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My team is Robocrop. 2014: I ran the video/audio for every Christchurch heat but ours (Heat 6), so I watched every short that screened. I took notes of stand-out things while I watched. Those notes are essentially my "reviews". Similar to last year, I try to be encouraging more than critical. 2013: I sat through all the Christchurch heats in 2013 and wrote notes while I watched, so all of my "reviews" are pretty much just a compilation of things that stood out to me. I try to be encouraging/constructive as much as I can, considering we all know how hard it is to pull this thing off.


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What I liked:
Beautifully shot, edited and graded. Serious quality all-around.
The sound design was incredible, and the score was exceptional.
Auckland must have had some outrageously good films for this to not receive any accolades.
Great acting by the two female leads, with the young one doing another fine job this year.

I loved how you got the dog to walk through the scene before launching into it.
I don't know if you planned that, but it was an amazing detail.

Great typeface used throughout and very fine credits.

What I didn't like:
While it was a good vehicle for demonstrating that Morgan was facilitating cheating,
I'm never a fan of sex scenes in 48HOURS entries, non-explicit as most of them may be (yours included).

The ending was unsatisfying, particularly after such a lush story and build-up to that point.
I guess that's the way it goes with a lot of 48HOURS films,
but it's sad to see in a film that was otherwise super on-point.

Great work all-around, though.

Interesting to play this in reverse-chronological chunks,
though I'm not sure it benefitted it other than the big reveal
which ended up being pretty evident early on anyway due to the film's comp genre.

Great acting by the leading lady.
The set and sound design were both quite convincing
and the original song (?) was a good one.

Good work.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Superb opening crane shot. Awesome.
Great editing as everyone is running around the house.
Nice use of the prop.
Great sound effects when the binges are mentioned - cleaning sequence.
Great ending.

My only complaint is that the "racist" scene offers no criticism of racism
but kind of revels in the safety of the audience being a bunch of white folks. ;-P

Other than that, I had a lot of fun with this. Thanks.

Some of what I enjoyed:

The murder scene was pretty grisly. Nicely done with the practical effects.
First use of "selfie" in the movie in the comp.
Crazy scene after that… brutal sound effects.

Interesting concept: man pretends to die to take revenge on autopsy doctors.

One critique: too many V can placements.

Not a lot happened in the meat of the movie, which left me constantly wondering what was going to happen.
I thought it was funny how awkward the plumber was with the home owner.

Not too much of a surprise ending considering how obvious all the signs were that something was up,
though the editing sequence at the end was pretty intense and interesting.

The final shot was unnecessary and I think it detracted from the otherwise enjoyable film.

Lots of nice shots and camera work throughout.
Great deadpan stare by the girl when the veil was removed.

I didn't really understand why the Japanese was used, but it was different and interesting.

Overall I found it pretty confusing
as I wasn't quite sure which bit was "real".

Great label on the wine bottle.
Great music for the mad food eating marathon. It reminded me of A Clockwork Orange.
I have no idea why he'd pour wine into his nose, but it kind of ruled.

Silly and excellent. I had a lot of fun with this.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Excellent title graphic and opening shot of the carpet.
Great shots. Lots of nice camera movement.
Ridiculous plot, but I liked it.
It was pretty great to see everyone fighting the vacuum in different ways.
Nice car shots. Very smooth and clean.

Looks like you guys had fun with this.

Funny opening dialogue. Really melodramatic.

Amazing sequence that ended with the ball smashing the LEGO bits.
That was probably the best part of the film.
So gutsy having such a long run of nothing up to that point.

Nice meta-film with a lot of nods to the competition,
though a great many of them were pretty groan-worthy.

Some of what I enjoyed:

I liked the horn being controlled by the trigger on the joystick.
Great lighting in the "control room" which was a pretty great space in general.
The grating violin music was irritating and unsettling, which worked.
Great practical credits sequence.

Nice work, though a little bit of a dubious concept.

The break-up dialogue was well-written and felt genuine.
Good job by both actors in delivering it.
The music was great, and I really liked the shadow of the umbrella over the girl at the end,
as she delivered the cold, hard truth.

Good effort!

Loved the girl's reactions after the guy got hit by the car.
In fact, everyone's reactions were pretty funny.
However, I didn't really understand what was going on otherwise, sadly.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Loved the music as the dad put the newspaper down.
Great performance by the dad.
Rhyming "boss" and "mouse"? Whaaaat.
Great lyrics otherwise. Funny.
lol @ "Excuse me, I need to pee" That whole bit was great.

I had fun with this.

Great shooting and I liked the way you went back and forth from the story to the woods
but I didn't really follow it that well otherwise
and I was confused about how the ending tied it tighter, particularly when the girl was gone.

I thought it was a bit cheeky to use Little Red Riding Hood as the main vehicle for the story.

I didn't really know what was happening at all in this,
but it looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

I laughed at how you included the line of dialogue
and the end lightsaber battle was excellent.
Credits were pretty funny, too, with your many repeated names.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Real grisly make-up on the dead boy. Very nice.
Loved the part when the guy put the glove on. Great flair.
Great scene with the doctor describing how it looks like a bite.

I laughed at the dog ending. Did you paint it?? It looked embarrassed.

Some of what I enjoyed:

The creepy guy in the distance had a fantastic costume.
Great shooting.
The dolly shot to the cane was excellent.
Great work by the young man with the cane.
Convincing shadow stabbing.

Excellent back-and-forth between the two leads.

Great work all-around.

Great acting by everyone.
Unfortunately, I had no idea what was happening.

Come out swinging next year
with a bit more organization of the story.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Fun intro. Well-shot.
Very cool title treatment/sequence.
I liked the idea of someone who changes gender on sneeze.
Well-shot and nice work with the graphics/app/etc.
The music during the courtship part fit really well.
Really awkward and cool having Morgan ask the guy about what he felt about Morgan.
Great sequence trying to sneeze.
Great short. Very well done and interesting. One of the more original ideas in the comp.

Only critique is the super hot audio levels.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Great intro. Looked real.
The mom/Morgan scene at the beginning was hilarious. Why wasn't Morgan wearing shoes??
I liked the "torrential downpour" with the news reporter.
The tire-rolling competition was awesome.
The police light effects were great.

Unfortunately, all the good bits didn't really ever coalesce into a good story.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Cool title design.
Great sci-fi effects.
Loved the gun battle. Loved the whole thing,
as there have been woefully few Sci-Fi films in this comp.

I liked it a lot. Very well done with the effects,
and a great effort all-around.

Some of what I enjoyed:

"Yes, he's still in a coma" was a great line after the stethoscope check.
The preacher did a great job of acting. Looks like he had a ton of fun.

Kind of a hamfisted approach to gay marriage, though.

Insanely loud song at the credits. Please don't do that again.

Some of what I enjoyed:

The "Dr Morgan" print-out not quite covering the other sign was a funny way of opening it.
The "ba dum pish" with the "pandemic" joke was nice and groan-worthy.
I liked all the goofing around with the dead (?) body. The corpse did a good job.

I wasn't quite sure what happened at the end… the runner died? And the cannibal doctor??? What????

Some of what I enjoyed:

Looks like everyone had a lot of fun.
Some good writing and some cheeky writing, too.
Good performances by the lead actor (Dr. Morgan).
All the dancing was amusing.

Audio levels were super hot, though, which made it sound awful.

Great slow-motion ending.

The legitimacy of the love story between the two leads felt like it was lost somewhere
as I ended up being more confused than anything during this.

If you guys work through your workflow and come out swinging next year
you're bound to continue to improve.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Really cool animation style, though it was weird having the two animation styles co-existing.

Pretty incredible that you guys used Hitler's balls at all,
but unfrigginbelievable that you would have a kid eat Hitler's balls at the end.

It's like one of those awful websites from the 90s came back in 48HOURS form,
in regards to the "ate my balls" phenomenon.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Nice color grade.
Nice writing with the speech that Morgan gave.
Looks of great-looking shots.
Great work by the lead actor.
Amazing advert at the end.
Outrageous extreme close-up. Holy smokes.

There were some audio artifacts that sounded like FCPX's "eliminate background noise"
which I've personally found to be practically useless due to that issue.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Amazing opening sequence of shots of the make-up application.
Awesome color grade on the whole thing.
Everything looked so exquisite.
Super unsettling with the guy rubbing blood over himself.
The clown was ultra creepy too.
Very well-done film

Some of what I enjoyed:

Bizarre intro. Interesting.
Great audio levels.
Great acting by the female lead.
The bumbling detective did a great job, too.
Loved the dramatic cuts after he admitted to being a knitter.
Nice credits. Enjoyable production.

Some things I enjoyed:

Nice location.
Cool use of the silhouette when Morgan was suggesting the bank be robbed.

I didn't really understand the significance of the girl getting ready and leaving the house.
It seemed to eat up time without propelling the story forward.

How do I review this?
It was a fun, bizarre, crazy mess
which is the legacy of the Vault teams.

Even though it was confusing,
I loved the build-up at the end with the zoom in
and all the text on screen.

Good times, friends.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Great work by the sinister property baron. Great lighting on him.
Great work selling the atmosphere of uneasiness and doubt.
Fantastic reveal at the end of the board game.

Great short. Fun.

The villain did an amazingly creepy performance
and I'm surprised that the woman didn't pick up on the fact that he was deranged.

Great work.

Another superb Picton Pictures offering.
Great paper cut-outs and animation.
Great story, great pacing/editing/etc.
Fantastic audio as usual.
I loved when Morgan got burned the hell up.

Great short.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Loved the intro. One of my favorites.
Pretty amazing that Laser Strike let you film inside the venue
let alone run around with their gear and potentially get it wet on the jet skis.
Looks like you guys probably had a ton of fun making this.

Good effort by the lead actor.
Death was a convincing character
and the vocal effect worked well.

Lots of good concepts
so hopefully next year you can take those ideas and pull them off just a bit more tightly.

Great funny bits with perfect responses from the eight ball.
The practical effects of the car driving/on fire were hilarious and very well done.
Overall it felt a little bit flat as a complete work,
but there was a lot in it that I liked a lot.

Fun and silly.
I liked the "just one is enough" various bits you used.
Overall it seemed to be lacking as a complete work, though.

Brilliant on so many different levels.
You guys have some serious chops, from every angle.
Acting, editing, effects, camerawork… all great.
Hilarious concept and some amazing writing.
The lead gave an absolutely brilliant performance.
Well done. One of my favorites of the comp.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Another Mrs E Movie with excellent performances by the female leads.
I really liked the bouncing ball persisting through the entire film,
as it set a sort of uneasy backdrop to the thing, knowing that it would be involved with the reveal
but not quite knowing how.
Grisly ending, but that's to be expected with this genre. Good show.

Some of what I enjoyed:

I loved this one. Great set-up and hilarious all the way through.
Truly an amazing theater experience with the solid several minutes of gunfire/killing.
The thugs who gave their lives must have walked away with a plethora of bruises to show for it.
If you keep your sharp wit, some polish could easily result in a mean-as film in the future.

When it was on point,
you did a great job with the sound effects and sound design.

I hope you guys stick with it and come out swinging even harder next year.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Great intro.
Super cool opening shot and title effect.
Amazing effort by the actor who let bugs and crabs crawl on him, wow.
Lots of good camera work and good acting. Nicely done.

I didn't care for some of the more "serious" elements, like the BDSM stuff or whatever.
Audio levels were really hot.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Loved the rolling around on the skateboard stuff.
Great song and singing.
Loved the chanting of "brains" in the background.
Great effort on the zombie make-up and wrangling.
The Doctor Who line was great.
Charming all-around. Great music.
Very nice effort with a tough genre.

