quite complicated idea and with better theatre sound i may have picked up more in this film. As it was I found it quite hard to follow.

This was another good film, with some great comedic moments.

Two burglars break into a house with Morgan being completely useless as far as 'cat' burgling goes as he turns on lights etc.

Some very funny parts in this film and I liked the revenge. Well done.

Loved this film!

I really like it when teams embrace musical and this team did a great job. The songs were hilarious, narrated the story well and was very very funny.

A guy, too drunk to drive from a party on the shore, has to walk home to Glendowie - which is a long way home!

Great effort guys, really enjoyed this film and it got one of my votes for the night!

This was well shot, with some very funny parts to it.

A couple pick up a hitchhiker and take her home to their place as she has nowhere else to stay. The girls end up making out while the boyfriend falls asleep.

I enjoyed this film and thought it was a different take on a genre that can be difficult to do something different with. It was nicely shot and the had some great funny moments in it.

Sorry guys, with the low sound volume in the theatre I missed half of what was being said so found it hard to follow your film.

Two friends hang out at a party, one of them is in a cult and gets his friend to join. Part of his initiation involved a hallucinogen and murder.

Not bad, but as I said with the sound in the theatre I missed what I believe was crucial dialogue that would have helped.

An awesome, if somewhat terrifying, team intro started the night off.

The end of the world is coming, which a guy is reading about in a book written by Morgan Foster (which I thought was a great use of the character), and he buys a Lotto ticket - which wins so he and his flatmate celebrate.

I thought this was a good film and was very enjoyable. Started the heat off well.

Love these guys! (even if they do change their name every year which makes it hard to track)

A woman lives in a stunning house with her 'special friend' Steve.She makes a wish during their anniversary and it has some unexpected consequences. (That's about as much as I can say without giving it away too much)

Really enjoyed this film, it was well shot, nicely acted and looked great. The story was easy to follow, very amusing and I think it's not out of the realms of possibility for this team to make another AK final but I have only seen our heat this year so I'm not sure how strong the other heats have been.

Overall a great film and I'd be surprised if it didn't win audience favourite at least.

What's not to like about exploding business cards and an eye popping taser? And props to this team for completely destroying a computer. Didn't think you were gonna do it then bam, you smash the crap out of it. Nice

Ok, I have been to about 90% of the heats and this has to be the most disturbing, funny, bizarre and all round oddest film I have seen.

The ping pong balls, the cream, the shower, the police, the, the, the everything. But I couldn't stop laughing and being grossed out at the same time.

A guy leaves his phone behind in a cafe and the barista picks it up. He gets calls about stopping a major terrorist and gets talked into helping. A great montage of him making a bomb and the ending was great.

An ex-farmer has a disturbing like for soft toys.

Normally this would be an odd film , but not in this competition and certainly not in this heat

Another young team having fun with their genre which was good to see.

This first time team did really well to stick to their non-dialogue genre so props to them for that. Funnily this film reminded me a lot of our film from 2008 sounds of romance.

This was a great idea for a reunion movie. Vic, a writer is telling the barmaid about the script he is writing for a reunion movie and while he does that a parallel story is unfolding in the same bar at an actual reunion.

Nice work

A soft toy rabbit (Vic) comes to life for 4 minutes and makes the most of his time. This was really funny and one of those 48 hour films I really enjoy but is unlikely to reach the finals. Glad I got to see it.

A girl and her muse (real or not?) write a classical score for a movie producer who comes in at the end and loves it then wants it rewritten.

Props to the team for actually singing a number of songs and making the most of what they were given.

Vic is fired form his toilet cleaning job and kills his boss afterwards.

Not much to it overall.

Gangsters, cops and Vic all converge on a mechanics after hours, only one gets away.

Vic is a dogsitter but the dog is poisoned buy one of three neighbours.

Not much of a story but some funny acting

Del Sur do another serious film and do a great job of it. A solid horror that was well acted and had some great FX in it. Simple story but told excellently.

Aliens come to earth and probe Vic and have him immobilised in a timelock as their concept of time is different to ours. Nice idea but could have done with more fleshing out of the story.

I liked the rewinding to replay over and over and it had nice production values. I liked the payoff at the end but it could also have been trimmed slightly in time to make it more punchy

Vic watches an android through his security camera, making her do predetermined actions.

Could have been cut down a bit in editing and still told the same story

This film seems to be very polarising, which is one of the few films this year to do so.

I must give props to this team for not having any dialogue at all and still telling a story about sexuality and confusion. Maybe I missed something that everyone else seems to be taking offence at, I took it to be more about tolerance and being yourself. Maybe not.

Vic is tortured by his past, being teased for being a girl, so he goes to his reunion to exact his revenge in order to sleep again.

Really good singing in this one and impressed that they really stuck to the genre when so many other teams tried to stay away from it

Loved the Taro ladies and how they use that in the film and the two ladies acting was great with the big eyes. Didn't feel too scared by it but not a bad film.

More a political commentary about the issue over Monsanto owning the rights to crops around the world than necessarily a film by itself but I liked the way the protestor and the Monsanto exec stories tied up.

Vic's cyborg Simon kills him and takes his nano sim in order to start a robot singularity. Ends with Simon being killed after a short chase scene.

A guy gets a call that his wife and daughter have been taken and unless he delivers the bad guys case back in time he won't see either of them again.

As the other reviewers have said there was some great slo mo effects, but there was no real motivation or need for them - the character wasn't leaping from an explosion of diving over anything etc - and the helicopter shot was very short and no real need for it.

The acting was good and I thought the lead did a good job but overall it was more about cool shots than anything else.

Vic is a fuser, not an inventor. He fuses two objects together to make our lives better like the Tapeler.

Some very funny acting and scenes but didn't feel it had the payoff that it was building towards.

All humans are dead and the robots/androids etc hang out until Chippy (the robot squirrel) finds out his friend is actually human and not a robot and as such needs to be exterminated.

Could have been tightened up with the editing to cut it down without losing anything.

This team did the best they could with a tough genre. It was a game of poker to the death.

I didn't mind that there was no music in this but it could have helped build the atmosphere. Good effort with what you were given.

This young team tried but I felt there wasn't much of a story to this one. A lot of killing that seemed random.

This young team had a girl in a padded cell playing cards while her boyfriend tried to talk to her. By the end he fades away because he is dead, as we see his memorial card.

Not a unique idea this year but no the worst execution. A good start which you can build on for next year.

This film had a really annoying high pitched beep randomly throughout, not sure if it was meant to simulate a countdown or if it was unrendered frames alarms but it totally distracted me from the whole movie.

A mailman works to beat the world record for delivering mail in 60 seconds only to have the record disestablished by Guinness just before his attempt.

Gyan Rosling, a musical superstar is kidnapped by his biggest fan and made to perform a private show. Some very funny scenes in this film and I thought the actor that played the fan did a good job of treading the line between funny and serious.

Well done.

This was another sweet film, where a guy is taken out with some friends to have a fun day out. We find out at the end that he has a terminal disease and thats why he has acted the way he did when everyone else is having fun but comes around in the end.

Nice idea, simple story told quite well.

I thought this was one of the better converging storylines so far. three separate storylines not only interact but tie up really well to close this movie off. Really impressed that you not only took a chance with an ambitious story with lots of links but that you pulled it off to. Well done.

Virus H9N1 has hit the streets and doctors think they are working on a cure but they have been tricked into weaponising it instead. Now they have to fight for their lives.

Not a bad film, had some entertaining scenes.

Whats not to like about a shy geek who drinks 'insomnia' energy drink and becomes a super hero and gets the girl. Some very funny scenes in this and I love how it ended.

This was very random and had elements of reservoir dogs, but without the story. Swat (I think) burst in at the end and everyone dies. Didn't really understand what was going on.

Vic the cop and his superhero alter ego Undie Man fight crimes where people are killed by poo.

This team had a lot of fun making this, based on the credits, and I laughed a lot during the movie.

A hitman on his first job has to wait in a bathroom and can't leave until he's killed someone. He changes masks a lot (the horse mask has been used in a lot of heats this year) and rings his employers for advice regularly. The acting was fine and the end was odd but I still laughed and enjoyed it.

A photographer travels repeatedly back in time to try and capture a photograph of a girl he passes on the street. A bit of a stretch story wise with this one but entertaining and well made.

An previously famous actress, who seems to be in love with her own importance comes face to face with a critic/fan at a party and there is a meltdown. Some pitchy sound made this hard to watch at times but they appeared to have fun making it. Nice compositing into the mirror frames near the end.

A doctor who has invented cyborgs has to try and turn them off because they go bad.


This was a really good attempt at a tough genre. Really pleased that the line was used in a movie they were watching (which had nothing to do with the plot) rather than voice over or actually having a character say it.

Took me a while to realise the whole story was being told in reverse, from the breakdown of the relationship through to the beginning, but when I realised I thought it was great. Really good effort by this team and congrats on trying something different.

This film had a very long blank screen scene, with the words 'intentionally blank' on it but i couldn't see how that helped the story as a device at all. Not really sure about the rest of the movie sorry.

DQ'd - I remember seeing these guys at the hand in waiting for the file to transfer to the USB but they didn't make it on time.

Gutted for these guys because this was a great musical. Had a lot of swearing, as the name suggests, but unlike some other movies it was actually a key part of the whole plot.

This movie was funny, entertaining, told a good story and had some good acting in it. Great job team, sorry you didn't get it in on time cause I think it was great.

I thought the concept here was very interesting and a nice change in the horror genre.

Vic uses his credit card to buy a robot online but the black stripe on the card comes to life and tells him to buy more, each time he does it grows bigger.

A nice resolution and a cautionary tale about overspending all in one movie. Well done.

Vic goes through a break up then has a fight with his alter ego and then it ends. That's all I have from my notes, it was hard to follow.

Two young guys watch Vic go into his house then leave again and decide to break in to see what he was doing but one of them is caught and has a control chip installed in his brain.

A good idea but I would have like to have seen more use of the control side of things, making him do things he didn't want to. Nice effort overall.

Vic has come up with a program to gain instant riches and is chased for the idea.

A simple idea, and was a good length. If you take some time before next year to work on the technical details it will help with your film next year.

A brilliantly funny short that was very well played and written, and of course a puppet rat always helps.

Some brilliant lines in this film that make it more than worth your while. I would say that it is a contender for the Ak final.

This film had me cracking up the whole way, with the highlight being the Vietnam, Vietnam, Vietnam flashback.

A thug losses his bosses prized McDonalds voucher in a poker game and the boss wants it back.

Funny concept and you certainly looked like you had fun making it. Well done.

This was a brilliant film, well conceived, acted and technically very good as well.

I was very impressed with the immobilisation in the film and I was invested in the characters from very early on thanks to some brilliant performances.

To me I would expect to see this film in the finals, or if not then a Peter Jackson wildcard for the national final.

Do yourselves a favour and watch this film.

Friends are playing a new card game called mafia and as the judge explains the story we see it acted out via cut scenes.

Great concept and well played. Next year try and work on the technical side, sound/lighting etc, and it will take your already good film to a new level. Well done.

I was really impressed with this film. When it started I thought it was going to be just another teen obsession movie but it stepped well above that and delivered a heartfelt movie with great acting and a nice story arc. Possibly slightly rushed with the 7min time limit but I thought the resolution was lovely.

Well done team, you continue to impress each year.

A group of people ask 'smarter child', an online answer service, a bunch of questions. one guy asks if his girlfriend will like the present he bought her, he gives her the gift and the film ends. Not sure if I missed something with this one.

This genre was tough for a lot of teams.

Vic makes a cup of tea and goes to work where I presume he was fired? We then see him continuously making cups of tea and leaving the tea bags on the bench in what I took to be a showing of his decent into depression/madness/insomnia. The film ends with the line. Had potential but I didn't really get the payoff in this movie.

This was a very sweet film. I thought the characters were lovely and the dialogue felt pretty natural. My other points would be the same as moolamb so I won't repeat them.

This was another musical that tried to avoid being a musical. Timmy Piper, a 14 year old musical genius, is discovered by Vic and becomes world famous. There is one kind of song in it and thats it.

Don't be afraid of musical, whether you can sing or not. Why not play up the fact that you can't sing, if that's the case?

I was kind of confused by this one, even though it had some nice camera fx. A girl is running through the trees, being chased. It turns out this is in her dreams/nightmares and she explains it to a guy at a cafe. He tells her to stand up to them instead of running away and she does and the film ends.

Not really sure what happened, did she die, did she triumph. It would be good to have wrapped it up more thoroughly, regardless of the outcome.

Three flatmates doing separate things, one hears on the radio about a murderer and suspects Vic (one of the flatmates). Meantime the other guy is expecting a booty call and has had too much to drink. He goes to get the door when he thinks his date is there and we hear crashing and see the body being dragged to the kitchen. I don't want to give away the rest of the story as I thought it was a funny end and you should watch it when it's in the screening room to find out.

For next time, try establishing the scene a bit further at the start. It took a while to work out they were in the same house which made some of the story confusing, even though it was clear in the end.

I did enjoy the film and look forward to next years effort.

Loved the concept of this film, with higher production values it would be even stronger. The shaky camera worked well but the sound needs to be crisp for the creepiness to really work strongly.