Some of what I enjoyed:

I liked the color grade and general sense of dread.
Nice voice-over and audio work to propel the story forward.
Very cool shot of the disco ball up close being picked up by the gloved hands.
Amazing shot of the creature holding the disco ball, wow. Great costume.
Seriously one of the coolest shots of the entire competition. Dang.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Great intro.
Coming out swinging with the amazing flower macro shots.
I loved the balloon proposal scene.
The back and forth through the bathroom door seemed super genuine.
Very well written and acted. Very realistic.
The family scene was fantastic.
Great ending.
That was probably the best film as a total package I've seen so far.
Strong finalist contender.
Great music.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Excellent intro. Very cool.
Great concept.
I loved the "outside waterrrrr!" bit.
I laughed at the "yes" on the girlfriend letter thing.
I wasn't really sure what happened in the ending, whether or not they were dead,
but it was oddly touching regardless.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Great performances by the two leads.
Big laugh at the hand-motions for "Want a drink?" Probably my favorite part.
Impressive backwards singing.

Crazy concept and great execution.
My only gripe is that the subject matter hits too close to home for me, personally.

I presume from the title that it was a story of betrayal,
but I just ended up confused for most of it.

Hopefully you guys come back next year,
fix the use of "alot" in your intro,
and make something a bit more coherent,
as you've definitely got some potential. :-)

Some of what I enjoyed:

Fantastic singing, great music, great lyrics.
What a fun film.
Great set.
I loved the concept. Singing the man out of being a liar? With some sort of sciencey writing to back it up? Love it.
Loved the back-and-forth to test the drug. Great singing, Kate!
Loved the rap treatment.

This was one of my favorite entries of the entire competition.
So delightful and so much fun.

I liked the repeated motif of the sledgehammer swinging.
The severed eyeball was excellent, for an ending, though the sound effect was a bit over the top.

Unfortunately, I didn't fully grasp what was going on
other than it seemed like the same girl was going out with two different guys.

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun making and doing all the effects.
Keep at it and you're going to turn those effects into something awesome with some more practice.

Nice ending.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Nice camera work/composition and a lot of good lighting, too.
Great sequence when the dude is calling and having flashbacks.

Good effort!

Some of what I enjoyed:

The voice over was so rich. Awesome recording.
Loved the color effects on the title.
Working out on the beach was amazing.
Loved the fumbling out of the car and the brutal beating.
lol @ "That's my knees, man"
Great acting by the two leading lads.
Very well-shot. Awesome BBQ flyer. Y'all got some design chops.
Loved all the zoom/cut editing sequences, especially towards the end.

Such a shame that it went in late. Gutted for you guys. :-(

Some of what I enjoyed:

Great bit with the news caster exposing Morgan.
Loved the USA vignette and the American accent. So good and so hilarious to me, as an American.
Great acting by the Prime Minister.

Having lived in Lyttelton for many years, I felt your pain of the guy going 30k
though I'm amazed that you had the balls to pass him in the tunnel.
I have only ever dreamed of such foolishness.

Good effort otherwise.

Some of what I enjoyed:

The table of fruit was pretty funny as a refreshment table.
Looks like you had fun making this.

Didn't care for all the innuendo, though. Sorry.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Great color grade. Cool shots abound.
Great singing from the young leading lady, and a great performance all around.
Amazing ending. Could have even worked with the "Shock ending"!

Some of what I enjoyed:

Loved your intro music. That tea party looked amazing.
Fantastic story line. Awesome writing. Great performance from Morgan and his brother.
I liked the effect of having the full-screen text.
Great audio throughout, great music.
lol @ the "meeting the girl" scene.
Cute ending. Very well done entire film.
Very impressive.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Great opening guitar music.
Great costumes on the "human toys"
Great effect, going between the book and what the boy was imagining.
I liked the book title/cover.
Very poignant final point about authors being liars. Nice.

Great stuff, but you guys should definitely test your workflow for next year.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Awesome zoom in on the old man in bed.
I laughed at your reflections in the screen for the title card. Bummer that you had to film the screen.
Great music at the scene where the kids are walking towards the beach.
The autofocus changing the focus actually gave it all a real dream-like quality
which fit with the death dream time-travel bit.
Great costumes: convincingly retro.
Good effort on the guy who had to lay on the beach and get pounded by the waves.
Touching ending.
I absolutely LOVED That you could be seen in the reflection. It added to my experience soooo much. Thank you.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Good acting by the lead Morgan.
Great writing and I liked the "breaking the fourth wall" technique
Fantastic dramatic ending.

Only critique is that the levels on the music and dialogue made some of the dialogue difficult to understand.

Some of what I enjoyed:

I loved the use of the "shatter"-style transition after the guy gets stabbed.
I loved all the close up zooms of the grass around the dead dude.
Loved when the dude grabbed the chocolate bar. The look on his face was amazing as he tore it apart and started chowing down.
The ending was amazing. The close-up of the lips cracked me up big time. Awesome.
Looks like you guys had a lot of fun making this.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Lots of good close-up shots, like the ball bouncing, the eyes, the lips, etc.
I liked the device of going down the stairs and zooming into the pictures leading into vignettes.
The music did a great job of setting the mood.
Nice work getting Nick Frost to make an appearance.
I wasn't quite sure what happened at the end, especially when we see the film being played back on the computer.
Nice work all-around!

Some of what I enjoyed:

Your intro looked like it would have taken ages to make. Good effort.
The dinner scene ended up feeling really creepy. Nice work if intentional.
The extended family laughing scene was super awkward and weird and awesome.
The editing after they got to the ball, with "ball of a time" over and over was hilarious to me.
Well done.

Only critique is that audio levels were really low.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Super cool shot of the guy speaking, harshly illuminated.
Nice use of the time code to show great passage of time.
The female lead did a great job of showing desperation and discomfort.
Not sure what happened with the ending, though. Good bit after the credits. You had me.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Great intro… looked like lots of fun.
Nice use of the prop with the pingpong balls.
I liked that the killer was wearing a BNZ shirt haha.
The fight scene was awesome, and the music fit it well.
The scene where morgan ran and tripped was great, with convincing reactions.
Nice ending credits.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Loved the black and white theme.
The opening chase and shoot scene was awesome. It did great without showing everything.
Great acting by the two agents.
lol @ "Dang that was some good pizza"

Great ending. Seriously loved every second of this.
I hope you guys stick with it, as it was a lot of fun and you can only improve with time.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Laughed out loud at the intro. Great work.
Superb everything. Sublime camerawork.
You guys are looking to take the best original song again, I see.
Excellent use of the port hills and the fog/rain.

This was a marvelous offering, and I reckon you guys have a great chance at the city or at least runner-up.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Great camerawork and beautiful cinematography.
Good acting by the young folks.
Really cool night scene in the rain with the body.
Moving ending. Great work by everyone.

I thought for sure it'd be a finalist contender.

Some of what I enjoyed:

The robber looked amazing with his orange hat, and his take-down was awesome.
Great ideas and the goat was a show stealer. I wanted more goat.

The audio level disparity was insanely ruthless, though. Painful on the ol' eardrums.
It would behoove you to be a little more vigilant with levels next year,
but please do come back next year and make the goat a bigger part of it. Please.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Great work undertaking an animated film.
Nice voice acting work. The lead dude was jacked as hell.

Funny ending with the short not being that big of a deal after all.

The only note I wrote for this is "Pure joy."

I was laughing like an idiot
by myself
in the projection booth.

Thanks for creating this.

Best shot at taking out the finals, I think.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Superb opening music. Very nice for setting the mood.
Great revelatory moment upon noticing the "feminine product disposal unit".

Suuuuper dubious that a lady would give her number to a dude she met in the bathroom...

Some of what I enjoyed:

Lots of great camerawork/cinematography.
Great sound effects when Mrs Bearly was getting disemboweled.
Super creepy scene.
Got a bit dark, but overall a great short.
Nice final shot. Funny.

Nice work.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Lots of cool macro shots.
Loved the throwing of the curtain across the window.
Good job by both of the leads.
Great back-and-forth bit with the package.
Excellent ending and tying everything back together.
Probably the best script so far.

This was a very fun and entertaining short. Great work.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Sweet effect of the guy exploding at the beginning.
Nice camera work.
Another film around cards/drinking/tomfoolery? Am I getting you guys confused with Les Cousins Dangeroux?
The car dying while going into gear was a funny touch, and even better if scripted.
Loved the sonic t-shirt.
The gun with the bookie was a nice subtle (imo) touch.
Great VFX during the robbery. Everyone looked like they had fun.
lol @ the Time Police.
Credits???? It just ended...

Some of what I enjoyed:

Great lighting on the babysitter.
Nice work with the flat picture to simulate night (I presume).
It worked as a creepy effect, regardless.
Nice edit sequence of getting into the car. I love that sort of stuff.
Good pacing, good editing, and a fun story.

I liked it a lot.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Great play on the "professional dancer" bit.
Great reaction when the dude gets his ball done in.
Nice effects on the title/sperm.
Nice workout montage.
The sex scenes were a bit much.
Hilarious ending. Best I've seen yet, for an ending.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Great intro. Well executed and entertaining.
Amazing close-up of the eye. So sharp and perfectly composed. Very impressive!
Great work by the young leading lady.
Very nice production all-around. Should have had a good shot at the finals.

I guess I'm not that in-tune with the judges. Great film regardless.

Some of what I enjoyed:

lol @ the dancing after "Can you hear that"?
Looks like you guys had a ton of fun with this tough genre.

Silly and fun.

Some of what I enjoyed:

I liked the playful intro. Great interaction with the youth and the older gentleman.
The close up shot of the guitar being played was really cool.
Good effort by the young leading lady. She did a great job.
Did you guys actually drive around with lights in your eyes, filming? Haha, awesome.
Cool slow-motion shot to end it.

This was the first film I saw that seemed like it had finalist potential.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Nice set-up. Nice title/effects.
The flight sim set-up was awesome.
If you made all the graphics for it over the weekend, extra impressive.
Great editing/build-up of the annoying things getting worse and worse.
Nice sound effects, sound design.
Leoni Link, you are good at effects on demand.

Great writing and great performances from the leads..
Great original song.

It was entertaining and intriguing
and the ending was fantastic.

I couldn't really get my bearings and then it was over.
I liked the shot of the bus, and the close up of Morgan.
The lead did a good job of acting.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Great animated team intro. Very cool.
I thought the portion of poison was hilariously huge.
The pranks were great.
Great shot of the dude squeezing the ball and glaring at the wall.
Cool shot of opening the toolbox.

I did a prank war for the very first 48hours competition I entered (in the USA, in 2007)
so it was fun to see someone else do a take on it.

Very fun film.

This was one of the only films of the competition that disappointed me.

You had a number of incredible, super-cool shots,
like with the man standing and laughing with steam around him
and the girl lit up with fire behind her.

But then you went and made it like the awful torture-porn films that have gained notoriety in the last decade.
Subjecting your audience to a ballbag getting crushed with pliers was not cool at all,
particularly as there were kids in the audience.

You guys have a lot of potential for cool stuff
I just hope you use it for a better product in the future.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Great effects with the news intro.
Hilarious how you did the meta ("he's filming in Christchurch") thing.
The Max character did a fantastic job of selling his character.
Great bit at the end with Max going unwound.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Super cool shot of the plate sliding with the title.
Great lighting on the brick set. Very convincing.
Great set… looks like a legit jail. Probably is?
Really liked the cut from out on the dock to back in the cell.

Morbid ending. Bummed me out.

Well-made film all-around, though.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Nice opening dolly around the table and the two sitting.
Nice flicker effect with the man popping into and out of the shot.
Really creepy bit after that with the music.
Pretty unsettling from that part onward.

Tough to hear what was said at the end, though.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Great team intro with the stop motion. Weird, fun and awesome.
I wanted him to open the box straight away, so prolonging it made me crazy.
Cool weird little "episode" of the people shaking their heads at night.
PERFECT shot of the apple flopping out onto the floor. I wonder how many takes you did.
I liked all the little schizo "episodes" you put in.
Great suspense building after he gets the third message.
Great editing.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Cool shot outside the car and then panning back over into it.
Pretty gruesome wrecked body.
Cool close-up of the newton's cradle.
Very cool use of flashbacks to remind Morgan about what happened.

Some of what I enjoyed:

I enjoyed the "literal rabbit warren of film teams" with your intro.
Really liked the voice effect on the opening "There were no survivors".
Loved the modified newspaper.
Nice ending music track.