A guy video calls his girlfriend and mid call the video glitches and a hooded stranger appears behind her and she can't hear what he's saying. He races to save her but when he arrives he finds she never called him. I thought it was going to go for a hallucination scene but really happy they didn't and liked the payoff at the end. Nice work this year, with a bit more practice and polish next year I think you will do well.

I liked that you stuck with the immobilised theme here and you had a good range of characters.

I agree with rapture addict on most points so won't repeat but I didn't think of it as a rip off, just a retelling maybe (and yes I did see the movie in question). Well done and good luck for next year.

A guy who owes money and his father is a cop, you can see where the convergence is coming. Not a bad film but I couldn't tell if they were going for comedy or serious.

A funny concept, loved the lookalike clones that looked nothing like the celebs they were meant to be.

Didn't get the immobilised part of the film, but I maybe just missed it. Was entertaining nonetheless.

Loved this film. It was short, punchy, well acted and didn't muck around.

People start suffering from exploding head syndrome and they go to a support group. Very visceral and funny. Awesome effort.

I thought this movie was really well done. Great acting by the female lead, nice story and a good character arc. Very nice production values also.

During an underground arm wrestling tournament a guy loses a lot of money and in an effort to pay it back has a cyborg arm attached and tries to win.

Loved the prosthetic limb but felt you could have pushed your story more but a good effort with the timeframe.

A girl is dating two guys but they have a history together, wasn't clear if she knew that or not.

Nicely shot but it could have been told without the voice over.

The ghosts of everyone Vic has killed turn up as a reunion.

Was ok but could have been developed more.

A mockumentary about a musical being produced. Only one song, with audio so badly mixed you couldnt hear the vocals.

As rapture addict says it wasn't really a musical, just trying to avoid it. Of all the heats I've seen I think the best musical was in a later heat, but was unfortunately DQ'd, where they totally embraced it and made a really good job of it, without great singers.

I thought this film covered the horror genre really well and had some good scary moments in it.

Kids are hiding and the mother comes to find them, but not in a good way.

I spoke with the other reviewers and we seemed to have different ideas about who was doing the killing of the children, I thought it was the mother but they thought something different so this could be something for this team to work on in the future but it was a well made movie that I enjoyed.

Some cool costumes in this movie. Playing a game, monsters kidnap a girl and she manages to free herself. Turns out it was the new atari game. Didn't really push the genre but not a bad film.

Vic has to keep running, for no other reason than people are chasing him, it never gets explained why. Some nice effects in the glow in the dark costumes but it wasn't enough to carry this film.

Vic is in trouble because she owes money to some thugs and can't pay it back. Her very nice flatmates try to help her out but it's not enough. The thugs suggest that she can repay it by drugging her flatmates and letting the guys have their way with them, which she does but then changes her mind and takes them out.

A young guy is about to get laid but has to hurry because her parents will be home soon and he doesn't have a condom. He decides to go to the bathroom, presumably to look for one, and ends up using the toilet instead. In a scene that was reminiscent of dumb and dumber his poo wont flush because the toilet is broken and he ends up talking to his poo for the rest of the movie.

Not really sure what they were going for but I presume they had some fun making this one.

The immobilised genre has been troublesome for a number of teams and for me this one was struggling but the voiceover at the end tied it all together and explained what was going on so I got it in the end.

There seemed to be a number of random accidents and it was the deaths that immobilised them.

This was a sweet movie where a guy drops dead but is saved by cyborg surgery. The downside to the lifesaving surgery is that now he whirrs, clicks and twitches all night keeping his girlfriend awake so she leaves him. But in a nice wrap up she has the same surgery so they can be together. Nice idea and nice twist on the genre, good work.

Three young guys live in an empty office, but Vic comes in at night and works for some reason. The guy takes care of the younger two and it has a very random nude scene on the roof.

I didn't really understand the film or why they were there but it was nicely shot and the acting was fine.

Vic drops dead at a train station and goes back to his wife but tries to talk to her so this is dialogue, not narration.

I know this was a tough genre but it felt like they didn't try with it. However it looked nice and the black and white I thought worked for it.

A flat is torn apart because someone takes a bite out of a sandwich and won't own up to it. A year later they reunite to talk through their issues. Some funny cut scenes with a horse head mask, what turns out to be the most common mask this year, and another one and when they finally are good friends again they look at some old photos and find who was responsible.

Was ok but could have used a bit more punch to the story.

I am a big fan of animation and was really impressed with the character animation in this film and thought the cats meowing the music, which had subtitles so we could understand was good. However there was just the one 'song' so it came across to me as a bit of a cop out in the musical stakes. I would have loved this to have had at least one more song in it somewhere, which would have elevated it in my opinion.

Good horror with some nice scare moments but I didn't think it needed the comedy element. Nice design.

This had a great nugget of an idea and fitted the techonthriller genre well I thought but just didn't quite get to the high level it could have.

Vic is living in the future, after the midas virus turns people to metal, and he sends back nano machines with the purpose of trying to destroy the cause of the virus. I thought this started really well, lost me a bit in the scene where he pretends to be his own girlfriend in a hallucination/cross dressing scene, as it didn't really add to the story for me. The conclusion was good and I would really like them to remake this without the 48 hour time constraints as I think this could be a really good stand alone short film with a bit more polish and development.

A group of guys are playing an online game and one of them abuses the other and dares him to come over. He does go round, follows him and kills him.

Didn't' really get action/adventure from this film and the story could have been fleshed out a bit more.

While this was entertaining I didn't feel there was a real story to this film, just a lot of police interviews and some cutaways for relief.

Barry the Bear is dead and the police interview a range of people as to what happened.

This film was simply brilliant and funny with moments of randomness.

Vic is given a hamster by his parents when his brother dies. Flash forward a number of years and the hamster dies and it's buried in the back yard. Eventually he decides he can't live without it so goes to dig it up and finds the box empty and a small hole in the ground below, which he crawls down. We follow Vic down the hamster hole in an awesome cut scene that takes us to hell and eventually back.

Funny concept, well played and well made. Very nice.

A car is stranded and Vic happens by due to being an insomniac. Then at the end a guy teleports into the car from another car that passed by. WTF happened there?

Didn't really get it at all.

Vic is at an interview and is given 5 minutes to impress the boss. Starts very slowly then turns dark as it evolved but I really didn't get the race against the clock genre from this film.

Some good acting and I liked the idea of what you were going for, but perhaps for a different genre.

Thought this was a really good take on the genre.

A guy asks Siri the normal questions and she becomes more and more obsessed with him until she starts acting on her own.

Thought they could have got a bit darker with it but I still really enjoyed the film. Nice job.

This was definitely a real WTF. It was more of a trailer for another film with patches of audio missing and general bad sound. Provided some stark relief to the rest of the heat and had people laughing at its awesome badness.

A group of babies are brought together for an afternoon, and can talk telepathically to each other - and the rabbits apparently - and the son wants to write a song for his mum and gets the other two to help.

Some very funny moments and one look by the son in particular matched the dialogue perfectly but other than that it felt more like random videos of kids, which to be fair is probably about all you could expect from such young kids within a 48 hour time frame. Was good comic relief for the night overall though and the production was slick.

Technically, visually and acting wise this film was superb but like the other reviewers I found the story slightly confusing.

Vic goes into a trance surrounded by chanting, occult figures and candles. She confronts another girl that was wonderfully creepy, thanks to some brilliant editing work, and then is chased down by the girl but at the same time the cultists are being killed off by a blacked out figure. Didn't understand the relationship between the two scenes, but a stunning looking film nonetheless

A couple are having a baby. Some very nice editing and cut scenes throughout this. They spoke the line, which is allowed, but I really thought they were going to push the envelope and manage it without.

A couple move into a house together, but then they're not? Not really sure what went on in this film. But props to the team for trying something different.

I thought this was a great techno thriller with two people flipping coins to see who gets to go in the time machine which malfunctions and kills the girl that won. The guy runs outside to yell for help and we see a girl across the road who suddenly blinks out of existence. We then cut to the future where the guy grabs the girl that was on the street and puts her into the time machine and sends her back to try and stop them from using it.

Felt like shades of deja vu and some others, without being a copy. I really enjoyed the film and thought it was well done. As has been said before the makeup fx were awesome.

Again I think this film only suffered from being in the strongest heat of the AK competition and if it was in another heat would have placed really well. Nice job.

Victor is pat of a sleep trial and is fed pills by a faceless hand that puts them through a slot in the wall. He eventually breaks out after not sleeping for a considerable length of time and kills many people during his escape attempt.

A very slick film that was well played with some strong acting and great overall. I think the only reason it may have suffered is it screened immediately after Goodfellas. Great film, well acted and I thought deserving of at least a place in the audience favourite but this was also the strongest single heat in the competition. It could have almost been a final by itself.

A guy grieves the loss of his wife, those responsible gather after one of them that went to prison is released, but doesn't want anything to do with the old group anymore because he has reformed his ways. The guy takes his revenge on the perpetrators and deals the most viscous blow to the last guy in a nice twist.

As always this team delivers some great acting performances, dark story and beautiful imagery. Not a surprise it won audience fav and would expect it to be a shoe in for the Ak final if not the national final. Brilliant.

I loved this film. The over the top cheesy acting and one man doing it all was hilarious. I loved the death scenes when the character would go 'bleargh' and turn their head.

Cyborgs come to earth to take all the testicles to stop us breeding so they can take over the world when we all die out.

Most inventive prop for a card I have seen so far. Brilliant effort and I personally loved it but not sure how it will go with the judges. Very reminiscent of some early Taika films. Nice job.

A mockumentary type film where a woman has three guys stuck with her because she wont let them leave and makes them call her mother.

Didn't really get the story but it still had some funny elements to it.

The film starts at a funeral and the grieving husband is being stalked by his dead wifes sister who is cooking in the kitchen.

Some brilliant acting, nice editing and some very funny lines and ideas in this film. Mostly told through the thoughts inside the head of the sister but it just aded to it. The female lead had a brilliantly expressive face which added to the hilarity. Nice film.

This was another obsessed with co-worker film but the twist at the end was nice.

A solid film overall.

Vic is the only remaining human in a world full of robots/androids and he is a self confessed foodie (making such delicacies as a ham sandwich) who feels alienated because the robots all work efficiently and never make a mistake. Then he hears something fall and gets excited because he thinks it is another human but it was just another robot glitching.

The end was nice and I thought it was a good story overall.

This team had a range of talented people in it, from musicians to actors to dancers but I found the story hard to follow, unless it was meant to be one long hallucinatory trip? Spoken line at a point that I din't really see how it fitted but visually very impressive and some nice acting by the lead.

Vic goes to reunite with his friend Dave.

Was quite maid, with lots of "I'm ok" and a few messed up lines but that's all part of 48 hours

I'm guessing that this team really wanted robot movie, not sure if they had theirs pre-built or just made it for the weekend because they could.

Wasn't really singing or rap, just spoken words over music.

A very mean, bullying and overbearing girl makes her boyfriends life hell. The other story is of a nice guy and his girlfriend who, while out shopping, have someone come up and beat the guy up (who is also a rugby or league player) and he goes to the physio where he is treated b a very nice girl, who turns out is the bullying other girl in the story.

People are running through a game called insomnia and at the end of each stage the loser dies. There appears to be no rules as you can just maim or kill the others to slow them down and make sure you reach the finish. Turns out it is a computer game, not a real life game.

Good film and interesting concept, only seen a couple of these in the techno thriller genre.

Vic goes to a pub to get into a fight so he can be knocked out, as a way of going to sleep. He also meets a girl and ends up with her.

Loved the POV transitions in this film where Vic washes his face and each time he lowers his hands it's a different sink.

Drug smuggling via dogs eating it and then pooing it out, which handily makes it four times stronger.

Classic 48 hour acting and some bad jokes, not bad.

Another young team with a tough genre abut they had a good go at it.

Vic is in his room and picks up a desk fan and goes and beats a guy to death with it then continues his killing spree. Initially I was thinking they were going to do the whole movie with no sound, which would have been interesting but it appeared the audio just cut in and out throughout the movie and they ended up speaking the line.

They seemed to have a lot of fun making it though. A tip for next year with your action scenes would be to use quick cuts to different angles or involve the camera closer in to the action (check out westhavenbook on you tube, they do some good tutorials on it) and then using sound effects really helps to sell the action.

Good effort with a tough genre. Look forward to seeing what you come up with next year.

Another young team with a tough genre abut they had a good go at it.

Vic is in his room and picks up a desk fan and goes and beats a guy to death with it then continues his killing spree. Initially I was thinking they were going to do the whole movie with no sound, which would have been interesting but it appeared the audio just cut in and out throughout the movie and they ended up speaking the line.

They seemed to have a lot of fun making it though. A tip for next year with your action scenes would be to use quick cuts to different angles or involve the camera closer in to the action (check out westhavenbook on you tube, they do some good tutorials on it) and then using sound effects really helps to sell the action.

Good effort with a tough genre. Look forward to seeing what you come up with next year.

This young team had a tough genre for their film.

A guy and girl are hanging out and there are shots of him dad on the floor. It goes to cut scenes of him lying on the floor and a group of guys at the end hanging out playing cards and Vic heads out to go on a date and he slips and dies.

Good effort and I would like to see you back again next year with a less complicated genre.

MITCIT departed from green screen this year and went for all live action (with a small amount of compositing for blood/gunshots) about a farm that is about to be seized and Vic, and his family, don't have any more credit but his brother Lucky does. Unfortunately Lucky was lost at sea and they only have till lunchtime tomorrow to pay the bank. Lucky shows up but Vic accidentally shots him, however he luckily survives but can't talk to give them the pin number for the credit card so they set about trying to torture it out of him.

Some hilarious acting and funny scenes with jumper cables etc.

I really felt for the lead actor in this film as he dealt with the nightmares he was suffering, about his wife dying, but in the end turned out to be real and it was a living nightmare.

I enjoyed the acting in this and thought they did a good job. My only real criticism is that I felt the end wasn't really fitting to the rest of the film. Good job though and look forward to seeing them back next year.

An android girl has a human partner that is 'defective' because he doesn't want to stick to their plans so she has him killed and then replaced with a more compliant model.

This movie was short had a simple story that was straight to the point which was nice to see that they didn't try to make it longer for the sake of it. Well done.

This was definitely the slickest film in the heat and the fact the characters mumbled in their sleep as the non-dialogue was good but it had a very long voice over which to me felt like an easy way out for this team. Also not sure that sleep walking counts as insomnia, but maybe i missed something. It was still a funny film and the acting was nice, just not sure how well it stuck to the genre from a judging point of view.

Vic sleepwalks and goes on funny adventures, collecting peoples mail and comes across another sleepwalker who they then both go on adventures together. Turns out they know each other previously but never got on but as sleepwalkers are good friends.

Definitely amusing and a funny story.

This young team looked like they had some fun making this musical.

There was a nice start with the typing rhythm, which I was hoping they were going to develop into something more but instead they went with just one song.

Vic works in an office and has work piling up on his desk but eventually doesn't make it back in to work.

Some nice camera angles and with this experience under their belt I'm sure they'll be back next year.

A guy who is a driver for 'special clients' is trying to earn enough money to get his wife (and his child's mother) back after she was sent away. His boss has a crush on him and when the wife comes back she tells one of his criminal clients that he talked and so he kills the driver for her.

Not really a strong story and I didn't think there was enough on the relationship side of the story, more about the criminals.

This was my favourite film from this heat.

A girl is being interviewed by a cop (Vic) about the disappearance of his daughter, as she was with her last. The girl has an amazing voice and did a fantastic job on the singing and the actor that played the cop did a very convincing job I thought. Loved the ending and definitely was impressed that you embraced the musical genre and made a good film along with it.

Well done and I hope to see more of your films next time.

This was an odd movie with some funny moments.

A girl is being interviewed for a job but the guy is 'immobilised by love' for her. She storms out in disgust because he won't talk to her and decides to find out about him and track him down to find out why he wouldn't talk. Loved the petal blood effects in this and the guy was quite funny but the story needed some further explanation.

A guy is looking after his baby and it refuses to stop crying and never sleeps. After a while the baby stops crying and when he goes to find out why he finds the baby has been stolen and he has to run all over town, against a deadline, to find her but always arrives too late.

Nothing as boundary pushing as kill therapist but not bad either.

Two flatmates at Xmas. Vic is given a book on advanced robotics by his flatmate to try and put him to sleep because it's so boring. Vic wants to spend more time with his flatmate but the guy works a lot so Vic, not surprisingly, uses the book to build a replacement. They managed to get their trademarked 'shit my balls' line in as well. I did also enjoy how the two guys kept quoting well known movie lines to each other.

Some very funny parts to this film a some solid technical work.

This film was really bizarre. Another non-dialogue film that had a voice over through out and it was still totally confusing. Vic wanders around and three masked guys do random things at the same time. Sorry I just didn't get this and was disappointed that you went for the voice over.

Vic is walking with her boyfriend when he smacks her in the head with a shovel, cut to her waking up suddenly and is then haunted by visions of her boyfriend following her around.

Not a bad movie, and loved the use of the freezer, but didn't try to push the boundaries here. Some nice editing and camera work in this kept the production values up.

This was another film that had a really good idea and with higher production values could have been lifted even further.

A writer is bitter that his family was killed and so he writes about every murderer he hears about and kills them off and it starts to happen in real life. Some good acting and nice shots made this a very watchable film.

Vic buys a new 'jump card' to use public transport and has the card read by a mysterious woman at the train station. Over top of this are the radio/TV reports that talk about privacy breaches of people with the jump cards.

A good idea and some good acting by the lead but I think it would benefit from being tightened up script wise, could maybe have been shortened. Good work sticking to your genre in a different way to the other teams.

This film lost me, I wasn't really sure what was going on through the whole movie. Overuse of jump cuts to cut down time taken on each scene made it even more jarring.

I thought this was a horror movie for part of it rather than crime. A girl is shown murdered on the gym floor and then we follow two girls around the school at night until one of them murders the other. I think that outside of the 48 hour timeframe this could be developed and produced into a nice short but perhaps suffered from being rushed.

Good effort overall.

Vic is out at night looking for his sister and goes into a house where they are having a seance. Eventually leaves and we find out that his sister was killed in that house and was under the seance table. Not a bad idea but the excessive swearing just kind of grated as it didn't advance the plot of characters. I'm not against swearing but it seemed to detract from the movie.

Less colourful language and a slightly more developed script and this could have been really good.

Another school team that tried hard, but I felt they missed the immobilised genre.

A girl is followed by another mysterious girl and is drowned in a pool. A good effort, use the experience from this year to do even better next year.

I loved the 'lava floor' in this and it was completely unexpected but it didn't really go anywhere and could have benefitted from being a bit shorter maybe?

Some good acting by the survivor and some very funny moments.

This team delivered another laugh riot. I have been a big fan of theirs since the samurai film (that was DQ'd a couple of years back) and they delivered again this year. Loved Vic and the Kiwi was hilarious. Props to Jamaine (sorry if I spelt your name wrong) for cutting his beard in the name of showing time in the bush.

Great ending and deserving of the audience favourite that it won. Damn you guys are funny!

A doctor hooks his dead girlfriend(?) up to a robot to bring her back to life and she has to stay connected to the robot if she wants to stay alive.

This young team had a novel idea for the genre and I liked the idea of the end and with a bit more work ont he script they could really improve next year. Good effort though.

A no dialogue film that had a voice over through the whole thing and still didn't really make sense. Mars has invaded and the biggest issue int he world is dating so they have to go to underground speed dating instead.

I was disappointed that they used the voiceover instead of trying to stay within their genre.

A film about the rapture because of the return of the flying spaghetti monster. Kind of random, with some funny points and Vic went through a decent story arc but this was a very strong heat and this didn't measure up to the others for me.

Soem good ideas and the acting was good. Look forward to next years entry to see where you can go.

This was another very well drawn animation in the same style as last years. The songs were almost as disturbing as the visuals depicting what the songs were saying (not because of bad singing, just the content). Was definitely a hit with the audience.

A very explicit and well made film though and definitely deserved to be one of the audience favourites.

This was a very slick production with good acting and one of the best uses of the line so far that I have heard.

A photographer takes photos of people then murders them and puts them in the wheelie bin. Meanwhile the other storyline is of a cop who's girlfriend is murdered and he is kicked off the case. He spends his sleepless time at home obsessing about the case and eventually throws out all his case notes. I won't go into how the stories converge but it was a well produced film. Well done.

This film was rather odd, and didn't really make a lot of sense.

I presumed that a guy was playing a game that was of the two guys running through the rain at night, but they didn't really do anything to associate it with a game, just ran through different locations. The end showed the guy who was playing the game was being played by someone else playing a game (I think that's what was happening).

I think this had a really good nugget of an idea but got lost a bit in the execution. I would be interested to see if they made this movie again, but without the 48 hour time restriction, what they could do with the idea.

I do enjoy a fake moustache and there were plenty here to keep you amused. A funny nod to 'the other guys' (we're Kiwi's captain, you gotta let us fly) but the story overall was pretty weak.

Some very funny acting, and Vic seemed to be cracking himself up the whole way through.

An interesting looping story here. It starts with a girl under a bridge looking at a dead body of a guy, she goes home and is haunted by a voice message on the phone. She leaves the house and is hallucinating about the women in the voicemail and while walking on the bridge (from the opening) a guy tries to help her and she accidentally pushes him over the edge, then back down to her standing by the body again.

A nice way to reveal the crime and quite well acted. Not the strongest film in the heat, and there were quite a few in this heat, but a really good effort and I can't wait to see what they do next year.

A double break-in to Vic's house by different women only to find out in the end that he is home.

For a moment I was wondering why one of them was boiling an egg but then she kept doing other things like changing the sugar for salt so I presume she was more a practical joker that was doing it to mess with the owner.

A little bit of an odd ending and the story was perhaps a bit weak but you definitely converged the stories. A good film overall.

This was really first equal in this heat for me.

A girl in a wheelchair is trying to cross a playing filed in the rain and gets stuck, Vic is out running (in a suit jacket and dress shoes for some reason?) while listening to headphones and goes out about three time during the night and passes the girl without seeing her as it is dark. He eventually sees her and tries to help.

The dialogue in this film was great, the acting superb and it was a great use of the genre. Awesome effort all round.

A guy is looking for his girlfriend, and his guitar apparently, as they have been stolen and he has to race against the clock to get her back. The end didn't really make sense and I think they were probably missing some sound effects at one point.

For next year, instead of filming in the dark/dusk, try filming during the day and then changing to night in post. This will help solve some of the overly dark scenes for next time. Still lots to learn but don't let that stop you. Come back next year and take what you learnt from this year.

A secretary/PA is infatuated with her boss and runs all over town trying to chase him down and make him fall for her in some amusing scenes. The end was not what I was expecting so props for not going with the obvious that I thought you were setting it up for.

For me this team made a much stronger film last year and I was expecting the same again but it didn't deliver the same wow as last year. Still an amusing film to watch.

This was an interesting twist on the technology side by making humans the technology used by robots. Haven't seen this used by another team yet so was a refreshing take on the genre and the Siri scene at the begining was quite funny.

I felt that the story didn't really go anywhere after the initial reveal and the end felt a little strange with the piano playing, not sure if I missed a key part of the story here or not.

Not a bad film but would have been good for them to push even further with their initial idea.

This team was very musically talented and used this to good effect in their film but still spoke the line rather than try to find a way to do it unspoken and stick to no dialogue.

Vic's girlfriend/wife leaves and he suffers from nightmares and decides to go and meet up with her. Where the heck did this team score a proper plane interior all to themselves? This was a great scene that no other team has had yet.

With such talented musicians it was a smart move to use the music as the bed to the film but if they could have incorporated the line into the music it would have been even better.

This was a young team and they really tried to work the reunion in a different way to the other films I have seen.

A break-in goes wrong and the team scatters and assembles one by one the next day at a cupcake shop and this reveals the story.

The story was a bit weak but they did use the genre well, a good effort overall.

This team really tried to work the musical genre so props for that. I thought it was quite funny and the story progressed ok but the lip sync was so far off in a number of shots that it got confusing as to who was singing.

With better lip sync and production on the sound would have made this better but was still amusing and nothing wrong the actual singing at all.

This horror film had all the staple horror elements in it, the intercut frames of people in the shot, the low lighting etc. The main thing I felt that let it down was the sound.

Overall a solid effort but the end got a bit confusing as the guy he was with suddenly was one of the ghosts?

If there was a prize for the most bizarre story that didn't make sense then this would win. However the team looked like they were having fun.

The farmer was very random but funny along with it. Vic seemed to only appear in the background peeing against a fence for some reason?

Essentially the whole film was POV. Set in a classroom Vic is picked on by some classmates and a girl he likes sticks up for him. He starts to play a game and he has to defeat a boss (based on each suit in a pack of cards) to win the girls hand.

Overall I thought this was well filmed, the story had a good flow to it and the acting was good. Thought it should have featured in the audience favourites but some other good films in this heat too.

Well done to this team and I look forward to what they can come up with next year.

This was my favourite of the heat. Funny script and the acting was just right for the film.

The Waitakere chapter decide to steal all the road cones in the country (handily located in an Auckland warehouse) the idea being that chaos will ensue and it will destabilise the entire country.

I was wondering how they were going to end it, and it was brilliant. Had no idea what was coming. Great film overall, loved it. Congrats on second audience favourite.

A birthday party for a child finishes and Dad wants some 'alone time' with his wife and just as it heats up the baby cries so he goes in to sing the baby to sleep with some amusingly rude lyrics. Didn't really feel that this was a musical but it was nicely shot and humorous.

Musical was obviously not a film this team were hoping for and they gave it a bit of a bash with some singing but never fully embraced it. Whist random, the Chewbacca character was definitely the highlight of the dil and the Bacca Rap was hilarious.

Two girls are working on an assignment, and videoing as they do it, and a guy wanders up telling them they need to disconnect because everything we do is tracked and they are watching us. They want to know more so they follow him back to his apartment and by the end they are converted and out telling others about it. The end however shows the guy, who turns out to be Vic, just going back to work.

I was intrigued at the start as to where this was going but it never eventuated into anything. I thought the acting was good and the initial idea was good, just needed finishing.

A woman is told off by her partner for not cleaning the bathroom and so he goes to do it and slips and dies (I thought they did a great job with this stunt) and is then haunted by him and not able to leave the house. Some creepy shots/angles and nice black & white but the story didn't really go anywhere and it wasn't clear for some time as to who was immobilised or why.

Technically a very good film with nice production values, just lacked substance in the story.