I was confused about what was happening, though, other than a general feeling of malaise and end-of-the-world.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Creepy shots with the dude freaking out and leaking black stuff.
I don't know what the deal was with the toast wall, but it ruled.
Nice effect with the security cam. Good, creepy music.
Super creepy bit with the bloody, gloved hand moving over the tools and stuff.
Damn, the dude bloodied in the toilet was super gnarly.
Terrifying ending. Good go with the whole horror thing. You got it.

Some of what I enjoyed:

I liked the visuals in your intro a lot.
Fantastic singing. Loved the interpretation of how becoming a pop star works.
So cheeky of Morgan to rub the song in the face of the other girl.
Very nice titles.

Great effort with a tough genre.

Good choice of music for the "flashback" sort of scenes
but I was unfortunately quite confused about all of it,
Cool effect when the dude is shoved and it goes dark, though.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Great close-up of the eyes searching all over. Unsettling.
Excellent use of the prop/ball.
Loved the scene of Morgan getting ready for his dates. Great bit.
Nice use of reversing the footage to make the ball jump onto the bench.
Dramatic ending.

This was a super fun film and I hope you guys stick with it in the future!

Some of what I enjoyed:

Cool close-up of the knob. I laughed at putting V and an onion in the backpack.
Nice effect with the text on screen, and nice parkour-ing.
Super cool effect and SFX when the phone is grabbed after dashing out of the house,
and nice tie-in back with the beginning. Very nice.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Great voice-over work, nice voice acting.
Interesting take on the "liar" aspect with the curse.
Great costumes/swords/etc.
Loved the subtitles/explanation scene and the reactions from the two boys.
Great fighting/choreography.

Some of what I enjoyed:

Great close-ups. Great shot with the GoPro under the skateboard.
Music gives a nice sense of urgency.
Funny and slightly groan-worthy gag with daylight savings.
Good editing, nicely-paced cuts/shots.
I liked the visual effect when the key went in with the sound effect.

Overall a great effort! I enjoyed this.

Some things I enjoyed:

Really cool music as Morgan walks out and sits on the curb. Weird and glitchy.
Loved the bit with the pills and the doctor.
Really creepy scene of lip-synching when the girl was singing.

Good effort on a tough genre, and I hope your team returns for another go next year!

Great short. Lots of beautiful shots. I was particularly engaged by the "chase" scene while the husband tried to catch his wife.

In talking about it after the viewing, could it be that the child went back in time and planted the box because she hated her father, preferring him to die over the mother? Or perhaps the child didn't survive the crash and it was someone else who went back in time to plant the box to make sure the child was killed in the crash? Lots of questions when you take it to weird extremes...

Great intro. Really cool stop-motion effect. Great use of the crosswalk sound effect to cut. Really enjoyed the stop motion feet (no) movement thing. Awesome chalk graffiti. Super cool shot on the pier. Worth the effort. Not entirely sure how the ending wrapped up, but very well done and a heck of an achievement.

Exciting title. I liked the blur effects at the beginning. Nice work with the fish bowl POV. Excellent. Great concept with the animals and voice overs. Great work with the animals. The audience went bonkers. Great conversation between the weird guy and the cat. Nice acting. Kind of a weak ending but great overall, and the crowd clearly loved it.

Great acting on the opening scene, but no music or dialogue made it kind of weird. Loved the portrayal of "ECQ". lol @ you can hack into them. Music would have been a nice addition for the first part of the movie. Great concept of riffing on the EQC. Then the music kicks in. Guy's voice was a bit too loud. Not over, just begun... great way to end it. I'm sure there are many in Christchurch who know this feeling exactly.

Finally a clock alarm that isn't loud and annoying. I do like that he keeps CRC next to the bed. lol at the park flashback. Loved the get well soon card. Scene of walking across the grass was a little bit drawn out, but great scene with all the sock puppets. Amazing sock puppet laundry scene. Hilarious. Weak on story, but great idea and very funny.

Amazing use of the line. Great title sequence. "Sent to Australia" line was amazing. Nice editing. lol @ the ankle. Loved the zoom in during the sandman meet-up. Great effect with the sleeping powder. lol @ the ankle exposure at the end. You guys are so good at making fun, entertaining, hilarious shorts. Please get someone to give you all a bunch of money to do this stuff on the regular.

Pretty cool shots with the lighter. Noise free, which impressed me. Cool use of light and shadows. Great sound effect with the shadow passing. Confusing ending. I'm not really sure what all was going on… trapped under the desk? Sucked into a void at the school?

My keyboard died halfway into this movie, so powerful were the 3D effects. Fantastic intro. Great costumes. The 3D effects were cool when they were obvious, but there were a number of scenes where it didn't seem to make much of a difference. Loved the VFX shot of the girl's eye when the twist is unleashed. Great work and an incredibly ambitious short.

lol @ the coffee pouring over the side. Tough to hear the audio over the background noise. :-/ Cool close up shots of the guys. Cool sequence of the clocks going. Amazing shot with the silhouettes. Cool police light thing. Funny narration over the end.

Nice lamp. Loud car noise was too loud. Nice music in the background. Nice sound effects in the drinking scene, as it made it seem quite full. Nice way of linking the sound back to the beginning. Confusing ending, though. Not sure how they came together.

Great zoom opening. Great vocal work as the doctor. Digital zoom got to be a bit much. Nice work nailing the focus when pulling up in the car. Loved all of the images in the car. Super sharp. Loved the gentle spin in the doctor's office. Great work running down the street. Superb and engaging short.

I liked the close up shots at the beginning. lol @ the herbalist guy. His trailing off was great. lol @ lollies lyrics, hilarious. Nice effect wiith waking up Vic with the ringing thing. Not really sure about the ending.

Really cool opening shot/dolly. Fantastic make-up/costume. Loved the lyrics. Rare to see a compassionate vampire. lol @ hemoglobin line. Nice shots in the parking garage. Great shot of the "blood donors only" sign and lol @ licking the blood drop. lol @ the guy covered and then winking and blowing a kiss. Blood bath was intense. Great ending. Excellent. Solid work.

Interlacing issues in the video… dang. Kind of hard to understand the girl on the phone. Cool use of coordinates. Technical actual glitches were rough. Cool scene in the library, pan/dollying. I liked all the glitch edits/effects. Not sure on the ending… a bit confusing.

Sharp intro. Cool title, too. lol @ she smells good too. Well-written dialogue. lol @ I kidnapped his dog last year. lol @ the tea and packets of sauce. Really clever story. Kind of gross involving the kid in the gross talk. Great acting. Restraining Order Scientist is great. Awful ending. Massive bummer that it was DQed, as it would have been a finals contender for sure.

Love the logo plate. lol @ the rat-b-dead and death. lol @ the half empty bottle of scotch and creepy dude. Nice super slow zoom/dolly. lol @ the ipod scene where the girl wasn't listening. Great time lapse with the dolly in. Great writing. Everything was solid. Great bit with the creepy mouthing "call me" while walking out. Confused by the ending, though.

Great intro. Loved it. Lots of laughs from the audience. Nice throwback to Nicky Brick. Nice work with all the stuff filmed for the TV channels. Great graphics. First film I've seen done totally from a POV perspective. Nice work combining the card, line and character all in one blast. Impressive number of bits of footage in the TV thing. Seriously impressive. Loved the Laser Tag bit. Great credits. Not much of a story, I guess, but entertaining.

Lots of laughs at the fart "did you hear that" scene. Hard to hear the audio in the bar. Nice punch sound effect and lol at the camera caught in the shot at the back. Fight scene was brutal. Music was a perfect match. Cool style on the POV running away shot. Cool shot of the eyes looking around. Crazy vocal sound effects. lol @ the cans of V being the exchange price. Great effort.

Cool use of going behind the teacher to cut with blurring it to make it less noticeable. Nice. Shame the voice over dialogue was a bit fuzzy. I liked the robot dialogue. lol @ staring at the TV and the sequence of Rob not knowing what to do. Autofocus in the darkness "hunts" and goes into and out of focus, sadly. Cool silhouette of the cycle. The android did a really good job. Loved the arm iron scene. Point blank gun blast was harsh. Great link of the opening to the ending. Bubbling blood. Great.

Confusing dialogue sequence with the girl on the phone at the beginning. I saw the words "Confidential test results" and "kidney" on the medical form… it went too fast to read otherwise. Bummer about the black bit in the video. Cool job editing the park bench with day and night. IT looked really cool. Not really sure what happened in the story, though. Vic and girl have troubles and then meet each other and become friends?

Great opening music. I liked your take on the different characters.. WTF when it goes from support group to virus? Computer? Zoom on computer? lol @ goldilocks kicking the door in. Loved the giant pen. Nice server cabinet. lol @ the dwarf sneaking and getting caught by the headlights. Loved the Snow W text to pull back reveal the dwarf. Great beard on Vic. GREAT beard. Very scientific. Typing on the computer was great, lots of laughs. Oh so it's a trailer? Funny final laugh.

Cool close up shots of stuff, like the spider web and coffee spinning. Audio was kind of hard to hear in the kitchen. DSLR zoom was a bit rough… tough to zoom them smoothly. Nice editing sequence with the coffee machine. I liked the music/editing in the "confusion" scene. Cool overhead shots in the bedroom/house. The creepy girl and door slam were sweet. The spirit lady was a crack-up. The little queen statue was funny. Zooms were a little bit rough. Creepy ending sequence. Nice score.

Great intro. Very cool opening shot. Great close-up of the clock. I liked the wipe and the dutch angle. I liked the classic phone ring noise. lol @ the hat outline. Nice, clear dialogue. Excellent. Nice dolly shot when they're talking. Her audio isn't quite as nice as his, sadly. Loved the Noir one-liners. Great, fitting music. Great acting by the girl and Vic. The tapping on the table was painfully loud. Great alarm clock. Much nicer than all the awful digitals. Nice twist ending. Very stylish.

Funny banana bit at the beginning. Poop tube was uncalled for. Nice work with the business card. The underwater toilet shot was cool. Tough to hear what was going on in the car when the radio and dude were talking at the same time. Great job with the editing, and a pretty funny gimmick, though gross beyond what's acceptable with the licking/eating poop stuff. Disappointing in the face of all that talent.

Confusing opening scene... I guess it's a dream. Laughs at the "babe" part of the first text. Nice bit with the guy walking behind and then disappearing. No idea about the prostitutes (?) on the street. Blood on cards? The heart beat sound effect was good for building tension/creepiness. Creepy ending, but I didn't really get how it tied in. I was pretty bewildered for most of this.

Cool shot of the guy's eyes up close. Nice work with his name on the answering machine. That's one I haven't seen yet. Too much wang, though nice repositioning of the coffee mug on the next shot. Well shot and a good, solid story, though a perplexing ending.

Was the dude's mom not the lady who was calling? Perhaps she was an impostor, but the guy didn't know which way was up so he didn't act terribly surprised at the news? Was she calling beyond the grave? Did she die in that very narrow window between calling and the guy showing up at the door? Why did I have to see so much of that man's body?

I liked the idioms of human activities that could be construed as robot words when literally interpreted. The "robot flashback" bit was funny. The flatmate meeting was pretty funny, though it seemed pretty unhinged. First film I've seen where Android is referenced as the phone. Great shot for the ending.

I liked the title sitting on the bench/pier thing. Nice music during the opening. I liked the shot from the camera's viewfinder... nice use of the POV. Very meta. Cool shot with the sun and the shadows in the graveyard. I didn't really pick up on the fact that they were younger and older, but it really tied together by the end. This was the most touching short I've seen in the entire competition so far. Very impressive.

Nice chase sequence near the beginning. Great high-energy music during it. Nice punch... looked very real. Nice trick going back and forth to the guy and the clock. Careful with autofocus in the dark, as it "hunts" and will go into and out of focus. Quite clear audio in the tarot reading scene. Nice. The yelling/confusion sceene was funny. Credit scene seemed melodramatic, but that was kind of the ending, too.

Great music in the intro. Amazing title effects, holy crap. Really nice color grading. Super creepy/well done goth get-up. Loved Vic giving away CDs when he was getting mugged. Loved the red door as a gateway. Great work with the balloons leading him onward. Cool mix of locations. lol @ the old lady "get stuffed". Amazing job editing the train to collide with the door. Nice twist ending. That was superb.