This didn't make sense at all. Vic dresses in army gear, grabs a water pistol and surveils the neighbours (who he thinks are the enemy) and invites them over so he can hold them hostage, then there is a struggle and then the couple are back home and the movie ends. The only dialogue was the required line which didn't seem to make sense. Not sure what Vics motivation for the 'enemy' was apart from maybe being sleep deprived?

This was another WTF film for me but they are the first team I have seen that had no dialogue in their film at all which scores them high for me as this was not an easy genre and they stuck with it all the way. However the story was weird. A botanist is working on a new flower/plant that burst into flames by itself and runs out of plants but luckily is invited to a competition where that exact plant is the first prize. The competition involved a bride/model dressed in plastic being fed a green liquid by three different contestants to achieve some effect, not sure what the criteria was for winning.

Not really clear but it was very much in chairman wow style. again props for the no dialogue.

This was my third favourite of the night.

Vic, who sees his doctor about his insomnia, is sent out running as a cure for it. The other storyline is about some guys out in their 'man-time tent' who meet Vic when he stumbles across their tent.

I laughed so much during this film, the acting felt really natural, kind of like this is what these guys are like in real life, and the dialogue I thought was well written for them. Some funny and gross out moments and the bloody angel was classic. Nice film, only pipped by the kids and the robots.

A new nano-techno chip is out on the market which helps control your life and is implanted under the skin. Vic has a negative reaction to it and wants it out. The film kind of drifted to an end and didn't feel like it resolved itself and it was hard to build any empathy to the characters.

I got the techno aspect to this film but not really the thriller end of it. Used lots of jumpcuts and backwards playing film to good effect but I didn't feel the story went anywhere.

This was the first of the WTF films from this heat. It had some funny parts to it, like the guy with his rape whistle, and some of the compositing was funny, if not intentionally. The story didn't really make sense, I presume his brother who was committing the atrocities was actually him as he died by himself at the end? They look like they had fun with what they made and sometimes that's all that matters.

This movie rocked, my only complaint would be that I think they broke my funny fuse, cause damn, this was hilarious.

Some of the best acting, a great script and a story that kept peeling back layers as it went on. Really good production values and everything just worked in this film.

A guy interviews a flatmate and at the end tells him he has robots, as he is an inventor. The robots were insanely funny and i have no idea how they managed to get through making this film without laughing the whole time. The night scenes were well thought out and played and the subtle compositing of glowing eyes etc was seamlessly integrated and felt organic rather than pasted over the video. A brilliant film all round and not only would I expect this to be in the final I would think it is the film to beat in Auckland, if not NZ. Absolutely brilliant!

This film was awesome! The kids that acted in this were brilliant, the mother was great and the dodgy driving scenes and the pedestrian were fantastic. A really strong film to kick this heat off and was my second favourite of the night.

Well edited, well filmed and well acted. I was a little bit lost as to why the kids needed the plan but I still thoroughly enjoyed this film. Brilliant.

This had an excessively long POV, presumably from a gopro camera, which showed someone running through the woods. This scene could have been cut in half or even jumpcuts to shorten it as it didn't add to the story. This mysterious person runs through the woods and watches someone leave their house and breaks in. The people come home and they run off only to be shot by the owner. Then they wake up back in their bed and go to the bathroom mirror and the movie ends. I didn't get techno thriller from this at all and it didn't seem to make any sense. Maybe I was missing something?

This was a charming ghost romcom story about a guy immobilised between life and death inside his old house, Vic moves in and he becomes obsessed with her. For a while I thought this was an obsessive relationship movie then realised we'd already seen that. The acting was good, technically good and story was charming but felt being stuck in a house is stretching the immobilised idea a bit far but overall a charming little movie.

A making of a 48 hour film. Unfortunately I have seen a number of these over the years and this didn't bring anything new to the genre of mockumentary but it still had some gems in it. You really felt for a number of the team because of the annoying director and I loved the 'best boy' scene with the seagulls. The actors did a good job of showing emotion and drawing sympathy from the viewers but that was really the highlight.

Not a bad film but could have pushed the genre more.

I know this will sound bad, but to me this was the best worst film, but don't take that as a negative.

The main character was looking for love in completely inappropriate and awkward ways before finally getting to grips with what needed doing - ahem - which was very funny. There were some technical issues with poor lighting and the film size was too small, looked like a letterboxed 4:3, but the bones of a great film were there I thought. With a bit of work on the technical side before next year I think this team could be one to watch. Well done on a funny film that was well played.

The story was fairly weak in this film, but it had some redeeming features and I thought the ending/reveal was great. I loved the costumes and the light of power was quite amusing but just didn't really fire for me overall.

Easily the best film of the heat and the most coherent story told with no dialogue (apart from the spoken line which was my only disappointment with this film and stopped it getting a 9) and a well deserved audience favourite award. I think this could be a finalist but it will depend on the judges and how they judge the no dialogue.

A guy who is playing loud music in his apartment, keeping Vic up all night in the next apartment, goes off to his daily job as an earplug tester. This was well written, well acted and I thought a very strong film. I really would have liked it if you could have found another way to get the line in without actually saying but that was really all I could fault with this film. excellent job.

A man arrives home and sends his daughter back to her mother for the night. He is then haunted by the stuffed toys that are scattered around the house, these are intercut with people dressed as those dolls to provide movement etc.

I really enjoyed this film, thought it was a great concept and the acting was really good. It got a lot of laughs, which I don't think it was going for as it came across as a serious effort, but I don't think it detracted from what was a very solid film in my opinion. The ending got the appropriate audience reaction so I think it really hit it's mark. Well done.

Also, I loved their team intro. Who the heck just has a tardis just loafing about in their backyard? Awesome!

Vic and a thief meet during a robbery of Vic's house and they spend time together. Had a great scene in the playground and they tried to develop the thief's character arc but the ending kind of left this film a bit flat. Some low light shots would have benefited from additional lights or filming during the day and changing in post but other than that a quaint little film.

Vic, a cleaner is cleaning offices late at night and comes across a guy sitting in a dark corner (that I originally thought was a bathroom stall) and he leaves to get coffee, while he's gone the 'ghost in his computer' speaks to Vic. She then recruits a friend or flatmate (not sure which sorry) into ghostbusting said ghosts from the office computer with special vacuums, while wearing protective equipment on their head. I really didn't get into this movie overall.

The story kind of ended abruptly without a real resolution and could have been developed more. With some more polish and experience I'd be interested to see what they come up with next year.

A riddle about finding gold or not sleeping till you grow old. Cut to sleepless nights and a lot of random searching out in the hills for the gold before the resolution of the gold necklace being found at the end. It wasn't badly shot but the story felt like it needed more to it.

This film was actually DQ'd, not sure what for.

A group of film school students are making a film when their teacher is called away to an emergency. Whenever the group separates one of them dies by the hand of a mysterious killer. Lots of use of short jump cuts in this and was consistently used throughout the film. The overall film seemed well put together but nothing special to take it to the next level.

Henchmen protecting their boss through a series of incidents. Starts at a support group for nameless henchmen. Unfortunately not as punchy as last years film, but still enough to amuse. The henchmen acting was quite amusing.

I really enjoyed this one. Good genre use, nice immobilisation. Very funny and well acted. Nice story and well made with what I thought was some very funny acting.

Driver for a criminal? Is house sitting the boss' house and loses the dog, has to track it down before she gets back from the airport, and runs all over Ak just missing the dog wherever he goes. Not a really strong story but the dog was incredibly well trained and props to the main actor for riding a motorbike through that miserable weather.

Classic hilarity from these vets. Morris, a guy from Timaru, stays with Vic and decides he wants to spend all day doing things with Vic, but Vic works night shift. Don't want to give away the ending. Lots of usual wrongness and non PC from this team. Very high production values as you expect from these guys and wouldn't be surprised to see it in the finals list.

The perfect woman cyborg is maybe too perfect, cooks, loves sports and has the 'insatiable hard drive' installed. Loved the song over the credits, was brilliant for the genre. Quite charming, with funny sex scenes (every two minutes on the clock)

A guy with two girlfriends (who are both very attractive) seems unhappy and unable to sleep. Tough in non-dialogue to explain what happens so I got a bit lost as to why one of them left and again used the spoken line of dialogue by a character instead of trying to find a way to do it non-verbally.

Unusual film about a robbery of cards by a couple, girl dies, guy gets sent to jail. Starts with a VO as the guy gets out of jail and is confronted by a mysterious lady that asks if he wants to see his girlfriend again then they head to the final scene which I won't divulge here. Not a really strong story to this one but loved the card ripping effect, simple but effective.

Nice use of the character trait. Girl tries to kill herself for some reason (we find out later) Vic is haunted by a masked figure and kept awake. Some dramatic scenes and not bad overall.

Stepped it up this year with 3d. Vic downloads a program 'the solution' into a glass of water then following the instructions drinks it. This leads into what I presume was a very impressive 3D scene (unfortunately there were too many people for the available glasses and I missed out) before the end which I won't give away here.

Vic is kept up by an alarm clock that is constantly going off, runs around looking for it and eventually finds it in a very odd place. We then see how it is being moved at the end. Not a strong story but the acting was fine.

Mostly funny, the end was a bit weak, neighbourhood watch goes awry in this mockumentary. A manic Vic runs around the streets 'protecting them' as part of the neighbourhood watch. Not a bad film, got quite a few laughs and had a nice aerial shot (I presume a quad copter or heli?)

Unusual movie, hit man, can't sleep is killed by girlfriend because he is keeping her awake at night. Interesting use of comic speech bubble effects. Nice use of pov shot as the bullet. But not much to this one.

Guy stuck in a bathroom stall cause he accidentally went into the ladies. Some really funny and gross out moments, quite well acted, good use of genre but had multiple ends then the last one kind of just finished and was a weaker ending than some of his plans that he was devising? Overall still very amusing and a good start to the heat.

Amusing animation with some funny points. The end was very quick and I missed what was on the bottle, was it a rum label?(*update - found out it was rum and the wizard was just drunk) Goby(sorry if the goblins name is wrong) Must save his wizard master by questing to the elixir of life. Line thrown in at the end part way through the credits, but worked with the scene it was in. The speech was a bit muddied with the background music but nice animation. Liked the riddle stuff and the princess was amusing.

A guy follows his best friend (vic) everywhere and keeps him up all night playing the drums etc. which is ruining vics relationship. The acting was perfect for this film and I enjoyed the story. Really well done, funny story. My favourite of the heat.

Girl delivering mail, quite amusingly, cut to bad guys in house and they hear the mail delivery, then chase the postie cause they think she overheard their plot, they catch her but she had headphones in and didn't hear anything, then the movie ends. Not much of a story, but then it was an action film, but a bit light on the action too

Interviews with people who live with cyborgs or are cyborgs. Nice use of line, sound was a bit iffy. Funny acting. Was Vic Meyers the actual drug that helps people sleep/fixes cyborg issues -or was Vic the foundation I got a bit lost on the story sorry, but that may have just been me not paying attention properly? Some great interviews in this and some funny set pieces.

Very nice camera effects, not sure who/what he was searching for but Vic runs around the streets, finally meets a lady then falls asleep. 'Did you hear that' line was actually spoken, maybe should have been written or a lyric in a music track? Tough in a no dialogue film but still doable. But very high production values I thought and nicely edited, just didn't really get the story.

After the apocalypse Vic decides to make a movie with his old filmmaking buddies. Vic-gina, as he is called by his old classmates, does his best to finish the movie he started but has some issues along the way. Some sound issues. Big crowd reaction. The 'bad guy' audition was classic

Interesting twist on a musical. Lots of slow mo with music over the top. Not much actual singing. Nice ending. The audience got to empathise with Al (the titled character) early on which was nice. Old guy gets fired for being old and not understanding computers, goes on a bender and heads back to work. Didn't really embrace the musical side but very nicely filmed

Horror with good use of sound and visuals but didn't get any real story progression, Vic in padded room, lots of great horror type shots and sounds but didn't really get the story sorry. who was the guy? Story seemed to be lacking on an otherwise good effort

Nice story about a teacher that picks on a pupil (Vic) and the retribution, kinda Tarantino timeline but worked well for the story. Really sympathised with the kid, teacher was a real prick. Good acting, nice story

Only two story lines converge, so was more of a crime thriller I thought. Shopping is accidentally exchanged at a bus stop and cocaine (hidden in Fab detergent) goes to the wrong people, they then sell it back to the original owner. Didn't go where I thought it would so that was good. Quite funny acting, just thought it could have done with another storyline involved to really add to it.

Good genre use, bad sound. Vic has composed a killer track and meets with a DJ that wants to play it but is ambushed by Eastern Europeans who want to use his music for evil. The music guns were great, quite funny overall, unfortunately the sound changed so often it was hard to hear some parts. They really seemed to embrace their techno thriller genre with a mix of 80's ideas with up to date tech. Enjoyed it overall but the sound let it down for me

This was a touching film. A lot of teams struggle with musical but I liked the theme of this one.

The music didn't seem to go with the melody that your actors were singing but that is more of a technical issue for next time.

This film didn't really make sense to me - I got that she took a leaf and had to return it to get away, but why? - and the sound was pretty bad. However props to the lead actress for the slide down the hill, it looked like pretty brutal ground to do it on.

You all seemed to have fun making it and really that's what 48 hours is about.

A brother and sister commit a robbery and the sister gets caught. They must do one last job so she can pay off her debts.