Amazing shot of the guy getting ejected from the car. Hilarious when the guy had his neck broken into the pool. Loved the guy polishing his "gun". Loved the guy cocking the gun and firing in the cafe. lol @ the reveal of the precious cargo being a rare pokemon card. I liked how the storylines converged, though I didn't really understand the importance of the non killer dude. Kind of predictable ending, but a neat and tidy generally-understandable story overall, which has been rare in this competition. Very well done. Pokemon cards as the Object of Value scores points for me in just general ridiculousness.

Cool text effects for the opening. Super cool sequence after he picks up the phone. Circular blur on the POV shots looked cool. I liked the editing of audio filters on the piano piece inside the industrial area. That was really cool. Cool effect with the card on the briefcase locks. Subtle yet sharp. Not really sure what the story was, or how the military conscription played into it at all. Very stylish, though, and that scores points with me.

Super cool logo plate. Cool dolly shots as the guys walk across the wilderness. Great nature sounds/foley. Super meaty sound effect when the guy takes the shot. Great use of silence surrounding the compulsory line. Ambitious to redo all of the dialogue afterward, but it sounded great even if it didn't match up to the mouths. The hand held stuff was a bit rough, unfortunately. Puke shot was so unnecessary... everybody groaned. Awesome bow and arrow scene. The blood was amazing/hilarious. You guys must have had access to a super sweet location for that water processing stuff. Amazing work with driving so close to that dude's head before stopping, holy crap. So... the celluloid burned up at the end? No sound to the ending left it a bit dry. Solid effort, though.

Loved the opening music. Presumably Vault 502 from last year. Gunning for weirdest movie again. Nice Christian Bale look-alike. Loved the bar breaking when the guy was banging on it. POV of the door?? Armor flying onto the dude was amazing. Smoke effects: amazing. Birthday card: amazing. Didn't really understand what was happening with the guy twitching. Some cool shots with the dude aiming the gun from below. The animation bits at the start and end were great. Enjoyed it a lot, bizarre as it was. Good job, dudes.

Cool props. lol at walking away from the pillow. Cool POV shot with the weird lady appearing. Loved the "side time" monologue by the weird lady. Gross concept when it was revealed. Pretty awful. The baguette hat fight was hilarious and awesome. The bear was great. Pretty inappropriate/gross, though, which is a turn-off for me.

Great, understated intro. Weird how toast can be so poignant. I liked the plot device, pushing forward through the diary appointments. Didn't really like the weird creep-out photo taking moment. Lingered a bit too long. Outside the window with breath was really nicely done. Great pacing/rhythm of edits in general. Really cool twist/reveal with the wall of photos. Nice ending. One of the best "twist endings" of the competition, IMO.

Cute intro. Very Dinosaur Comics. I liked how you worked in the insomnia bit "God doesn't sleep and neither do I" Cool church location and very interestingly/well-lit. Convincing bondage costume. Very cool. Nice work with getting clear audio out of a very poor acoustic environment. The guy getting thumped with a Bible ? was funny... maybe unintentionally. Great work with the ol switcheroo trope. Kind of terrifying ending, but nice work linking it back in to the photo at the beginning.

"The house was quiet for once" funny line. Lots of cool stylizied shots. Great scene in the car. Believable. Bummer about the weird cropping on the video. Really cool/well-composed POV shot. Liked it a lot. Great job setting it in the 50s or whenever. Rock solid design choices. Cross-dressing scene was funny. No sound at the end left it a little bit flat unfortunately. Great performances and a great short.

Nice security camera shot. Cool computer graphics-looking stuff. Great shot with the android silhouette. Great music during the scene with the red lights. Cool and stylish short. I would have preferred he walk straight into the camera at the end, but it ended well as it was. Great 80s-ish action movie feel.

Tough to read what's on the board. Good lighting/exposure on the shots. I found the V guzzling to be funny for some reason. Great POV shot. Very funny. lol at the middle finger guy. That was great. Movie carried itself pretty well with only the sound effect for driving audio, which I found particularly impressive. lol at the cards being thrown in the guy's face. Great building of annoying sound effects. Really sharp/nice. This is like every exam nightmare ever. Amazing bit with the guy writing small and getting Vic to look over. This was a fantastic short, so it's such a bummer you got DQed.

Loved the logo plate. hilarious. Working with animals is tough. Good job making it work. Creepy voice work with the dude in the shower. Nice work playing split personalities. It was truly creepy in the house and when the guy pops up out of the floor when the girl is hiding. Great acting by the creepy dude. The girl played a believable scared lass, too. A bit harsh with the pitchfork in the throat, oof. Kind of a gross/gratuitous end. Liked the dog licking up the stuff though...

Nicest title plate I've seen. Ouch on the rendering overlays. lol at Vic stealing the books from the library. Awesome shadow work in Lyttelton. Super cool shot of Vic crawling towards the camera on the beach. So cool. Really sharp editing. Amazing scenes with Vic as the drug lord. Sound effect in the eye was gross and awesome. Awesome ending. Loved it. This was one of my favorites.

Cool opening/title shot. Goss to mean gossip? Never heard that slang before. Lots of Christchurch landmarks and recognizables. Cool shot of the plane touching down... curious how you got that one, though it lasted a bit longer than it probably should've. Cool closing song, though I didn't follow the story. :-/ Lots of great/pretty shots and acting throughout.

I liked the use of the line and letting the audience know about the insomnia. Great music and SFX. Solid voice over. Super impressive tackling a 3d animation in this time frame. I can't really comment on the technical execution as 3D animation terrifies me.

Great music on the intro. Cool title design. Super cool set/props. Cool edits when the wires are getting pulled out, though it was a bit gruesome. The wire in the wall was a cringeworthy affair. Cool floor dolly shot. Really liked the editing bits. Super cool closing music/credits music. Not entirely sure what was going on, though. He was trying to improve/fix himself?

Funny intro. Super cool title sequence. I liked the EQ work on the music (low pass when in the booth). Nice use of the prop. Really nice back and forth dialogue, lots of funny lines. Some of the yelling got hard to hear/understand. Loved the noise Vic made after chugging some momma moon shine. lol @ the bees or shotglass bit. Great ending. Fantastic. Very nice design on the end credits, too. This had one of my favorite endings of the entire competition. Brilliant entry as usual.

Shame about some of the focus issues. Laughed at the pillow going down on the tracks. I'm curious if the authorities had any issues with you laying down on actual train tracks. Some music could have bolstered it. Loved the old lady squeaking her way into the scene. That was an awesome shot/part. There was some real, genuine tension about whether or not he got hit by the train. That was really cool. Loved the editing between the girl and the train at that point.

Goofy intro. Very fun. Amazing interpretation/subversion of techno thriller. Great costumes and selling the primitiveness of it. Nice music, I particularly liked the drums. Confused about the ending... did he have the god's breath? Did he use it up? Shrug?

Unusual intro, but I liked it. Nice use of the building sound to build/release tension. Cool quick edits in the kitchen, and interesting colors over the dark kitchen room. Men fighting in the sewer was weird and kind of funny. Well lit, though. Nice post-production/color work/etc. Disturbing content... not really a fan of it. Not sure what to think of the end. Cool music in the closing credits.

Toilet scene was unneccessary. Loved the running over of the balloon animal. Sound levels were ueven... the scooter horn was super loud. The part with the kids was really cute. Nice Simpsons reference. laughed at the double exclamation point dot while writing. Alarm sound was really loud, too. You have to be careful with loud/obnoxious sounds like that. Loved eating food off the treadmill. Loved the balloon animals and the fans. Nice clear voice over work and dialogue in general. Cleavage shot was gratuitous. Fart joke to finish... *sigh*

Laughed a lot at the intro. Marvelous. Cool shots of the dialogue back and forth. Audio was kind of rough/hard to hear. Super good job of making the girl creepy/obsessive. Nice use of the sun to light up her face. Super cool... RC quadcopter shot?? lol at opening the car door and great scare/jump when she slams her hands on the back of the car. Probably best line connecting the movie to the intro, and everybody laughed when he opened the door.

Nice use of the line. Good dialogue/chemistry between the two ladies. Believable strife. Nice back and forth dialogue shots throughout. Good compositions and lighting, too. Cool armor/costumes in the arena. Lots of laughs at the yelling... probably unintentional. :-/ Not sure what happened with the card/anger scene? Cool shots at the funeral... nice use of DoF. Good job on the music. Cool credits sequence, too.

Cool intro. Cool title. The doctor character was great/amusing. Cool effect when the doctor reaches down, and a creepy/cool sound effect of the gloves. Cool POV shot. Nice work with the GoPro... that stuff's tough to nail the composition as well as you did. Kind of confused about what happened, though.

Well done intro. Nice effects/props. Cool effect on the walkie. Audio levels when yelling were harsh. Very cool work with the security cameras and overlays. Kind of bummed that it wasn't resolved or went anywhere, really.

I liked the noir-esque grading style. "Not exactly how I'd like to get a girl under the sheets" nice line. Great dialogue in that scene. The "crazy brothers" bit was amazing. Voice over work was great. Nice editing with the gun cam going back and forth and the guy appearing. Kind of confused on the whole story side of it, but great production and some great one-liners throughout.

Loved the intro. Could not understand more than a few words during the opening song, though the music was great and intense. Cool close up shots. It looked like you guys may have zoomed with a DSLR, which is tough to make smooth. lol @ the portaloo line. I liked the uplifting woman caller at the end. Great singing. Funny music in the end credits. Nice story.

Great music for the opening bits, and I liked the sudden STOP. Nice creepy/plodding music when Vic is suffering from insomnia and getting all anxious. Kind of confusing, though.

Funny intro. Nice title effect with the flowers coming up and wilting and junk. Sharp audio. Gratuitous tongue shot was pretty funny. Cool shot of the champagne filling the glasses. Cool shot of the volume knob turning up. Scene with scooping the punch ended up (unintentionally?) funny because it was extra long. I liked the close-up shots of the pills/crushing/etc. Very cool. I liked the sharp color grading when Vic was up to her mischievious ways. Lots of really funny bits... hopefully intentional. Cool closing credits.

Funny intro. Great music and I loved the SOMS graphics/introduction. Creepy guy looking around was great. I loved the green pyramid prop. That was excellent. Loved the dad coming in to complain about bed time. All too familiar. Great music at the death notice scene. Grim reaper was amazing. Great ending. Very nice timing on it with the edit.

Very clear audio on the voice over. Great music demonstrating the uneasiness/uncertainty. Nice work with uniting the "insomniac" but with the POV shot. Two birds one stone. Cool final scene and voice over, though it was a wee bit heavy-handed. Great message, which few 48hours films stab at.

Cool opening shot of the guy running towards the camera. Nice portrayal of the earthquake. I particularly liked the smoke outside. Lots of laughs at the "yep" response to "Did you hear that?" Nice. Lots of cool color grading effects/style. Nice creepy music during the coughing scene. Nice exciting music when they're running through the fog...? Mist? Deadly junk? Cool visual effect with the neck thing pulsing. Very pretty sunset at the end.

Cool intro. Nice gunshot sound effect, very meaty. The text part was funny, though the tone/sound effect was a bit loud. The guy's playing cards were funny. Some of the dialogue audio was a bit tough to hear. Audio levels were wayyyy too loud when it was "That Night". Did he get hit with the gun after the "did you hear that" part? Kind of confused on the whole story thing.

Cool close up/macro shots of the stuff. Pretty steady for handheld. Nice long shot. Good music choice. Pizza drop was way loud... lots of laughs from the audience. Audio levels were killer. Cool racking focus shot when she was running towards the bush. Kind of a bizarre ending, and never really knew what was happening.

Very cool steadicam/dolly/stabilized shots at the beginning. Nice use of lights. Newspapaer was great. Nice special effects. Amazing singing when the guy gets stabbed in the back. Nice contrast of cheery tone with dark lyrics. "Vic Meyer, Bitch" into the rap was amazing. Great acting by everyone. The rap battle was hilarious and disturbing. Super messed up ending, dudes. :-/

Shame about the weird cropping. Tough to hear the audio/dialogue. Real confused about the card game. Blackjack? Was Vic the dude at the end or someone off screen? Nice POV shot with it wobbling as he... passed out? Good closing music. Very confusing.

Great lighting and consistent even shots. Loved the trebuchet. Nice sound effects and music, though the lack of them about halfway through was a bit of a bummer. Loved the POV shot of the cannon ball and the mushroom cloud. Amazing and impressive.. Good pacing with how fast cards move with the stop motion. Dragon was amazing. Great ending with the tower exploding. Very well done, especially as a last-minute effort.

Fantastic intro. Amazing use of the switch to digital TV bit. Terrible shot of the crotch. Very cool VHS cover and hilarious inserting VHS scene. Amazing "is love enough" intro music. This is amazing. So amazing. Holy crap at the encounter and repetition of dialogue. Holy craaaaap. OMG I died laughing at the bit after the credits. You guys killed it. Grand Finals.

So yeah, my notes pretty much devolved into me screaming and crying with laughter and delight. Thanks guys, this thing ruled so hard.

Kind of hard to understand the dialogue, though what I heard and understand was amazing. Amazing sets/lighting. The purple hat dude was amazing. His teeth... holy crap they were great. So good. Loved the knockout blow at the first fight. Great music throughout. The flight part was great. Nice fog/smoke effects. Messed up scene with the virgin scene. Pretty amazing as usual.

Very cool opening shot going backwards. Not sure how you did the above shot, but that was sweet. Great showing that the house was deserted with the bathroom door open during poopin. Nice color grade of blue/desat/sad. Pretty clear story of the guy going and picking people up and making mince out of them, I guess. KO with a water bottle? He just left the guy in the room, to get up? Kicking the door down was cool, as was smashing the mirror. Very cool shot with the smoke/fog and the guys running back and forth. Blood getting splashed was funny unintentionally. If that was an original score, it was fantastic. I liked the credits.

Audio in the typing scene trumped the voice over a bit. Nice shot compositions. Music kicked in loud and intense. Gun out of nowhere, haha what. Liked the car driving shifting/pedals/editing sequence. Audio after car scene was hard to hear. Damn, killed after revealing the info? Who is this lady? She is cold as hell. Giraffe man is weird as heck. Colors in that scene were cool. Editing/confusion afterward was pretty weird/interesting, though confusing as heck. It was all a dream…? Nice cut with the sound effect of the gun.

Love the logo sequence. Nice timing with the zoom/eyes/sound effects in the opeening shot. Great acting of Vic in the box. Very convincing. Shot out of the peephole was really cool. Too much swearing without any obvious need for it, in my opinion. Nice work working the "fell asleep driving and killed a lady" into how Vic has to redeem himself. Great job describing the final scene, super tough break that it rendered out all goofed up.

Fantastic intro. Great, exciting music at the start. Liked the editing/cuts with the playstation. Audio is a bit rough... sounds like it was recorded on a phone or something. Liked the editing/sound effects of the guy getting dressed/ready. Nice throw back to Nicky Brick on the birthday card. Loved the scene of opening the trunk and firing thrice. Fantastic cereal eating to back to playstation sequence. Loved the throwing the phone down every time she finished talking. Not sure about the ending.

Nice music and foot shot in the opening. Cool shots of the therapy. Subtitles could have been assembled to not be broken across lines. Cool dolly shot after the introduction of the naughty agents? Cool lighting in the phone booth. Cool location with the pass cards. Legitimate hacking! Amazing! Nice dolly/rack focus as the naughty agents are walking towards the camera. Nice twist ending, though I was pretty confused for a lot of this.

Nice editing/shots on the intro. Creepy music/sound effects. Nice work doing the dolly shot and focus pull in one go. Great music/song during the shadow puppets. They looked great, too. Great performances by the vocalists and great music. Great work on the shadow puppets, they looked fantastic. Really liked the duck attacking the bear and winning. Cool close-up shots of Vic. Throwing the car onto the bystander was great. Not totally sure how the ending slots in, but the editing was once again pretty cool.

Awkward and great team intro. Nice reveal at the end. Nice shot of the sun coming up. I liked the turtle trying to escape the bed hanky panky stuff. Cool floor dolly shot of picking stuff up. Nice shot of the guy running, though it seemed a bit silly. Loved the cop section. Nice work with the sun/lighting during the priest section. Ending was a big pile of WHAT.

Great intro: hilarious. Cool title shot. Lack of music during computer scene left it kind of dry. Loved the bit with the lady eating the USB drive. Old lady was fantastic. Nice shot of the laxatives being mixed up. I really liked the shot of the guy's mouth on the other end of the line. Great liar/German confrontation scene. Can I have another cocoa: hilarious end. Very well timed.

Hilarious intro. Newspaper was hilarious. Cool music during first chase scene. Sweet GoPro POV shot with the bow. lol @ "vic meyer" introducing herself. Weird cheerful music during the pillaging scene. Lots of cool shots of the food prep. Great twist with the dog. You can't kill a dog.

Cool opening music. Creepy distorted voice. Ouch on the out of focus phone. Funny though, unintentionally. Tough to hear the audio when the Androids are released from the car. Weird that the police woman would sit on the desk like that. Super creepy distorted voice... kind of hard to understand, though. Lighting was a bit rough in the office scenes. Nice audio in the parking garage, which is often hard to do. Is her shoe enormous? Gun sound effect was rough. Unintentionally funny ending. Fantastic score.

Graphic throat cutting was a bit much. Cool lighting on the opening scene. Phone call was unintentionally funny. Nice shots in the part/on the footpath. Looked cool. Pill shot was cool. Vic Looking at himself in the mirror was great. Death scene by the park bench was a bit excessively gory. Guy who played Vic Meyer did a great job. Super creepy shot at the end.

Cool opening shot of the card. Super bizarre editing/sound effects/etc. Great job making it weird as heck. Cool effect of the ocean receding/backwards video. Totally bewildering. Contending for best worst film for sure, just for how outrageous and amazingly confusing it was. Wonderful.

Nice lighting on the opening shot. Nice audio on the dialogue. Reporter did a great job. Hilarious "And then she said to me" bit. Waiting for a mate bit was excellent. Did not expect that ending. Pretty funny. Credits were excessive but somehow funny for that reason.

Great music and singing in the opening. Funny lyrics. I dug the touch lamp tapping. Bathroom scene was kind of rude. Brent's singing was hilarious and absolutely brilliant. Video interlacing for some reason? Odd. Nice work with a tough genre.

Great intro. Laughed with the dude popped up from the left. Nice audio on the opening scene. Good music choice, too. Brutal beat-up scene. Nice work using no sound effects there, it made it way more intense with the music. Maybe too intense. Great acting by Vic in the narration/monologue scenes. Nice work with the music/sound effects/editing after the dude loses his mind. Very creepy. It probably went on a bit long, though. Nice ending and nice use of the line.

Nice opening music. Set the tone well and carried it through the next bit. Ouch with the green screen leftovers. Cool/creepy idea having the unknown caller and the weird sound effect. Cool shot out of the window. Creepy business card, and nice music use right after. I liked the "There is no turning back" in the POV shot. That was cool. Fantastic shot of the cereal box falling onto the floor. Omnious final note.

Amazing intro. Hilarious, loved the "And I'm over 18." Fantastic. Cool logo/sound effects. Great opening music. Loved the "You're joking" part. The cat poking its head out was a really cool shot. The fireworks/lady face too. Great performance by the "crazy mom". Loved the over-the-top music during the room tidying. The stop motion stuff was superb. Perfectly fit in the movie. The "tricking the neighbor" scene was great. Amazing ending. Pita Bol did an amazing job with this. Especially amazing that it was done with such a small/"basic" amount of gear.

Funny intro. The music was great. Nice audio during the "you need to leave him" scene, and good back-and-forth dialogue. Very believable. Ouch on the audioless scene after. X-( Cool shot with throwing the chips in... nice lighting. Some weird background noise in the audio, and it was kind of hard to understand what they were saying. Cool shots with everyone throwing their chips in. Not really sure about the ending, other than the aces were probably good news.

Nice intro (music/gimmick). Opening interview could have been nice to see the interviewer, but very well lit and clear audio. Very nice composition on the cropped shots. Good music in this section, too. Very cool shot with the blue eyes and loved the BSOD. Loved the scene with the washer. Hilarious. Cool style in the petrol drinking scene. Cool POV scene, nice graphic of "John". Cool way of showing of Vic as an Android without hitting the audience over the head with it. Nice use of the prop, too. Loved the closing "confidence" scene and the way it ended. Very nice overall.

Huge bummer to be DQed for running over the time limit. We were DQed for getting one word wrong last year, so I know that pain. Nice, clear audio on the dialogue. Very nice, until traffic picked up and obscured it a bit. Nice acting when recounting the story of crashing the truck. Technical glitches were rough. Audio in the forest went from rough to really clear and back. Nice work with the "I can't sleep, I can't eat" part of letting the audience know he's an insomniac. Some sort of sound effect would have been nice when teleporting, as it was kind of confusing. Nice audio in the scene with Amy. Very clear. Audio by the ocean was rough... that's a tough recording environment, with the waves and the wind. Nice piano music and ending. The card was great.

Tough to hear the voice over on the intro. Pretty looking, though. Liked the opening text, but it was a bit much/fast to read. Nice opening shots of the guy walking up. Audio was a bit rough. Scooter scene was funny. Scene with the lady lawn mower was creepy and funny. Nice. Nice POV shot of the door opening and the lady looking intense. Nice color grading on the... doctor? scene. Sleep scene with the woman lit up/vacuuming was brilliant. Guy who played Vic did a good job acting. Montage of intense scenes was great, with great sound effects behind it. Close up of the fingers/hand was awesome. Weird ending but intense and awesome. Very nice film. External sound recorder would be killer for next year, as you guys have the technical prowess to do super well.

Great intro. Short and sweet. Loved the editing sequence at the beginning. Loved the zoom cuts. lol @ liking the "can't sleep" status. Creepy dude was great. Amazing. Loved the hacking scene into delerious laughter. POV shot was great. Steadicam work was nice, too. Tough to hear dialogue in the weird torture room. Weird story.

Great opening music. Rough audio during the weird boyfriend (?) confrontation. Nice piano music. No idea what happened on the phone call. Confusing. Liked the split-screen ladies. Though I have no idea what it was about. In retrospect (i.e. after talking to my wife), I liked the message driving the film (few 48hours films have messages or good ones, in my experience), I just feel like it was slightly dampened by a confusing presentation. However, my wife seemed to follow along perfectly, so maybe it suffered from being the last film I watched of the night.

Really good acting job by the American lead. Very well shot dialogue scene at the beginning. Great sound. Interesting closing scene. Uncomfortable story. Great technical execution, but a story that didn't appeal to me personally.

Super cool scene with the abductions. Love the close up eye shot. Very nicely done. Kind of hard to hear what the baddie on the phone is saying. Great music choice during the tense "hurry up" scene. Nice work in single user moder/Terminal. Legit "hacking", which gets major points from me. Nice crane shot when the car is coming into the forest. Cool color grading at that point. Nice trigger discipline with the gun. Cool crane shot at the end, though unsure about how it ended...

Dialogue gets lost in the music a bit. Like the sound effects/slide cuts, but they're so fast I can't tell what's happening. Love the hamburger phone. Great dialogue between the male phone operator and Lois. Though again the dialogue gets a little lost in the audio. lol @ "don't be a dick" card in the background. "Steve" did a great job as the inspirational dude. "Dear God you're firm" part was amazing, with the dialogue right after it.

Cool-looking logo. Great shots outside, particuarly the back-lit one. Great sequence of loneliness. Fitting music, too. Nice voice over work. I liked the "chapters" with the logo-style stuff. Nice editing with the cleaning sequence into bed scene. Great acting by the lead. Convincing robot acting, too. I noticed you did a zoom seemingly with a DSLR, which is awkward and tough to pull off smoothly. lol @ David has a problem. Awesome ending. Well done.