A great premise but I felt it just missed the mark slightly. It was well shot and the acting was good, I just can't put my finger on exactly what it was missing. Apart form the fact I too have been burgled and can't sympathise with someone committing that crime - so maybe that was it.

I did find it funny though that her enormous debts amounted to about $150.

Nicky Brick, in jail, tells of his rat crack whore wife and their life before she dobs him in ending up with him in prison - as it started.

I loved the style of animation in this film, a clever use of loops and some variation on those loops (presume things were on different layers?) however I didn't get the unlucky trait out of it and I thought it could have benefited from being cut down slightly to give it more punch.

I agree with Michael, you guys have a huge potential in the industry and need to be sending this work to as many bands/music industry people as possible.

Would be really keen to see more from this team, even outside of 48 hours. And congrats on the Audience fav vote.

I enjoyed this film and loved the banana death scene.

A guy 'couch surfs' at an apartment and gets more than he bargains for.

Nicely shot and with a fantastic location. Not sure if they went for the two male erotic thriller because there were no women in the cast or if it was a style choice but I don't really think it matters anyway. Loved the reveal of the characters name, very subtle.

If your main agenda is to write shoot and hand in a film within 48 hours and have a lot of fun doing it then you have more than achieved your goal. There were some very funny moments in this film and the opening beach running scene was great.

An unlucky in love guy goes on a series of dates/adventures.

And of course you can't go wrong with a fake moustache

I like it when people try to push their genre or do something a bit different with it, so not having buckets of blood or scary reveals is good but I just didn't get the horror side, apart from the main character being dead.

A guy is watching his own funeral with death beside him then go on their journey to?

Some nice dialogue in this but I felt it didn't' really go anywhere. Some nice shots as well. Keen to see what they come back with next year.

I think this was a zombie apocalyptic, world destroying event film?

The actors seemed to have fun but the story was pretty slim with a number of unexplained/unnecessary deaths but they got to use some nice (presumably airsoft) guns.

Some very funny scenes in this film and I too loved the tie-in to their team intro, very nice touch.

The film is a directors Video diary of him making his film, and how it all goes horribly wrong.

Some nice acting, and the casting scene was great.

This was a film that I thought would easily stand up outside of the 48 hours arena and an excellent example of a one shot film.

A guy, who lives alone, sees strange visions every time he opens a door so he closes it and when it reopens things are back to normal. A great mix of humour and horror. Well thought out camera moves to keep the film moving without looking like they were trying to move the camera to get a shot was very impressive.

The only thing that I think might let this film down in judging was I didn't get the 'unlucky person' out of this but rather an OCD personality. However that being said, great little film and really impressed with how you guys pulled off the one take. Well done.

This was a really strong heat but these guys really stood out - as always. Props to the lead actor for really drawing in the audience with a great performance, I'm sure there were more than a few teary eyes which is quite an accomplishment in under 7 mins.

A story about a guy taking his pregnant wife to the mid wife and they have an accident and then the resulting trauma that goes with tragedy. The acting was superb and the production values were as high as ever. It was a very very good serious film from a team known for funny laugh out loud comedy.

The only part that took me out of the moment was the amusing (not sure if it was intentional or not) scene with the Mormons at the door but other than that this would have to be in the finals I would be very surprised if it didn't take out Audience Fav.

Fantastic work.

So far the best use of the Bobby Young character because you see the progression without their really being a mention of 'You're a bully/ex bully'.

A guy, who likes his house, has a leak in his kitchen and calls his plumber, Rodney, to fix it. There were some guffaw out loud planking moments in this when the owner would turn to talk to Rodney and he was planked on one surface or another. I won't give away any more of the story because you need to see it for yourself.

Some great writing and acting in this film and it has some lovely cinematography that never intrudes on the film, it just helps tell the tale.

I'm sure this would be a strong finals contender. Awesome effort.

This Puppixelmation (have you guys copyrighted that yet? I think it'll catch on) mystery is set in a spacecraft and they are having some troubles keeping station.

Now this film was brief and I spent so much time marveling at the paper puppets and the effects that I didn't really catch enough of the story to provide a decent synopsis.

I thought the look and the effects in this were great and I hope you have some behind the scenes video (I know you have photos) because I am very interested in how it was done - or is it all locked away so no one else can copy it?

Props to you guys for doing something really different with your animation this year.

Also big props to these guys as two of them went to every heat in Auckland this year and have been reviewing a huge number of films.

This was an interesting idea going for a D&D or videogame style quest, the quest was looking for a lost phone.

Don't be afraid to shorten scenes if they go too long, just because you shot it doesn't mean you have to play it all.

The graphics fitted the film idea and I thought the loading gag was quite funny.

A dentist gets a package, theres a train crash and a terrorist attack. That was about as much as I made out of it, I couldn't work out what happened at the end.

I thought the camera work and the editing in general were good though.

Ok, from what I could work out a husband and wife are having a baby but the baby switches to the fathers body after it thinks he will do a better job. I could be wrong. At first I thought the husband and wife had swapped but I'm pretty sure it was just the baby.

Probably a little complicated with the flashback angle as there was no discernible difference in the film that indicated we were watching a flashback, like black and white or music or something.

I was left confused at the end and I wasn't sure if the guy playing his wife was going to turn out to be the body-switch or if they just didn't have any women in their cast/crew.

This film had nearly everything nailed. Some fantastic mood lighting, well shot and great effects and the acting was really well played by all the cast. The only thing that really lost me was the end. I don't want to write about it here as I think people should see the film for themselves as it is a great watch no matter what.

I loved the horror element to this film and the ghostly/spirit/demoness women were very keen wearing what looked like only body paint and some glitter.

Some great emotion portrayed on screen and I loved the editing. It was very tight and fitted perfectly with the effects they were going for. Great film and I would think a contender for the finals.

This young team of first timers, and some of those roped in on the day, did really well for their first time and the only one with experience was the cameraman (as told in their intro).

A group of kids get a text to meet their friend. They arrive at his car and get in expecting to go for a ride. However what they got was a chance to push the car to the garage instead.

Unfortunately the sound made it kind of hard to really hear much of the dialogue but I loved the scene where they take a rest and the driver gets out but hasn't put the brake on and they have to chase it down the hill. I presume there was someone inside the car and this was meant to be part of the story but it looked very convincing.

I hope this team makes a couple more films over the next year to hone there skills and come back strong next year.

I thought this was really amusing. Who would have thought that your superpower would be turning into wire? Genius.

This rom-com followed the rules well and I liked the progression to the story, it fleshed out the characters well in the 7 min time limit and managed to tell a full story.

My favourite line from this was 'Lucky I was a boyscout!'

The movie starts with a break-up and then continues through the aftermath.

Some bad pixellation at times but the cast seemed to be having great fun making it as they were almost cracking up the whole time.

I wasn't sure if it was meant to be a documentary and it would be good to have seen some more age appropriate actors. I thought the Alice character was well played.

There are a lot of ways you can go with musical and each has there advantages and disadvantages. I thought this team gave a solid effort.

Some times the melody didn't seem to fit the music and occasionally the lyrics felt a bit rushed to fit them in.

However I loved their use of the line and I thought the keyhole/peephole shot was very nicely done.

From what I could work out, a twin sister is murdered by Bobby Young.

Was an average film based on my notes. Sorry I can't recall anything more specific about the movie.

I got the jogging fad but the count, which was so vital to the story, was never explained. Was it steps, distance??

Some funny overacting by the nemesis but this film didn't really get me involved.

Two sisters discuss love, relationships and romance in their parents apartment while looking out the window at the world.

Some funny moments but didn't really seem to go anywhere.

Two nerdy brothers are bullied, not by Bobby Young, and they seek revenge by trying to steal his RWC tickets that he has won from a radio station. Their plan revolves around the fact that he can never know so he would have to be in a drug induced coma until after the RWC finishes.

Some funny acting and an interesting idea but some random sound issues and some over long scenes held the film back a bit.

The blow dart drugging scene was amusing but went a bit long.

Good effort overall.

If a package isn't delivered on time the sun will never rise again.

It felt as if there was two separate stories going on in this until the very end. One about a crazy homeless lady wandering the streets and one about a temporal courier agency. I wasn't really sure why the computer game graphics popped up every now and then. If it was a game then maybe they should have been there the whole time?

It was however very well shot and it looked amazing and the acting was above par, especially for the crazy Bobby Young character.

I was left at the end still not entirely understanding what had just happened, but maybe I just missed it.

Bobby Young is now a detective and a guy shows up in her office saying he needs her help urgently. She throws him a ball of paper which he catches in his left hand and then the story continues. There are flashbacks (15-20 years before) to an unspecified treasure that her father entrusts to her and tells her to keep hidden. She then tracks down where it is and the bad guy shows up.

The acting in this was excellent and it was very well shot with a number of great locations.

The only thing that let the film down was the plot. I had a chance to catch up with one of the team and they said there were a number of subplots and storylines that were interwoven but they were trimmed out in editing to try and leave the essence of the story. Unfortunately it left parts of the story seeming a little rushed, mostly the original set up, but the ending did tie what there was together and the detectives reveal of her knowledge was nicely done.

These guys definitely make cinematic films though. I would like to see the long version with all the elements in it at some point so we get a better feel for the depth of the characters.

Three girl flatmates are talking about a range of things and Bobby decides to go and do something in the kitchen. For some unexplained reason she decides to stick a piece of wire into the oven and she gets electrocuted. Her flatmates come in and find her unresponsive body on the floor and she is overheating.

IT wasn't initially obvious that she changed with the oven. They pulled out some biscuits that were in the oven and they were cut into letters that spelled out Bobby Young. I thought at that point she was the biscuits and was expecting them to eat them and would be taking chunks out of her body but the biscuits were then promptly ignored.

The film suffered from really bad interlacing which can be very distracting to watch but they haven't been the only team to suffer from that.

An interesting idea that was maybe lost on the audience. Keep making movies and learn from them and you will improve your technique and skill level.

A guy can't get a date with the girl he wants so he goes to a second hand store and buys a leather jacket which gets her attention. However he is haunted by visions of a warrior and, presumably, the previous owner.

I thought it worked with the horror genre well but the plot felt like it had a few holes and we could have had a better connection to the actual murders he was committing.

The sound got quite pitchy and at one point dropped out altogether. There was also a couple of seconds of black in the middle of the film and I started to think it had ended then it suddenly started again.

A good application of their genre and the acting fitted well with the film. A good idea for a story, just needed a bit more polish to be great.

I thought this was a good road movie and I'm always a fan of zombies in a film.

A girl is by herself and as she's about to get attacked by a zombie our hero steps in and saves the day. They then travel on together.

I felt the female character changed from nervous and anxious to kicking arse a little quick as there was no indication days were passing, more just a couple of hours. There was also some major wind noise during a couple of the outdoor scenes.

I liked the actors in it and the script itself seemed to fit naturally with them but just the minor things above stopped this being a great film for me but still a good film overall.

Finally a superhero film that actually showed some superhero moves.

A guy works for a company that is conducting illegal human trials of some unknown substance. While he is trying to find out what is going on he is accidentally injured/killed and is then injected with this strange formula.

There were some great scenes here that showed people moving in slow motion, including one guy smoking, but the hero is moving at normal speed. A simple effect put to really good use.

I loved the comic book styling they used throughout without it ever feeling overused.

I felt like I wanted more at the end of the story as it didn't feel like it had finished that characters arc but that is my only criticism of the film.

I thought this film was very funny if a little rushed in places.

A band is given a big break but Karl, the guy with the money, tells each member individually that they are the best and the rest of the band are no good. This makes each member sneak into the practice room and mess with each others instruments to make sure they sound the best.

I love the fact that they never showed Karl's face at all, kind of using the Charlie Brown principle, as it was still funny and we didn't need to see another young guy with a fake mo as happened in a lot of other films.

I enjoyed this amusing film and will be interested to see what they come back with next year.

A hens party goes horribly wrong when the stripper is found dead in the bathroom the next morning.

They spend the film trying to work out what happened (ala the Hangover - hence the name) each person revealing a little more of the plot.

The biggest issue, as has been stated before, was that the sound was out of sync with the audio, not just in parts but the whole movie.

The cast seemed to have a lot of fun making the film and (spoiler alert) the stripper turning up at the end was very funny, and I presume it meant the other guy was actually a real cop that got carried away?

The title says it all really. I guess that's how the team felt about the genre and it kind of came through in their film.

A bet is made that a guy can't get a date so he plasters posters all around the city asking for a date. Unbeknownst to him the person he made the bet with is running around behind him pulling them all down.

There are some funny date interview scenes in this but I didn't understand the two V cans as binoculars, apart from the obvious product placement.

My favourite line was "I'm not really Mexican. i just came from a party"

A very brave choice by this team to just go with a vocal, no musical accompaniment at all.

There were some very amusing lyrics in the song and I guess they did the best with what they had.

A young DJ is preparing for a gig and is convinced he has the sickest beats around.

After some rather overly descriptive gross out gags it got to the big finale.

I didn't really get 'fad' from this other than dub step is a major music phenomenon at the moment so maybe that was it.

It felt more like a long music video than a short film but I guess the team were trying to do something different with what was a difficult genre to grasp.

Best credits for any film so far "No one wanted to accept responsibility for this film" Nice :)

I loved how this film started out with an elevator in the middle of inky nothingness. It was just a shame that when the shots were taken from the inside looking out that we could see the outline of the room beside/behind the actors outside the elevator.