Amazing intro. Loved it. Seems you had some interlacing artifacts in the film, which was a shame. Love the picture of the fire place. Audio is a bit rough. Great writing. Laughs at packing up the bag with prank stuff. Great song strutting down the street, though hard to understand. Great music throughout. Big lols at the reveal of what RARO was. Great acting by the boy. Great work with a tough genre. Great singing by the female. Funny and great ending. A bit of a discrepancy between VFX and not so tight cinematography. Room to grow next year.

Creepy opening scene. "Gonna do this or whinge all day" hilarious. Knock out right after was great, too. Smoke bomb was marvelous. Special effects/hand chop/dog was amazing. Violence was hilarious, special effects and all. Pretty gruesome/messed up ending with the throat slit and head shot, which left me a bit disgusted.

Nice title effect with the blood reveal into the shape of Australia. Loved the sock puppet intro. Nice sound effect with the card throw. Loved the cordless drill scene. Great sound effects when the guy is having rampant flashbacks. Clean your lens ;-P Loved the car start-up sequence. Great edits there. Gratuitous black was gutsy as hell. Cool credits. Confusing story. Not really sure what was going on at all.

Nice rotoscoping/title Nice makeup. Interesting take on the "non-dialogue" genre. Nice text effects. lol @ the "I'm deaf" reveal. Bigger lol at the next bit. Very nice score. Stamp/denied sequence was great. I liked the muffled sound effects. Confused about the story: why was he bloody? Hit by a car?

Nice clock sound effect. Nice time lapses. Car not starting reaction was hilarious. Repetition made it more funny. No music left it a little bit flat, though the audio was solid throughout. Alarm sound got irritation just because I've listened to that so many times in my life. "Faraway parts" was great. Nice ending and use of the line. Extra cat shot was hilarious.

Intro left me with a big "WAT" on my face.
Audio during card scene was hard to hear. Vic's acting was great, I enjoyed the voice. The duster was great. Deadpan deliveries were great. I liked the effect of the light going out. Loved the crazy monologue at the end and comically-oversized hand gun. Genuinely creepy performance. Technical Difficulties were hilarious. Outrageously bizarre.

Awesome shot of the ninja popping out and whacking the dude. Cars coming by during opening dialogue: hard to hear, which is rough. Great dialogue with the "LISTEN TO ME PART" by the bearded dude (hilarious). Nice use of a coma to make the best of the genre. Cool scene with the dude yelling on the phone about business. Liked the composition of that shot. Nice basil plant. Kind of confusing story, though. Not really sure what that was about.

Very cool title design. Kind of hard to hear what they were saying in the opening scene, but it was pretty easily understood overall. Very hard to hear what they were saying on the park bench. Nice shots/camera movements during the computer use scene. Taking self-photos was a funny scene.The two official dudes were funny in their performances, especially the chaser. Great sound effects during the chase (guns, fight, etc). Epic-sounding music choices. Great scene with the army dude showing up and then the girlfriend turning. Great movie marred by some technical glitches.

Great intro. I liked the editing/end of it.
Great sound effects when the title is revealed. Great opening shot behind the guy's head. Loved the transition from eating cereal to everything going dark, music end/sound effect. Nice audio recording, very clear. Where did the gun come from? Nice special effects with the gun. Nice transtion from day to night when the hero is walking and getting tired. Good creepy atmospheric sound effecst/music, too.

Super solid effort and pretty amazing considering you're all still in high school. Keep at it and you'll be a force to be reckoned with.

Awesome title intro. Great color grading. Cool concept with the ear implant thing. Great audio recording... very clear. Nice working in of the insomniac angle. Great sequence of close-ups after the two characters leave. Good music during that part. The "hacking" screen was great. Great shooting/editing during the confrontation scene. Great final shot and ending, though there wasn't much resolution, story-wise.

This was my pick of the heat. It pressed all my buttons.

Very stylish intro. I liked it. Nice logo.
Very nice title sequences, with the video game theme. Loved the sequence with BMO (Adventure Time) and the hero, running and playing. Sound effect with the tooth paste was gross and amazing. Putting the bear to bed was hilarious. Great music during the school hallway scene. I liked the subtitles. Line of dialogue was kind of wedged in... could have used a bit of aftermath. Great music during search sequence. Fight sequence was great, loved the graphics. Great music again and good sound effects. Loved the Me vs Me sequence. Thought it was hilarious, though the music fit the somber mood. Loved the color grading differences when without and with the gamie. Loved the resolution and final music. Very well done.

Great intro. Very funny.
Nice opening sound effects... creepy atmosphere. Cool scene with the stabbing. Well shot. Well paced edits for the coffee sequence. Very nice job depicting the insomnia. Flashback scene was great. Nice color grading. Music choice during dog fetch sequence was great. Great use of the prop. Nice editing/music for the dog flashback scene. All the handheld shots were a little bit too much for my tastes. Excellent ending. Great sound effect to end it, too.

The opening line by Ollie was great. Nice work pulling that off. The teacher's voice was kind of hard to hear. I'm not sure if the blur transitions were the right choice. Drawing naimation sequence was amazing. Great drawings and great music. Great performance by Ollie. Robot walk was great. Stop motion animation was kind of confusing at first, though it cleared up. Sound effect of yelling was funny. Cool scene of the clay climbing onto the arm/face. Great music in the final scene and nice animation at the end.

Great intro. Very funny.
Great shot in the gazebo. Opening musical number was hilarious. Great deadpan responses to the sung stuff. Shot in the grass with the shadows coming through the trees was great. Nice work with the singing, the layers are a nice touch. The shot from the glasses to Toby was great. The girl looking around during the "said I'm sorry" song was great/hilarious, though probably not intentional. Very nice.

Confusing start. Cool shot with the musicians and the panning down. Cool shot up to the kettle, too. All the close up shots looked cool. The dropping phone scene was hilarious. External reporter was a great addition and funny. Tough to hear/understand the conversation in the bathroom. The video games turning on was a great effect. The "Game Over" shot was great and funny, though it could have lingered a bit longer. Vic dying by the gas leak was funny, too.

Not sure how the "did you hear that" line fit in. Toilet card: hilarious. Audio is hard to hear, but not impossible to understand. iOS Chat messages were funny. Unsure if that was the idea. The chase scene where the barrel was tossed over was great. Great music in that scene, very exciting. Kind of confused at the resolution.

Great intro.
Nice coor grading. Good use of music to set the tone. Clear audio. Maybe slow your shutter speed for some of the close up stuff... looked a little bit odd. Super cool shot in the mail box.
Lack of music in the second half made it feel really uneasy. Great cinematography/shots. Confusing scene at the dinner table with the girl. Great music choice during the freak out scene.

Not entirely sure how it was Obsessive Relationship... I was a bit confused about the story.

This film was pretty fantastically produced, start to finish. Great opening scene at the docks, though it was a shame the seagulls decided to barge their way into an audio cameo. Good performance by the old man. Great performance by the lead "hero". The story was clear and straight-forward, and the twist was great (especially with the letter box). You guys did an amazing job with the technical stuff, and I was really impressed with how good this looked. Color grading, focus pulling, shot framing, all excellent. The music didn't quite feel like it was good enough to match, but it was oh so close. I would have liked to hear more varied sound effects when the blows were being delivered, but it was better than the weak-as sound effects we used in ours, haha. Great title sequence and credits. I wouldn't be surprised if you guys did this stuff professionally. Very entertaining short.

Things to work on:
I felt like the action sequences went on too long with not enough action. The editing of the hits didn't really sell it for me, though it was really close. I think it would have worked better if they had been shorter, with the same style, or, at their current length, perhaps a more dynamic style with either more cuts and more angles, or... just a clearer fight.

A film about an odd girl and a glimpse into her life. Good music during the beginning parts. Great shot of the street after the opening scene. What the heck was the girl doing leaving the food behind?? I would have cleared the spray bottles and junk from behind the window on the shot from the outside looking in. Great sequence with the water dripping. Ahh... my previous question about the food is answered: Jim, the neighbor, brings the food that was dropped. Good audio, clear dialogue. I liked all the little pick-up shots between the scene with the neighbor and the next scene. Creepy dialogue between the neighbor and Nicky re: "brick". Very clever use of the prop. Some of the dialogue seemed to pan a bit unusually. Great music and editing during the sequence between dinner being served and the neighbor arriving. But... she hung herself? What the eff. Unsatisfying ending, though I guess I don't know how you could have done it differently. Good performance from the main "Nicky" actress.

Things to work on:
A more engaging story? Pretty well done from most of the technical standpoints, I just didn't find myself connecting that much with what was going on onscreen.

This was a masterpiece. Easily, EASILY my favorite non-comedy short of the competition, though I only sat through three heats. Though the story was a bit cliche, it was done so marvelously, so epically, that if anyone complains legitimately about it being cliche they deserve a cuff to the back of the head.

Really good audio for the voices. Great dramatic sound effects. Incredibly dramatic and effective music, especially the loud drums that then led into the fantasy part. You guys did the technical side of this so masterfully it's crazy. The woods scene was amazing, and I literally got chills when the villain was revealed. Amazing voice on him/it, too. I liked the convention of "story time with the kid" ala The Fall/Princess Bride/etc. Best visual effects I've seen all competition, too. Andrew Kramer would be proud. Amazing use of the prop, and awesome ending that blurred the line between fantasy and reality. Great writing, great script, great story.

Things to work on:
I don't know how many people you had on your team, but if you guys could get together more often, I could easily see you rising to popularity in the online video market. Your production values were off the friggin charts for a 48-hour competition. If you don't win regional or more than a slew of prizes/awards, I hope you win "most powerful high-five delivered intra-team upon completion of entry" as it had to rival the rumblings of our shakes.

The end of the world isn't all it's cracked up to be. This was a fun film, and it got better as it progressed. I enjoyed the music and sound effects in the opening scene. Good efforts by the leads, especially the ginger bloke, though I feel like he kept looking at the camera, which was distracting (though I suppose it was a documentary, so they weren't supposed to be actors). Did you guys actually break a lens filter when the camera tipped over during the "loan sharks attack" scene? Great effect, regardless. Lots of laughs throughout this, especially at the amazing "I'm pregnant" scene. Great reaction from the actor. Extremely funny and well-timed ending, and a perfect cut to the credits.

Things to work on:
The audio was pretty thin throughout the film. I don't know if you used an external mic, but if you did, it needed to be closer to the actors or... just... done better next go-around. Practicing the workflow would be a benefit. Again, I know it was a documentary, but some better camera work would improve the product too. Overall, though, I enjoyed it despite the few technical flaws.

This was an interesting and somewhat uncomfortable film. I didn't really predict where it'd go after the opening scene of the blokes goofing around. The scene where they're deciding what to do with the DVD was funny. Did you intentionally color-grade it really warm, or was the white balance off? Good shot composition and great cinematography throughout. I really liked the reaction shots of the guys as they were watching the story unfold. Those shots were superbly crafted. Great interpretation of the "found footage" genre, and a nice effect of it playing out on the TV. Super creepy ending (to both the found footage and the film itself) and pretty dark.

Things to work on:
Make sure your white balance is locked down, or, if you're doing it for effect, maybe color grade it a bit to make it obvious you were doing it on purpose. Is this nit-picky? Absolutely. You guys did a pretty awesome job all-around, so all I can pick at are the nits! ;-) Personally, I would have preferred a story that wasn't so dark, but that's me.

This was an interesting musical, though a bit depressing. I liked the title effect you used. Great audio throughout, with the singing and music. That was the best part of the film, and it was well-done. I laughed at the "leaf me alone" line, which was great. Nice reveal at the end, though the final message of suicide was pretty morbid. The song during the credits scene had inappropriate lyrics, but people were laughing so whatever. I don't much cotton to base humor.

Things to work on:
If you guys can rope someone (or ones) in with more experience next year, or just practice and gain experience yourself, I think the whole production would improve. There were lots of little things that could be tweaked and improved by connecting with a video production mentor of some sort. However, nice effort with the musical genre, as it's an easy death knell for an unprepared team.

This film was pretty bewildering. Coming off the "best bad film" win from last year, I think you guys tried too hard to make something bizarre to follow it up. There was weird opening music, with the audio smashing the peaks and sounding terrible. The original song was pretty great. The editing was really confusing and jarring, and I didn't really have any idea what was going on (more than a cursory guess) throughout pretty much the entire thing. The make-up was intense, though it wasn't realistic (i.e. it looked cool, but it didn't fit the rest of the tone of the film). Good use of silence to make things more dramatic. Overall I was confused and bamboozled in ways that were rarely enjoyable.

Things to work on:
Check your sound levels. That was my biggest gripe: sound levels all over the show. I can tolerate on-screen nonsense better if I'm not getting aurally assaulted. It looked like you guys shot this at 50fps, so it stood out (not really in a good way) compared to other films. Try to conform to the required specs. You probably had fun with this, but I'd say at the expense of the audience. You guys have some skills, so try and kick something out that's coherent next year, even if you're trying to make it "bad". Confusion is hard to do in an enjoyable way.

This was a fun and interesting film. I really enjoyed the opening music. Excellent use of the prop off the bat, and interesting story-line woven into it because of it. Excellent music choice throughout the film. Good composition on the shots, and good lighting. The footage was rich and looked great. Funny circumstances with the fiance getting clobbered all the time, and clever writing with the brick jokes thrown in after each one. Some of the voice audio wasn't completely clear. Overall it was a great story, great ending, and great use of the line.

Things to work on:
If you didn't use an off-camera mic, get one for next year, or if you did... get a better one? You guys have a pretty diverse skill set (and apparently know enough people to get access to a medical room!) so with some fine-tuning you could do great things.

A creepy good time. The opening music on this one was great, and I particularly appreciated the rap music/lyrics that appeared to be crafted specifically for this film. Nice technical work on the opening sequence/edits/effects/etc. The first scene where the body is getting stabbed like crazy in the alley was kind of nuts. Great music choice when they were running for their LIVES. Excellent timing and moment when they pause (and everything pauses) at the crosswalk. I loved that part. The neck-breaking/head-snap was convincingly done. It was a pretty brutal and vicious ending. The final shot was a bit of an oddity amongst the heats I saw. It was an excellently composed shot, but it kept going on and on and on... to the point that it practically entered some of that Family Guy territory where things get so ridiculous they become hilarious. I don't know if I felt it was hilarious, but I heard pockets of laughter throughout the audience, and it was definitely a gutsy (and, I'd say, effective) aftermath-ish scene.

Things to work on:
There really wasn't a whole lot of story going on that I could tell, beyond "get drunk run around omg there's a killer wtf" or something like that. You guys looked like you probably had a lot of fun doing this, but there was enough skill involved that I'll bet you could really produce something awesome if maybe your genre focused you a bit more or you didn't totally go overboard with V or something like that.

This was so good I could hardly stand it. Everything TBALC touches seems to be gold. I loved the set, and the beginning of the "one shot" had me guessing what would happen next. The script on this thing was absolutely out-of-control good. It was a little awkward/cringe-worthy when the main actor was doing his hip thrusting in that all-too-short pair of shorts (the stubbiest stubbies). I laughed at the slow-motion sequence. The dialogue was so well-delivered and well-written. The timing! The timing of responses and general actions was incredible. Utterly superb performances by all the actors. Amazing use of the line. Incredible everything. I hope you guys win Masters of Earth awards.

Things to work on:
It's like, when nuking and salting the Earth don't quite achieve a level of destruction sufficient, what do you do next? Some sort of demented molecularly-mutating bio-weapon that turns the very fabric of reality into a force of wanton destruction? Whatever the appropriate analogy is here for TBALC's film-making prowess, apply it liberally. You guys press my buttons something fierce.

A guy in a tenuous relationship has an even weirder relationship with his phone and then some stuff happens... or does it? This was a bit of an odd film. I really liked the intro, which was substantially more polished than most of the other intros I saw. The cinematography on this was excellent, with one shot in particular standing out in my mind (the guy crumpled on the ground, with the legs of a baddie straddling the frame). I liked the music you chose to use when the guy wakes up. The blood effects were well done. I really liked the office sequence. Overall, though, I was kind of confused as to what the heck was going on. There seemed to be two different story lines transpiring, but then they also seemed to intermingle and I wasn't sure which was which. The music for the fight scene was pretty thrilling, though the fight scene itself was a bit brutal.

Things to work on:
I don't know how clear the plot was in the script, or if it was muddied in the edit, but I didn't have more than a general grasp of what was going on more often than not. You guys have some great technical chops, so with a more coherent story I'm sure you would be a force to be reckoned with!

Holy smokes, where do I start? This was really something else. A "director's commentary" on a movie that was made a decade ago, so you really are only hearing the "commentary" on it, with only a few intrusions of the "movie" itself. I wondered if they botched the main movie and resorted to this, but my out-loud wonderings caught the ear of one of the team, who assured me it was planned like this from the start.

Excellent use of voice-over throughout. Really interesting and compelling. SO MANY SHOTS! I can't believe they got all the various shots in during the competition. I was told that the "movie" in the movie was a full story, too, so I have no idea how they managed that feat. They must be a solid team that really knows how to work together. Awesome cinematography throughout. You guys clearly know what you're doing from a technical standpoint. Nice shot transitions synched up with people walking by. Nice focus pulling. The outdoor scenes looked amazing, and the crane/jib shots were fantastic. You guys clearly weren't fumbling with your equipment. I laughed a lot at the dialogue that followed the "gratuitous 17-minute sex scene" and I loved how the people commenting were getting mad at each other and having their own drama off-screen. Great color-grading throughout (you guys NAILED the technical stuff on this). Super impressive start to finish, and I was becoming more and more impressed as it rolled on. Probably the most interesting/unique concept I saw in the three heats I sat through, considering the meta-ness of it and the drama occurring both on and off screen, practically interwoven.

Things to work on:
I can't think of anything. I hope you guys win a solid gold boat on which you can sail around the world, winning the hearts of beasts and men alike.

Gritty and brutal crime film. Nice use of "Nicky Brick" on the opening and closing scenes. Good audio, the dialogue was clear and crisp. It was a little overly profane for my tastes, but I could definitely believe it came with the territory for the criminals. I liked the shot of the gun pointed at the camera. It got a little weird when it transitioned from the opening scene to the warehouse, and it was a bummer that the audio went wacky from the warehouse scene onwards. Great actor/character for the creepy goatee dude in the warehouse. He was convincingly evil. Nice effects with the blood work on Nicky. The actor who played Nicky did an exceptional job, and I could easily see him going on to bigger and better things. Clever use of the leaves in the case (we almost did the same thing with our "crime" film, haha!). Heavy final scene.

Things to work on:
Test and lock down the audio, as I'm sure you're aware. I'm really curious what happened with it in the second half. Try and make your story a bit more clear as well, as it wasn't completely obvious what was going on. Overall, though, this was pretty entertaining, if a bit brutal.

A gritty film with an unlikely superhero. I really liked this film, and you guys totally rocked it on a technical level. Sweet opening dolly shot, sweet dolly shots throughout, great color-grading, great use of light for the night shots, great effects, and great cinematography all-around. Really neat gimmick with the guy going back in time to stop the crimes. A bit brutal with all the head shots, but that seems par for the course with something like this. Disappointing that it was late, as this was an otherwise very strong showing.

Things to work on:
Get it in on time! (I've turned in two out of the last three late, so I know that pain) Work on making the story about more clear as well, as I didn't understand what the superhero wanted from the hostage (though I kind of liked the "anti-hero" flavor you wove into it).

Very nice film. Pressed my buttons pretty doggone well. :-)

An amazing animated masterpiece that touched on a bunch of different genres. I absolutely loved this one. The animation was superbly done in a stylized manner, and it's clear that you guys knew what you were doing. I loved the over-arching theme of parodying classic RPGs. I laughed pretty hard when the skeleton kept asking the guy to retrieve the ball over and over again. Really well-written dialogue and clearly-recorded audio. The 8/16-bit music was superb. I laughed at the watch dropping sequence. I pretty much laughed nonstop through the whole thing. The battle with the father-in-law-to-be was amazing and the spirit of hate leaving him was amazing as well. This is the sort of film I'd share with my friends if I stumbled upon it online. Loved every minute of it.

Things to work on:
Bigger/faster/better/stronger man, I don't know. You guys rocked it. I eagerly await what you'll do next.

A bit of a quirky tale of "Zombies Anonymous" of sorts. First off, I was pretty upset at the intro you included. Totally uncalled for and it was clear you weren't considering your audience at all, as it was a complete abuse. It tainted the film, which is not ideal for an intro. Anyway, you guys had some great make-up on all the various "zombies". The audio for the dialogue was clear and strong, which was great. The lead actress did an excellent job, though some of the other performances weren't as strong. I really liked when she leaned her head to the side and pointed at the "spiders" sign. Clever and funny "death" scenes. The audio levels seemed to shift about halfway through, making it a lot harder to hear what was going on. Strong ending and a great way of tying into the title.

Things to work on:
Lock down your post-processes to prevent audio from doing a runner on you. Some of the shot compositions needed a bit of work, but it's tough getting those right with a big group of people. The story was pretty clear, but it was more "fun" than engaging.

Not a bad entry, but keep the hand-drawn goatse nonsense out of the competition.

This was fun and silly. Great costumes. Great use of slow-motion. Good composition on the shots, though the white balance seemed to be all over the place (auto?). Nice work mounting the camera to the outside of the car, those shots were neat. The ending was a little bit morbid but I laughed.

Things to work on:
The story wasn't terribly compelling, though it made for an easy villain and a fun chase. The technical side was good, but with a little extra attention to detail it could be great (make sure stuff is locked down!).

Good production.

Even if it was a little cliche, this was one of the few films that had a great message. Nice audio quality in the car scenes, as it was quite clear and I could barely hear any background noise. Very well shot; great cinematography throughout. Good use of music, too.

Things to work on:
Get it in on time! (I know that game, two of my last three were late X_X) Maybe work on a "meatier" story which is more of a departure from convention. Great film, though.

This was a really fun film. The use of sheep puppets with various costumes and "make-up" was hilarious. The "lipstick" taped onto one sheep in particular cracked me up. Good audio for the dialogue, and good creepy background music for the parts that called for it. Fantastic use of the line and a great conclusion. I loved the sheep exploding out of the ground at the end.

Things to work on:
There was a bit of green screen spill noticeable on some of it, so investing in a more powerful chroma key plug-in would be a benefit if you were to do this again. Some of the technical aspects would have benefitted from some tightening up, but the story and sheep were so charming that it really didn't detract from the production. Great film.

I'm reviewing my own film the same way I'm reviewing all the others: without reading any of the other reviews, just going off the notes I wrote during the screening. I just thought I'd leave my own thoughts here to let others know what I think we did right and wrong, without reading other opinions first. ;-)

The audio was good for the opening dialogue, but the "flashback" scene needed some boosting that never happened. I wanted to do some color-grading as well but that never happened either, so the opening scenes are a bit flat. The shot from behind, dollying into the parking garage was great. The audio in the parking garage isn't great, and the dialogue was mediocre, though the actors performed well. The fight scene wasn't quite as clear and exciting as I'd hoped, but the slow-motion worked decently. The slow-motion escape scene is probably my favorite shot of the whole thing, and worked really well (though I don't know if anyone other than me caught the stuck green pixel! :-D). The music throughout this part is amazing. Our musician/composer did an awesome job on the whole score. The sniper scene at the end is a little flat (yes, clearly not a sniper rifle), and there's nothing that ties it into the beginning to any satisfying degree, leaving the story a bit thin (though at least fairly clear). A dying Nicky muttering "I did it" shows acutely just how unlucky he (and us) was.

Things to work on:
Put more effort into making a more engaging story. We were so focused on "keep it simple" that it meant a down-played story. Remember to increase the mic gain levels when filming a quiet scene. Make double/triple/x-ple sure we get the required elements right next time.