An internally tortured Bobby is caught in a lift he can't escape until he can confront his shame and self blame over a previous wrong. The acting in this film was good and the idea of the story was great.

The film felt pacey enough to keep you interested without feeling rushed at all.

I was expecting a slightly bigger ending but thought this was a great use of the one room genre and surprised it was the only One room film I saw based in an elevator.

Well done.

The greatest toy in the world, the Grabbil, is an idea stolen by the now very rich and incredibly successful brother of a now recluse.

The revenge angle was definitely well played here but the TV ad went on a bit too long as we got the idea pretty easily with the news reports that were also inserted to drive the backstory.

Random people in the company were shown dead at different times but there was no actual connection to the revenge character as they were never in a scene with them,we just had to make a leap to that and I wondered if at some point it was going to have be an elaborate setup by the rich brother to remove his opposition altogether.

I liked the freeze frame at the end and thought it was a good place to stop.

This was a great film with some above average acting and a great story/premise.

A farmer is working by one of his sheds when a guy runs up with a bucket on his head, a toetoe for a spear and a towel for a cape. This guy says he is here to serve his king and rescue the kings daughter from the evil witch. The farmer knows nothing about it as he doesn't even have a daughter.

A really good script that felt very natural for the actors and well played. The cinematography was really nice in this film and I really feel for this team being DQ'd, along with a number of excellent films this year.

To me, this film could easily exist as an entertaining short outside of the comp which is not an easy thing to do. Awesome effort and I look forward to watching it again in the screening room.

A detective sits in his car on a stakeout, watching the neighbours etc.

This film looked great but didn't really get into the mystery side of things, unless the mystery was why he was in his car?

The acting was good and the overall aesthetic of the film was great and the end made it make sense but felt like it fell short.

I laughed quite hard during this nice rework of the dead but coming back in someone elses body story.

A suave secret agent is going to disarm a bomb that will destroy everything when he is killed by accident. He then has to hunt for a body to possess and he chooses a Korean guy. They went for a few obvious race gags that weren't really needed as the rest of it was quite funny anyway.

I think they'll be DQ'd for saying 'What have I got' but the ending was great and i'm sure it will rate well in the screening room. Nice effort.

I'm not sure if this team was DQ'd because it was late or because it was missing the freeze frame at the end.

A confusing storyline about people trying to cross the border and they are hunted by border police. The acting was average and some of the sound was rough. The end of the story added to the confusion.

However I liked the style this film was shot in and the sepia/washed out look and old movie style seemed to work well.

Nigel Steele hunts for the Bobby Young character who is running an illegal trade in Real China products (teapots etc).

Some wonderfully age inappropriate acting in this film that added to the humour.

It appeared that Nigel could only walk in a straight line/one direction regardless of what was in his way be it a table or a wheelie bin but when he can't get over a fence he suddenly goes around it. This was never explained but I thought it was funny anyway.

I loved the enthusiasm of this team and it would be my vote for best worst film. I see this as a good thing because it means you have the kernel of some real talent that will just take some more practice and experience to bring it out. Good effort and I look forward to your film next year.

A tsunami is heading to NZ and our lead van driving character is heading to a safe beach. He picks up some hitchers and random people along the way.

Some funny moments in the film but suffered from some real sound issues on the beach at the end.

A simple premise and fitted the road movie genre.

This film was really dark, literally rather than storywise.

A young couple passes a caravan and see a silhouette of a woman who is sitting so still they think she is dead but whenever they try to investigate they are chased off.

This was a great idea and with more practice this could make a great horror/crime movie but I didn't really get a mystery sense out of it. The audio from the party drowned out what the main characters were saying which was unfortunate as I believe a lot of key dialogue was in there. A better way to do this is to have your set as quiet as possible when filming these scenes then record the general party noise and add it over the voices later, so you can control the volume.

I loved the end of this film and I thought it showed a lot of promise for the future of this team.

An undercover cop has to wear a 'wire' to get a confession. In a parallel and unrelated story a drug deal is taking place. Both meetings go badly and they are chased off by the other parties. The cop grabs the drug dealer in the park and switches clothes as a way to escape his pursuers only to be hunted by the guys that were after the drug dealer and vice versa.

Took a while to understand what was happening at first but I liked what they did with the bodyswitch. The way they did it didn't require any fancy magic or hole in the space time continuum.

Another film to suffer from interlacing and the ending was a real WTF moment when they went to subtitles but otherwise an entertaining romp.

A chef accidentally cuts his finger off while preparing a dish and then accidentally/on purpose sends out the meal with the finger and gets rave reviews. This leads to him cutting off more and so on.

It wasn't explained if he served the finger on purpose the first time or not but I thought it played nicely into the gross horror genre.

It did appear to end and then start and end again but that may have just been the editing rather than what they were going for.

Good to see people doing some relatively graphic horror.

"made you look" and "I like the way you trim your bush" were the two funniest parts to this superhero film about superheroes (with no actual superpowers) having a coffee break.

It seems to have been a real theme this year to not actually have your superheroes doing anything superheroish, however them pretending they did was quite funny - like the guy helping the old lady cross the road unscathed, when she was on a crossing anyway.

I felt there was more they wanted to do with this but it never really got there. Still it was a funny film and the audience enjoyed it.

A geeky guy wants to date a girl and fights with another guy. Fairly standard stuff for a rom-com however as has been pointed out most of the film was about his competition than the girl of his dreams.

The fight scene at the end with the streetfighter moves seemed out of place with the rest of the film as there was no mention they were fans of the game etc.

Not a bad film but not great either.

There were some major sound and interlacing problems with this film that made it hard to get into as it was so distracting.

It was a bit short on story but then musicals don't often involve really complicated twists/arcs.

A nice attempt overall.

A girl is kidnapped and its up to Bobby to rescue her.

This came across a bit more as a revenge film than strictly crime but to be fair kidnapping is a crime so it still fits its genre.

Some unfortunate sound issues let down an otherwise pretty solid film.

With the team intro, which was awesome, and the guys turning up to the finish resplendent in their colourful full body suits I was expecting to see them all on screen but alas they weren't in it - apart from the orange guy.

A guy, while cleaning the waste disposal, has his arm amputated when his bully of a flatmate throws an orange and turns on the disposal unit. A wonderful gross out bloody moment and set the scene fro the movie however it never really took off. There were some other gross out moments with his flatmates but seemed to be more of a rom-com than superhero film.

As mentioned before I was disappointed that we didn't get to see the other lycra clad heroes as I thought there was some great comic potential there but maybe they couldn't write them into the script in the end or had to edit them out?

A woman is kidnapped and almost monologued to death by her captor.

There were a number of laughs with some cheesy acting from the lead and his plan was amusing in how badly it went.

A nice little ending to the film wrapped it up.

A group of urban renegades are wreaking havoc on the CBD with their nuisance kite flying and a security guard is out to stop them.

This film was wonderful and a definite contender for the cinematography award. The acting was of a high standard and I thought the fad was well used, they went for a nice serious film without going for the schtick routine that a lot of the fads did.

The end of the film was a nice close to a lovely story.

A very high standard was set with this film, awesome effort. And who knows, maybe kite flying will take off ;)

This skateboarding road movie had a nice narrative running over it and some of the cinematography was very nice.

It was one of those road movies that didn't really end, it was more a slice of what was going on, kind of like 'two lane black top'.

It maybe came off as more of a very high class skate video than a traditional film but for a group of first timers this was an excellent effort.

A guy is out walking with his girlfriend/friend who is a girl and falls on an electric fence which gives him a 'power surge' allowing him to move with incredible speed.

A good effort for a first time team and they at least had some acts of superheroism which a lot of superhero films didn't bother with this year.

I liked the internal conflict between his good side and the bad/bully side of him.

Words, words words. This was an 'honest bucker' of a film.

This was about bull riding from the point of view of the bulls shot in a documentary style.

The initial concept was ok but it seemed to completely lose its way towards the end and just kind of ended.

Had some funny moments in it and good on the actors for running around a paddock in skin tone undies, a rubber glove and some fake horns for most of the film.

A serial killer is interviewed by a journalist about all the crime he's committed.

It was an interesting start but I didn't understand why the journalist rang the cops halfway through the interview, if he knew he was a serial killer anyway, except it gave you a way to end the film with the cops bursting in.

Good use of the one room genre though.

A surgeon who is having a bad day kicks his nurse out of the theatre during surgery and his patient dies. Later that night he sneaks back in to inspect the body to find out what went wrong. While he's there the body/person speaks to him.

This was a really nice effort and the end was great. I really liked this revenge flick despite a couple of minor audio issues.

Some nice acting by the Dr and I liked the simplicity of the film, and the fact you actually shot in a theatre or at least made a very realistic set.

This was another solid Mukpuddy film. The quest to find one of the characters mothers who is in captivity.

Got a lot of laughs from the audience and seemed to hit its mark. I was surprised that there was one point in the film where there is dialogue but no mouth animation but this was only a very minor point.

This film could easily be found on Cartoon Network any day of the week and not look out of place.

Congrats to this team on another top effort.

Three guys decide to get a flatmate and go for the attractive woman that applies, but is she everything she appears to be.

A series of set pieces keep the film moving along and some were downright hilarious and a couple were a bit forced.

Overall the funny and the occasional cringe scene came out to good effect with an amusing freeze at the end.

A guy is out driving his car and ponders what it would be like to be a car, or a cloud, or a ...

The idea was interesting for the body switch, where there was no actual switch taking place and the poetic narrative while it may have seemed original at the time seemed to pop up in a number of films this year.

My only real criticism would be that the poem/narrative went on and on during the freeze-frame, it would have to have been a minute if not more. There didn't appear to be any real need for it and the narrative could have finished a number of times but it continued. Unfortunately after a thoughtful and serious piece this left the audience laughing which I don't think was the intention.

I liked the style of the film and thought it fitted well with what you were trying to achieve.

This was another of my favourite films this year.

A director is auditioning people for a dancing role in his latest production but dislikes all of the acts he sees.

This silent black and white film was very stylishly put together with possibly the best score for a film that I've come across in 48hours before. The emotion and feeling conveyed by the pianist worked perfectly with this old school silent film. The actors were great and everything fitted so perfectly with what they were going for aesthetically and musically.

While not everyones cup of tea it really impressed me and I hope to see this film in the finals.

Jack and Jill go up the hill, Jack falls down and Jill isn't heard from again. A great start to this film and I thought the cinematography and acting was really strong, in fact my notes say 'looks beautiful!!!'.

Nursery rhyme characters are investigated over the Jacks death and Jill disappearance. With a wonderfully disgusting sheriff and freaky Bo Peep but unfortunately I got lost at the end of this film and didn't really understand what the outcome was.

Certainly on looks and acting this could easily make the finals but I'm not sure if the story is strong enough all the way through.

An amazing effort in 48 hours anyway and I have definitely enjoyed some of their previous films.

A woman is out to avenge her husbands death and save her children from an evil regime. All this takes place in some strange other world that relies heavily on CG elements that aren't there for a large part of the film.

I realise CG can be very intensive to work on especially with the 48 hour deadline but it would have been nice if they could have dropped in some simple 2d backgrounds for the elements that were going to take too long to make in 3d. However it made the scene where the female lead is sneaking up behind the guard very amusing because shes just in front of a green screen that never got keyed out.

Props to the team for trying such an ambitious amount of CG/greenscreen but maybe next time wind back some of the story elements to allow you to complete it.

I didn't get what the mystery was in this film. Were people haunted by visions of a young Bobby, did they do something to him or was it just a memory?

The film was shot well but some of the audio let the film down.

The old alien lobotomy story. Took a while to get into and I didn't really get the body switch element or was it the Dr being taken over by an alien?

There were a couple of scenes that were overly lightened in post. If you're unable to light it adequately try shooting in the day time and darkening/colouring in post (shooting day for night) as it can make things a lot easier to control.

Perhaps a little overly complicated with the flashbacks revealing a little more of the story each time as it took too long to get to the pay off but it was still entertaining.

A girl, bullied to death by Bobby, comes back to haunt her through facebook. It stuck to the horror genre with some nice blood work later on, very subtle but I missed who the girl was, why she was bullied, was it at work or from when she was younger etc.

A solid film that could have benefited from a little expansion of the bullied character.

3 people are fired from work and when the chauffeur drives them home he suggests that they spend up large on the company credit cards they still have.

Some good acting, especially from the Bobby young character, and the film looked well shot but I'm not sure about the ending, felt like a bit of a let down.

A solid film but I'm not sure if there was enough to it to make the finals.

A guy keeps going to a bus stop to see a girl he likes who is always at the one across the road and he takes the poor advice of his flatmates to try and catch her eye.

A fairly typical rom-com (not much you can do with it and stay within your genre) that was well played by the actors and the script felt right for each of them. It was funny in all the right places and the ending gained a lot of laughs with the audience.

A possible finalist.

Two girls one guy and a whole lot of singing.

The lead actresses voice was fantastic and she really lifted the movie with her vocals. The others were ok but she really stood out.

A great opening scene with a very funny song but it seemed to lose its way a little bit in the middle and the end seemed a bit rushed but overall it was quite a funny film. Certainly one guy in the back row got quite excited when the girls kissed.

A good score and some great singing, they ran with the musical genre rather than shying away from it.

A turf/drug war between mimes and clowns. Interesting concept but they didn't make the most of the possibilities.

The car scene was funny but I was waiting for the mimes to put a clown in an invisible box that he then couldn't walk out of or one of the mimes running into an invisible wall so he couldn't get away from the clowns or a car pulling up and having 20 clowns get out of it etc but alas there was none of that.

The potential was there but I felt it wasn't delivered but then maybe they wanted to do more with it but didn't have the time. However they could probably make a cool cult internet series out of the concept if they wanted to.

This was a good idea for a fad but there were a few things that I thought let it down. The video had some really bad interlacing which was very distracting when the whole point of the movie is about living your life by looking at everything though your video camera (much like the guy from American Beauty).

Cameron, a lonely and shy kid goes everywhere looking at his videocamera rather than at life itself. I guess it was maybe a commentary on how we are starting to look at the world - or maybe I'm reading too much into it. His video gets him into trouble occasionally with some people and he despairs until, really randomly, Dr Uranium pops up and shows him the future with the help of her wall clock.

A good idea that, with a bit more polish, could have been excellent.

This was a great short film and could also exist outside of 48 hours.

A simple premise of two people in a room playing a game with one of those games where you have to get the wire loop around a metal structure without touching it or you get a shock. One of them is cheating and getting the best of the other guy.

Short, well paced with some good acting and nicely shot. Good use of the one room genre mixed with revenge.

A good film to see to show what can be achieved with restrictions of time and location. They embraced it all and made a brilliant little film.

Two homeless people living in adjacent cardboard boxes get on well to begin with before it descends into neighbours at war.

A few total grossout moments and some good acting with a simple story made this film very amusing.

This is one of the few that I think could easily live outside of 48 hours as people can associate with neighbour problems, no matter what level you live at.

I'm not sure if there was any subtext that 'an auction site' is raping its customers but its certainly a cautionary tale about picking goods up.

There wasn't much to the story - a guy rapes a guy he's just drugged who then comes back to exact his revenge. It certainly stuck to its revenge genre and it definitely shocked a number of the audience but I thought it went the obvious easy way with the ending. Rather than a more full on revenge sequence - think law abiding citizen - where there is an elaborate plan to make him suffer it goes for a simple option.

No doubt this will get a top number of views as everyone has to check out the scene for themselves. Props to the actors for doing it tastefully but I thought there could have been more to this film.

The shipwreck was nicely done in this and I presumed that the fad was pirate movies(?) but i'm not sure.

They went a bit over the top with the acting although I liked the switch after breaking the fourth wall to it being the boy standing right in front of you.

There seemed to be a few unnecessary boob close ups, impressive or not, that didn't really fit the rest of the film but I guess that is part of the pirate life.

You grasped your pirate theme and ran with it through the whole thing, from props to locations so good on you for that.

The opening of the film had some unusual elements to it that threw me originally and then the rewind seemed really out of place until the second half. The rerun of the same events in real life then made the whole thing make sense.

I felt this was a brave move as you risk alienating your audience and they won't watch the whole thing and miss the brilliance of this film.

It was a good idea and well played by most of the actors.

A private eye is hired to see if the girlfriend/wife is cheating.

There were some stylised black and white scenes and some interesting sound fx unfortunately music completely drowned out some important dialogue at one point.

Not sure if I missed the freeze-frame at the end or if it was just very fast.

'Who am I now, go on, who am I'

Shot entirely in a recording studio this film details the drama between the engineer, his dorky/painful brother and the artist.

The body switch was caused by either a short in the keyboard or it was magical(?), it wasn't explained but you got the idea it happened no matter what.

The acting was funny and they made sure you could identify each character when they switched.

A funny film.

A couple are out driving, talking about how she cheated on him - just the one time though - when they get a flat tyre out from a piece of wire. We see that there was in fact a lot of the same wire on the road, and then they head off looking for a farm to call for help.

Bobby Young is her dog which didn't really sell the ex bully character and some of the scenes were a bit confusing, like where she was running to and I wasn't sure if the other girls with the wire in their faces were meant to be alive or if they were dead and randomly moving as they fell over? Felt a bit texas chainsaw but that's not a bad thing. The photo at the end took a bit before I recognised them.

They did stick to their horror genre the whole way through though.

This was another great film that was unfortunately DQ'd.

Bobby is in a wheelchair and his friend, also in a wheelchair, comes to visit him at the hospital and they decide to go out on the road heading for Waiheke. The different encounters were funny, charming and helped develop the characters and the script without forcing it. I also loved their use of the wire.

Apart from some minor sound issues and the lighting continuity at the end this was a really well made film with a great story, possibly one of the stronger scripts this year.

The ending left me a bit confused about his friend but I don't want to say about it as I don't want to give the ending away. I think I get it but as it was the freeze-frame you never know for sure.

I thought this was a solid effort for a first year team.

The film looked nicely shot, well edited and the story was good but I thought they could have made more of the swing hitting on other equipment in the playground rather than one quick pass at the slide, as it would have helped with your payoff at the end.

There were some random script elements but overall I found this film enjoyable.

When the credits came up for this film it lifted my expectations that I was going to see an amazing HD shiny musical, alas that wasn't to happen.

It looked like you guys had fun but I would suggest recording all your songs first then lip syncing to them as it makes the whole thing easier and the sound stays consistent.

A guy and his two sisters/flatmates (can't remember which sorry) are rapping about each other in classic first time rap lyrics. I would actually like to see a really good rap musical done, this is the first one I can remember seeing.

I loved the switch over at the end though and it made me laugh out loud.

There's a party, someones dead and then the rest of the movie was like weekend at bernies in a whole lot of random scenes. I'm not really sure what the story was but the person playing the body was funny the way they kept falling down, they did it without putting their arms out to save themselves which made it look funny if not a little painful to boot.

Unfortunately the film was also really pixellated (not sure if it was compression or the camera) that made it hard to make out what was happening at times.

There was nothing wrong with the base idea but you could have developed the story and characters more to make the story more cohesive.

Shot semi documentary style it was almost two films in one, a story about washing windows on roller blades and one about a vicious game of murder point where you can literally lose a testicle - and we get to see the severed item repeatedly.

Some very funny moments in this but I wasn't sure what the fad was, was it the game, the rings or just rollerblading. Some of the sound peaking quite badly at times which detracted from the film unfortunately.

The climax battle/competition was quite funny and the bully character was amusing.

I'm not sure if murder point will take off as a sport but I feel confident someone will try anyway after seeing it.

While most teams fret about getting musical this team got one room and decided to do a musical as well. I can understand if you have strong singers in the team or great musical ability but this team only had heart and bravery.

Unfortunately some of the sound was out of sync which didn't help matters and a lot of the sound seemed to be recorded live, rather than separately then lip synced as is normally done.

The lighting and look of the film changed often, not sure if they had different cameras or it was an editing issue.

It was also unclear if the people had left at the end of the night or if he had imagined them or they were ghosts?

A guy at the back of class is fantasising about killing/battling people in his class but I didn't really get why. Did he hate school, the people in his class, life etc? There was no obvious motivation for his 'revenge'.

However I thought it was nicely shot and the action was quite well done.

Whats not to love about a couple of mullet haired guys going to great lengths to get money for rent when working would actually have been easier.

Some totally over the top acting (made me think of Back of the Y) and some funny setups, like robbing granny, made this film very funny but some scenes could have easily been cut down and the film wouldn't have suffered.

I also loved the John Key character, he was classic.

A little bit like 'up in the air' where you hire someone to do the difficult tasks for you but you swap bodies so it still looks like you're doing whatever it is.

I thought this was a really good concept and one of the most original body switch films I saw this year.

It was a nice, simple short that was well executed, the pacing of the film was mostly good with it only slowing down a little in the middle. I thought the acting was ok and I loved the revenge move at the end.

Can't wait to see what you come up with next year.

A talking (in his head anyway) serial killer dog and his 'owner' and her partner live through the terror of what the dog is doing.

I laughed a lot in this film but an innocent dog with a mean voice over is always going to get a laugh, I'm just not sure there was much more to this film than the one joke. I didn't feel like I was watching a horror film even though I enjoyed it as a film.

The acting was well done (I believe the lead was in Cuz a few years back) and the end of the film was great as I couldn't work out just how they were going to get the ex bully across.

Overall an enjoyable film but I think they strayed too far or subverted their genre too much, was more a crime film than a horror.

It's always hard for a team that usually does comedy to suddenly do serious because you keep waiting for the laughs to happen. This serious film was well acted with the lead villain as the standout for me.

I liked the fact that they didn't play too heavily on the Bobby Young character till right at the end and mostly I thought the script felt quite natural for each character.

It maybe lost some of it's punch right at the end as I thought it was building to a bigger climax than it gave but overall I enjoyed the film and it feels like it could easily exist outside of 48 hours which is a real test for a film.

This is a film that could probably done with being longer as the story seemed fairly involved for 7 minutes and I don't think they got to set the characters up as fully as they could have if the time limit wasn't there. A brave effort for a young team to try and get such a detailed plot into their film.

There were some issues with lighting in the film so some scenes were very dark and characters faces were in shadow a lot (but not for style sake that I could tell) and unfortunately at one point we could hear a conversation going on in the background that had nothing to do with the film. The editing at times felt a little jarring but that may have been because you were trying to fit in with the shots you had (we've all been there in 48).

However I'm not trying to run the film down, more to try and give you some tips to improve for the next year. Remember that making a film in 48 hours is an achievement to be celebrated no matter how it turned out. Use this years knowledge and experience and come back even stronger next year.

I was gutted that this film was DQ'd it is my favourite film of all the ones I've seen this year.

The acting is the perfect combination of cheese and ham without being completely OTT. The male lead was hilarious and the master was brilliant.

Congrats on an awesome script and very well played. It was so 'sluttily wise'!!!!

From the opening 'that'd be a mean voice over eh?' to the freeze-frame I just loved it and I can't wait till it's put up online so I can save it to my favourites.

Brilliant stuff.

This was a charming little film with some very funny acting, especially from the Bobby Young character.

The corridor scene was hilarious and very funny and I loved the lightbulb gag in the film.

I'm not entirely sure why the young guy playing the French artist had a moustache drawn on but it didn't really detract from the film.

I hope they choose to enter again next year as I'd like to see what they can do with their experience from this year.

As always there are a number of teams that don't have access to/don't want to use actors appropriate to the age of the character. That's fine but a way around that on screen could be to have the vocal only or shot from behind or like Charlie Brown only seeing their lower half. The other option is to just write the scene without them.

Apart from that I thought the songs were well done, unfortunately there were a couple of minor sound issues during a couple of them.

The lead actress was very funny with just the right level of hamminess to her character. Overall I did enjoy the film and the supporting actors were fine.

This film never really seemed to hit its stride but I did like the reveal at the end with the extending of the previous scenes as a way to indicate who committed the murder.

I liked the fact that your actors were playing age appropriate roles, it makes more sense to the audience that way.

As others have already said some of the scenes could have been tightened up but as with most films (mine included) hindsight and sleep show these things much clearer.

Good luck for next year

Surprisingly this is not the only superhero film this year to pitch normals against superheroes, although this was the only one I've seen where the superheroes had entered a film competition.

I got the whole Bobby Young grown up thing at the end but I felt that this film would also have benefited from shortening the talking scenes, a lot of it seemed to repeat itself without really moving the story along.

I did like the ending though, it was a nice little twist.

I was really impressed with the animation in this film. I loved the style of the drawing and thought the narrative poetry aspect of it was a great contrast to the brutality of what was being shown.

Definitely seemed to be a crowd favourite on the night.

Again a shame that another good film was DQ'd but I hope they'll be back again next year.

To me this was classic 48 hours - going for some laughs, some grossout and some over the top acting.

SHITT was a brilliant idea and well played and the Dan Carter look a like was actually pretty close (in some shots at least - no offence to DC).

I liked the wire holding the number plate on, it was subtle enough and well placed for a reason.

The ending felt like a bit of a let down after some great build up unfortunately.

Be very worried next time someone says "I've already eaten" to you.

This serious film of a writer who was haunted by his characters was really well done and I think it is a shame they were DQ'd.

I thought the lighting and scenes were well constructed and I loved the final single shot transition - very nicely done and not obvious.

I thought you used the line well in this film and even though an older main character would have given a bit more realism to the role there is also no reason why it couldn't have been a successful younger writer.

I thought the acting from all involved was good but I didn't find it particularly scary, but thats not exactly a pre-requisite for a horror but it can be good to shake people up a bit.

Great effort and hopefully next years will be eligible so I can vote for it.

I found this film hilarious, didn't really make a lot of sense but I loved how non-chalant everyone was around a dead body, including the hitchhiker.

I thought the line was misquoted 'what you got my stupid doll for? but I may have just misheard.

I loved the trying to light the cigarette scene and the burial was brilliant.

Overall a good job.

I really struggled with this one, a lot of the scenes could have been cut in half or less but as far as the camera and look of the film goes, that didn't worry me at all.

I understood the internal conflict and the alter ego/split personality angle and I guess you went for the fight club ending? Trimming the film could have made a big difference.

Don't let the reviews put you off, use them to help you improve next time.

I wasn't sure if you were extracting the michael at the dance movie or if you couldn't be bothered doing anything more however I'm going with the taking the mickey angle - in which case I thought it was hilarious.

Team size and experience shouldn't hinder you from going all out and musical/dance actually gives you a lot more freedom than people realise so you shouldn't be afraid of it.