This was a powerful and beautiful film. I was immediately struck by how superb either the lighting or the color-grading (or both!) were during the beginning scenes. It wasn't very clear what was going on until the war scene, but the story moved along really well for how sparse the dialogue was. The "war" scene was really well done, with great effects (visual and aural). The music was really nice throughout and matched the various tones well. The black and white effect was very effective after the supposed death scene/sequence. The cinematography was superb throughout. Whoever was directing really knew what s/he was doing. It got really heavy/emotional during the repeated trips to the war monument, though it lightened up a bit at the end with the dancing and joy between the two people. I wasn't quite sure whether the guy was the same as in the beginning, or just had the same handkerchief or what.

Things to work on:
I almost feel like it was a little bit too emotionally-heavy, as the war and monuments and loss really hits close to home for Kiwis, especially with ANZAC day in such recent memory. That being said, I doubt that you were intentionally trying to emotionally manipulate the audience, it was just a heavy film for a good chunk of it, so please don't take offense. Other than that, it was superbly crafted start to finish.

This film was a real treat. The team intro was simple, funny and brilliant. The shadow puppet scheme worked brilliantly and to really fantastic effect. The script and story were both superbly written. The audio and dialogue were both really well done as well, which is crucial for this sort of thing. The sound effects were spot-on too. I was laughing through most of this. I really liked the characters, too, as they were all interesting and unique. I was a little perturbed when the octopus pulled out a vibrator, as it didn't really match the tone of the rest of it. I really liked when the dynamite went off and the effects employed there. Clever use of the prop with "Leaf oil". Surprisingly touching and emotional scene after the dynamite goes off, which was brought back to the main theme of humor by the shark coming along during the credits. Really great production all-around, and I enjoyed it immensely.

Things to work on:
I'd like to see a vibrator-free sea. ;-P Other than that, it was stellar. I hope you guys win a heap of awards.

This ended up being an interesting character-study sort of film. I loved the music on the team intro. I was a bit confused when it shifted from the guy doing the "filming tips" at the beginning to the guy in the car, but it became clear with time. Good acting by the main news guy - he was really unlikeable, heh. I really liked the news sequence. Great effects/music/timing/etc. I liked the effect of the guy getting hit, too. Probably the crown jewel is when the "found footage" is shown and the newswoman reacts, while the perpetrator tries to hide his face. That was a great way to end it.

Things to work on:
About the only thing I can think of was that the story was a little bit thin. This genre is tough to constructively critique otherwise, as "found footage" isn't really known for technical prowess. Good performances all-around.

So amazing that I accidentally double-tapped on the "Save" button and gave you two for the price of one!

What an amazing short, on so many different levels. Coming off their amazing "Grindin'" from last year, I had high hopes going into this, and I wasn't disappointed. The first half of the movie was interesting, and the "fast forward/rewind" gimmick worked really well, but it felt a little off, and there were a couple parts that weren't entirely clear. However, that all cleared up once the second half kicked in, which resulted in an absolutely mind-blowing sequence of backwards-acting played in such a way that it attempted to look normal. It wasn't perfect, but it was sooooo good that it didn't need to be, and I especially liked when they didn't try to do it on the sly (the pasta back into the plate, for example). All the eating and drinking backwards was weird to consider, and I was blown away by the backwards music playing. I still can't come to grips with it. The butler was fantastic and the brick costume was brilliant (probably made easier by Christchurch's state!). Exceptional acting all-around. Superbly brilliant production start to finish.

Things to work on:
The only gripe I have is that the footage wasn't as "rich" as the rest of the production was. Not really a legitimate gripe, but it was kind of like listening to an awesome song through laptop speakers. I feel bad mentioning it, but it's the only thing I could think to improve.

This was a tale of madness in a mad world and it was fantastic. I liked the title sequence. The main actor was far and away the star of the show here. He did an amazing job of being a totally manic cleaniphile. I would love to see some behind-the-scenes footage of what he was like before and after a lot of those shots. The cleaning sequences were great, and the motion-tracked effects were well done. I really liked the sequence where he started making art in the dirt of the car windows. The pen drawings were great, too, as you must have had someone with some good traditional artistic chops on your team. I loved the music in the cleaning scene. The audio levels were all over the place during the "bleeping" scene, but it was hilarious regardless. Great music during the credits, and excellent ending. Overall the concept for this was very clever and well-done. Mighty impressive for a 48-hour stint, especially out of Timaru! (I keed, I keed).

Things to work on:
There were a few technical glitches: a few odd fade to blacks, and some weird auto-focus stuff a couple of times, but it was overall really solid. The credits were really hard to read as they zoomed by, but I liked the effect/style you applied to them.

Awesome work, guys (and/or gals?)!

This film was a bit of a mixed bag. I really liked the team intro. It takes a bit to get going, but I thought the "Breaking News" section was well-done. I loved the shot out on the gravel road, with the guys walking towards the camera. Good, tense music when the guys pound on the door, wanting to be let in. I liked the shot of the door handle. I liked when the radio came on, as that was done really well with great sound effects. Great music when the supposed convicts are shot, and outstanding revelation about them (trying not to spoil it!). I had forgotten about the b&w scene at the beginning, but the ending brought it back to my mind and helped tie it all together nicely. I liked that part a lot.

Things to work on:
If you didn't use an off-camera mic, try to get one for next year. The audio for the dialogue was a weak spot. Try and check the focus for your shots, too, as there were a few that were out-of-focus. It probably comes down to experience and practice more than anything, as you guys looked like you had fun and you produced something sweet.

"lol what is this" is pretty much the over-arching theme of this one. Really bizarre and trippy throughout, though it was entertaining all the while. Good visual effects. Great voice acting and a great performance by the lead. I will admit I didn't really know what was going on most of the time, but the timing and edits were done well and they made me laugh (which was hopefully the intention). I really liked the fight sequence. The head chopping part was amazing and hilarious. That was the realest severed head I done ever did see. The eye-gouging scene seemed a bit over-the-top in terms of gore. The burning scene was hilarious, and the ending did a good job of tying it back to the beginning and making some sense of the utter madness.

Things to work on:
I don't even know what to say. It was such a bizarre film that it pretty much did its own thing start to finish. Well done, and well done driving all the way down to Christchurch to get to witness it!

This was a weird one. Great opening sound effects on the opening scene, with the dialogue. Really creepy and cool effect. Excellent make-up on the people at the beginning. Great editing and cuts during the rapid-cutting part near the beginning. I really liked how you linked in the character and the line in a sort of one-two combo. Fantastic use of the leaf prop with the fake web search page. I liked that a lot. Awesome effects and sequence after the phone call into the end. I really liked the error dialogue after the credits too, which was a nice touch.

Things to work on:
For as great as the sequences were at the beginning and end, the middle part was a little flat. The composition of the shots wasn't very strong, and the overall feel of the middle part wasn't very polished. I would suggest practice and experience to get comfortable and figure out what works.

Good film overall!

This was a movie of mixed emotions. At the beginning, I cringed at the noisy and weird night-time scenes, though the music during the opening was awesome. However, the outlook quickly changed when it went into the totally ridiculous and awesome Pokemon-flavored fight sequence, which I loved. The background singing was amazing and clever. I laughed a lot at the various Pokemon references, so those hit home for me. I don't know if it was intentional, but I laughed hard at the "Your next" in the bathroom mirror. It was around that time that I thought "this is so ridiculous". The community "meeting" where they discussed "what can we do to be safe" was awesome and hilarious, too. I loved the music during the "journey" sequence, and I laughed and shook my head when they "took the elevator down". The clip of the clown with the chicken and the horn was amazing and I'm glad you included it as many times as you did. The overdubbing at the confrontation scene was hilarious and well-done for the effect, and the "final battle" was great. I think that was the only film I saw where the leaf was used as a weapon. Great ending and a great all-around film.

Things to work on:
I don't know if you used an off-camera microphone, but the dialogue audio was one of the weak points of the film. I don't know if you were doing all the ridiculous stuff for the hell of it, but if it wasn't totally that, you guys could really use someone with some technical prowess, as you clearly have some great and hilarious ideas.

I hope you guys had fun with this, because it was a ton of fun to watch.

This was my favorite out of the out-of-towners heat. Fantastic intro sequence. Great story that was clear and engaging. Nice color-grading and cinematography throughout. Great voice-over work and the music was excellent. I really liked the shots of the guys walking along the train tracks, and the shots that made it look like a desert/wasteland. The re-commissioned Nerf gun looked super-sweet. Great performance by the lead (who it looks like wore many hats during the production!). I really liked the music in the scene where he "found the sea". Great ending and a nice tie in to the beginning.

Things to work on:
Some of the gun "blow back" stuff wasn't completely convincing, and it would have been neat to have muzzle flashes instead of having it out of frame. Some of the later color-grading wasn't quite the same as the earlier, but this is an incredibly nit-picky gripe considering how awesome the color-grading was throughout.

That's it... it was a fantastic film that I'm hoping gets into the finals!

This was a fun, kind of silly film. Nice use of the prop. Great music choice during the rocks laying, which ended up being a sweet shot with the sun backlighting the guys sitting in the rocks. Great shot/moment when the guys went outside and everything was "frozen" in place. Great music choice when the mayhem begins and the guys start running around doing whatever. Kind of dodgy/gross when it's implied the guy gets peed on. Excellent visual effect with the guy stuck mid-swing on the swingset. I enjoyed the overall use of music in this. Good ending.

Things to work on:
Credits were impossible to read, though that's not a big deal (or a bug deal). There were a lot of little details that could be tightened up with experience and practice. Overall it was a great film, though.

This was really something else. Impressive performance from start to finish. Amazing music and great audio recording. All the voices were clear and strong, and it was fun hearing the audiences reaction to stuff (which probably mirrored the theater audience!). Hilarious and clever story. I loved the sequences where the machine would be turned on and the visuals would spaz out. Great use of the line. Everybody performed really well, as I don't recall anyone being weak at all. I suppose this is what you do anyway, but it was excellent. I laughed the hardest when the "sloth powers" started coming out, as the freeze frame/stamp/sound effect combo was timed perfectly and was totally brilliant. Superb ending.

Things to work on:
It was a little bit bothersome to have the lower-quality cameras spliced in with the nice-quality one on stage, but that's really a minor quibble with a performance like this.

You guys totally rocked it and produced something unique and amazing.

Nice take on the "One shot" genre, and a good effort considering the challenge. Music would have been a help for a lot of it, as there were so many suspenseful moments that weren't quite ratcheted up to full effect. The breathing sound effect was good, though a benefit if it was unintentional! :-) I found this quite intense, and seemingly influenced by the plethora of war FPS games that have been around for ages. Great props and great costumes, everything looked really realistic. I liked how you linked the airplane flying over with the bombs that dropped later. The sound effects were great. I also quite liked the voice-over parts where the lead guy put his hand up, covering his mouth. You guys chose a great location to do this, and I loved the smoke effect (was that a scooter or something revving up?). The flashbomb part was kind of brutal on the audience, but convincing (at least if the flashbombs in FPS games are to be considered realistic... that's all I have to go off of, as I've never experienced one myself). Great choice of music for the closing credits.

Things to work on:
Tough to point anything out in particular, as this is a really tough genre. Like anything, the whole affair could be tightened up with practice and experience, but you guys did a good job with what you had.

Nice opening music. Great voice-over to explain what's going on. Good audio on that voice-over. The scene where Nicky was dancing through the leaves was great. I loved the guitarists who show up every time Nicky starts singing, they were an excellent choice and addition (though I would wager that at least one of them didn't actually play guitar ;-D ). Clever use of the prop in passing the note. Good singing and good music.

Things to work on:
Camera work could be a little tighter. It seemed like there wasn't somebody experienced/technical on the team, which would be a big benefit for next year.

Overall a great film with a funny and unexpected ending.

Good film. Clear story that made sense and was enjoyable. Well shot. Audio was clear, and the subtle background music in the cafe was great. The various lovers were all over the show. The "horse lover" was hilarious and horrible. The second guy was funny, too, without being quite so "what the heck", while the third (the hunter) was even more awkward than the first.

Things to work on: Dialogue was only out of the left channel, which was weird. Otherwise it was a great showing.

Very nice overall. That's a great cafe that makes a mean eggs benedict! ;-)