I loved the first dance scene in the park because there was no real reason for it that I could see. Loved the credits too and it was a nice freezeframe ending.

Keep it up, make some more movies and go hard next year.

I really enjoyed this rom-com.

There were some fantastic flashbacks to the bully scenes and I loved his barcode collection.

All the usual things you expect in a rom-com and one extra long scene of a guy making faux love to everything he could even after the guy he was demonstrating to had left (hilarious!). I thought it was also well acted, nothing over the top or soppy.

A possible finalist, but I have missed a few heats.

My two favourite lines in this were 'I want a digger' and 'you're a shit therapist.' Classic stuff.

I thought this film looked very polished, some nice camera moves etc.

A guy is holding hostages (in a basement?) and has quite a long speech intercut with some execution scenes.

I didn't really follow the story but the acting was good, not over the top or cheesy just well played for the character they had written.

I don't think it really established who the people were, why they were being held and who the mysterious guy in the background was but then at the same time it didn't really matter as it was more about the main character.

Solid effort, would like to see the A grade version mentioned here.

This was brilliant. Well acted, good story, great use of the line and the prop. Character was well played.

The only reason I'm not giving it 10/10 is the camera got a bit jittery in places, I realise it was meant to be hand held but there was some point were it was like the cameraman was on a vibratrain (or perhaps that was another fad?).

Overall i would hope this makes the finals because it deserves to be seen.

My favourite line from this was the 'You're sparkly arse in going down' in reference to the team Edward/Twilighters.

Well done team. I Loved it!

I think we may have lost a few people with our film this year. Not sure that people actually picked up the 'what really happened' events in black and white at the end. The story seemed a lot more rushed than it did when we were cutting it so I'll be interested to hear what people made of it.

I also realised I managed to cut out a couple of fairly key pieces of dialogue :) Goes with the 48 hours, no sleep, too close to the whole thing though.

I'm still happy with the film, the look of it, the shots, despite a couple of sound issues, and we had fun making it.

For the guy at the heat that shouted out 'I want some coffee' at the end, I should let you know she's actually only 14.

Thanks to our team of friends and family who I enjoyed working with.

This film was also DQ'd.

All I have in my notes from this is WTF? They went very edgy with this but I felt they didn't set the character enough to really get what was going on.

I did enjoy the echo voice in the leads head - very reminiscent of an old Chuck Norris film called the Octagon - but it made me laugh when they were obviously going for serious.

This film was also DQ'd.

All I have in my notes from this is WTF? They went very edgy with this but I felt they didn't set the character enough to really get what was going on.

I did enjoy the echo voice in the leads head - very reminiscent of an old Chuck Norris film called the Octagon - but it made me laugh when they were obviously going for serious.

This team was DQ'd not sure if it was because it was late or because they called the compulsory character Billy Young.

A woman finds her man in bed with another woman and tells her friend/co-worker (? not sure) about it before they torture him as revenge.

Had some issues with sound and lighting which were quite jarring.

Wasn't really sure who the characters were and what their relation to each other was but I did like the freeze frame ending.

A reformed bully come superhero has retired and is captured by his nemesis but refuses to fight him.

Some slick camera work and nice visuals in this and I loved the fight scene and the way it took place.

I liked it but I don't know that it'll be strong enough to make the finals..

Pet Patrol are given a week to save 5 more animals or they get shut down. Will they make it???

Some great over acting and I love the fact they didn't use any actual animals.

It didn't feel like a typical road movie to me but they did go on a journey.

Still I laughed a lot in this one and I liked their transition to the ex bully character.

2 women go to the movies, creepy guy behind the character freaks one of the women out and causes her night to go very badly.

They went for the scare rather than the spoof horror and used all the elements you expect in a horror film - the feet under the door, the person always just too far away from you to see properly etc.

The Bobby Young character was only featured in the dialogue rather than being in the film at all, not sure if that counts against them or not.

Like Master Chef........but with thieves.

This had some great gags in it. I loved the different locations like the Kremlin and the Louvre.

Some brilliant hammy acting and the Mona Lisa had me guffawing.

Loved the film but not sure if the video part of the credits goes against the freeze frame ending or not. Good use of the line.

I guess the fad was everyone speaks in fake italian accents? apart from the obligatory line and character name of course.

Four guys sit in a car outside a house while someone is tortured inside. Two women show up, go into the house and stop the torture. No idea what was going on but they seemed to be having a lot of fun making the movie.

A solid, polished and professional film that we have all come to expect from BFC, but is likely to be very polarising.

I laughed along with most of the theatre but felt they really went OTT on the making fun of the deaf guy for wanting to sing. The MC Coincidental was hilarious and the song with him at the end was funny but it felt a bit like the movie had ended and they just wanted to put in an extra number for the hell of it.

Loved the Bobby Young character - absolutely brilliant, well acted and scripted and the lead deaf singer was also very well played.

They have certainly made it to the finals before and they have the polish to go again but will it be too much for the judges?

Very Blair Witch - and they reference that in their film, in case you hadn't realised.

Some good acting though and nice prop use.

A couple is lost in the woods with their video camera etc..

Solid, simple, short. A good 48 hours film.

I honestly have no idea what the heck was going on in this film.

There were a lot of frenzied dreams, was it real was it imagined, not sure which scenes were flashbacks (if any) and what was dreamt etc. Good on this team for trying something really edgy and out there but I was left behind with this one.

This was a very unusual piece but stuck to its one-room really well.

A guy comes home from stealing a case that has a book in it (called 'What have you got' but they also say the line to cover themselves, very smart choice there) opens it only to find it is in brail. The character shakes the book and out falls a mystical/feather pen and while he drinks more he starts to write in the book till eventually what he writes starts to happen.

Seemed very deep but as I knew nothing about the character to build the story I found it hard to connect with him or his situation. Well shot, nice lighting and tough for one person to act with no real lines and no one else in the room.

Nice effort overall.

This had some great snippets, even if it wasn't particularly original (very hard to do with Rom-Com as a genre it is very formulaic) I still had plenty of laughs.

A guy goes to a 'special' class to learn about romance and tries his hand at what he learns. Some great vocals by one of the tutors and the main characters attempt was classic with some awesome lyrics.

The main instructor seemed to have absorbed Rhys Darby in his line delivery and was quite funny.

The end felt a little rushed but overall I enjoyed it and that's the main thing with a film, especially rom-com.

Excellent use of the one room in this movie although it took me a while to realise it was also superhero, just thought the visitor was wearing a mask for no real reason until well into the dialogue.

Dr Super Kaos (Bobby Young) was a super villain but after a terrible accident is left bed ridden.

Another serious entry and it was nice, simple, solid.

I love the fact they went with the totally lo fi effect and went hard with it all the way through.

An unusual movie of a guy breaking into a car after quitting his job then goes on a roadtrip. The whole of the driving sequence there is a split screen to a monologue character.

Nice reveal at the end

This movie had me cracking up. A cop, a reformed Booby Young, mentors(?) a young character to set him on the right path in life who just seems to be having a really bad day.

He accidentally backs over his girlfriend because the (incredibly random) microsoft paper clip keeps popping up asking him "did you mean to..' and things go even worse from there. Not sure why the paper clip keeps popping up but it was very funny. Some nice acting too.

Some very funny stuff from a lot of first timers. Can't wait to see what they do next year.

This was basically just Pay it forward - where a text is received by the first character to do something nice for the next person they see. Once completed they forward the text on.

I felt that they could have made a bigger gesture of the 'nice act' than some of them did. One was just helping a woman up off the ground after she lay down because she missed the bus.

The Bobby Young character is reformed from being a bully at the end of the film.

Nothing wrong with the film at all but I didn't really feel any connection to any of the characters.

A guy is bullied so much he commits suicide but as he is doing so someone tries to save him and he somehow transfers into their body. He then lives through them and sees everyone is bullied in life.

Another serious film this year (seems to be a lot more of them in the first few heats than the normal slapstick stuff) that could have done with building the initial character a bit more in terms of their relationship to the bullys and why they were bullied, before killing them off. However they stuck to their body switch genre well.

The looking at Bobby Young being bullied by his peers was a good twist and I thought the use of the POV was great, not too overdone.

Ok this had some really WTF moments for me. Who knew that a double down burger could send you to an alternate universe where you have to go on a quest to get a magical V can which is your only way back.

Some classic overacting and some of the best stair-falling stunts I've seen for non professionals. The sound, visuals and editing could all be improved but don't let that stop you making movies.

Laughed a lot during this, even if it was because I was mostly scratching my head wondering what was going on, but who cares it was a fun romp.

Gruesome and bloody like any good revenge film should be!

"The Butcher" a serial killer is going for victim #14.

Enjoyed this film, it was short and to the point without feeling like they were rushing. Nice production values and dealt well with their genre.

Nice work.

Another great film that was DQ'd unfortunately.

The kids meet up on what looks like their way to school but the story unfolds to show there's more than meets the eye.

I really enjoyed this. Great use of prop, line and character. It was well shot, good pace and a bit of mystery with a great payoff at the end.

Can't wait to see what this team come up with next year - and hopefully its not DQ'd too.

Great effort.

A musical production is auditioning but all the potential leads are killed off, presumably by Bobby Young.

Was a solid film, some good singing but perhaps some of the mixing could have been tweaked - or it may have just been the settings from the previous movie - for the songs as it seemed to peak out a bit in places.

Loved their team intro movie.

Solid 48 hours film that could have made a bit more of the musical as they seemed to have people to sing.

Heartbreaking for this team, the film didn't play - even with the organisers trying everything they could, to no available

From the 20-30 seconds I saw it looked great, very sharp, nice images etc. The film is in Maori (I presume the whole film is as we didn't get to see it) and I was very interested to see where they were going with it.

I hope they upload it to the screening room as I would be interested to see the whole thing.

A shame this was DQ'd, would have got my audience vote otherwise.

An apartment is being robbed while a women in in the shower. She begins her escape down the fire escape but decides to stay and fight. Handily finds some weapons to help her out.

The Booby Young character seemed a little bit throwaway, just a newspaper article that she stepped on but I can see how it would have been difficult to have told it any other way with the story they had.

Great ending and really enjoyed the film. Hopefully next year they won't be DQ'd.

A sleazy Bobby Young leads a team of criminals on a heist to get a special 'package' back. Lots of 'look at my package' type jokes. Shot in 4:3 and had some minor sound issues but overall ok.

The bully element was interesting - b.u.l.l.y (cant remember what it stood for sorry) rather than an actual trait.

Loved the master of disguise, thought he was hilarious.

Overall a solid 48hours film for me.

There was gratutitous nudity in this (as you'd expect form the title) which I thought the film was very funny.

A pompous filmmaker is forced to make a skin flick to repay a bad debt, hilarity ensues.

A great use of the 'What have you got' line in relation to the male lead. I'm sure there were some shocked audience members - we could warn the audience about when we used to stand up and introduce our films, rather than the new intros - but then you have to be prepared for anything to be on screen at 48 heats.

While I don't think it will make the finals I enjoyed this quest film. I dare say it's not an idea that will be used by any other quest teams, but I could be wrong.

Unfortunately I feel that they completely missed their genre, one room+, by using a whole house and not just the one room.

All the elements were there, although at one point there was a voice over, of the Bobby Young name, that seemed to come out of nowhere to make sure we knew thats who it was.

I got a little confused why the guy was trying to kill himself - I presume it was because Bobby had left him? - but I may have missed something while making notes.

The romance element was there though, which was their additional genre.

Ok this had me laughing out loud but mostly for the WTF moments.

A bully switches bodies with a nicer person after some magic tomfoolery of some spirit guide(?) type person that switches the bodies.

There were some nice moments where the reformed bully would do something nice, like giving someone her phone and some money to help them out, then the other girl would pass by and take it off that person.

Overall not great but making a film in 48hours is an achievement in itself so they should be proud of that. Good luck with next year.

A detective is hired to solve a suicide or murder but is having scary flashbacks. There are some dark characters lurking around causing trouble and the detective is struggling to make sense of it.

I really enjoyed this film, good use of the prop with an entertaining story.

This got my second vote after Bad Rock which pipped it purely on the visuals.

A possible starter for the finals? Time will tell.

This film suffered from some serious technical issues. Originally I thought they had gone for a brave stylised look - almost a live action stop animation - but then it would play fine in small places.

A bully starts dating a wire sculpture artist and has some awkward dates that go badly but works out in the end. Some funny moments and some WTF moments but it looked like they had fun and thats a big plus.

I thought the prop use of the sculpture was a good idea as it didn't feel thrown in, rather it was an intergral part of the story.

I would be interested to see what they come up with next year if they can get the technical issues ironed out.

When this film opened I realised the competition had kicked it up a notch this year with production values. It was so sharp and clear (presumably full HD) and looked amazing throughout.

A story of a brother who was looking after his dying (I think or maybe just lost the will to live) sister. Had a somewhat dodgy priest hanging around, a strange lady carrying something in her hands and a classic turn by Dave (the Wendy's guy - which they played on wonderfully in the script). I thought the movie was 'purrin like a kitten' all the way through.

I really enjoyed this film and it was my favourite of the first night. Some amazing visuals, good story and a great ending. There were a couple of scenes that seemed a bit WTF but that could have been that I missed something while trying to scribble my notes.

Congratulations team and good luck for the finals.