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Fun silent film. Particularly good performance from female lead, she really showed the ability to communicate clear ideas without words. Nice one!

Not really a musical/dance film in the end. Set in a bunker before going 'over the top'. Makes a wire flower for his wife/daughter before sacrificing the whole battalion to their inevitable deaths. Good performance from the main actor and nice piano score.

It is the enlightenment (or thereabouts) and witty repartee is at it's very peak. Whenever people have to deal with anything, like pretty much anything in day to day life, they exchange wittisms and move on. Things get rough for our protaganist pair at a wit battle soiree, meeting their nemesis Bobby who pretty much pwns them, they have to find a more 'to the point' method of dispatching their enemies... Enter: the modern age. Sweet dance scene and some awesome lines. Could be finals material this year for Pants!

Silent film, Man vs Baby to win the affections of a lady. Some kind of cutesy stuff, wasn't really as classless as the team name might have suggested... But sweet freeze frame at end had me guffawing I must admit!

Psychologist creates a monster of murderous self-confidence. Pretty funny moments and some good performances.

Intense. Simply and economically shot, this powerful dark drama almost hit all the marks for me. The young actor couldn't always match the intensity the script demanded, but the Mother was very powerful indeed. The danger of falling into the LTNZ tvc vibe is there, but ultimately it's better than the ads themselves, so: win.

Very interesting... Totally random plot, I couldn't really get my head around it from the beginning. Running away, from home I think. Audience was amused by the seeming randomness of it all, and then suddenly it became fascinating. The monologue about the Tui, the Moa and the Kea was quite beautiful and delivered with an interesting relaxed earnestness. I don't know how to describe it really, but I found it quite captivating.

Mystery. Some decent acting.

Fun revenge with big sword theft and probably beheading. Pretty relaxed production.

Really nicely shot, looked like a DSLR, but actually used to tell a story clearly for once. Looked like a young team, but their dialogue seemed well devised and pretty natural. Quite earnest and mature, it had a different flavour to all the other films. Liked how the cast all had characters, even if they minor. Ultimately didn't quite pay off, but a team to watch in future.

So. Bizarre.
You have an actor. You have a corridor. Do you film the actor walking down the corridor? No. You film the actor walking on the spot, then film the camera travelling down the corridor, then combine the two. Why? I don't know, but when it you do that for everyone, everywhere, it becomes awesome.

Dude's beard takes off on him for being a dick to everyone. Good times stop-motion beard escape times... Bummer the victorious beard/face reunion wasn't shot *before* he shaved!

Pretty damn well produced. Again with the dslr depth-of-field look, but well executed. Idea could have been a bit more fleshed out. The dialogue scenes were strong, I would have liked more of it.
edit: What was up with the cuts? If that was a stylistic choice, I wouldn't do it next time.

A family affair about a great cheese heist gone wrong. Bit relaxed on locations and art department and casting, but decently shot and the idea was clearly communicated. Didn't quite suit the available cast, but they obviously had fun making it. SWEET team intro!

Very strange... Sometimes the technical issues made it hilarious, and the laughter happened over the narrative. Didn't quite tell it's story very clearly. It was one of the ladies. Sweet team logo!

GENIUS. I don't know if this approach has been taken before in 48hours, but it's totally worth watching just for the concept. The almost dispassionate narrator went well with his disembodied image. Sadly there was no foley for the ninja fight at the end, so it suddenly became awkward and confusing... I'd love to see it with that fixed

Medieval Moffilaide madness! 2 knight dudes seek the gem, and so does their jerk knight nemesis (guess who). Shockingly, a wizard is watching, who also wants the gem. He teams with jerk knight and (via spell) switches him with a goodie. Jerk pretends to be goodie to score gem. Eventually, everyone learns and changes, and has to fight the wizard. Sweet visual gags, totally rule as always. Such good, good times to watch.

Unfortunately got interrupted at a key moment and re-started. Looked/sounded nice, natural acting. DSLR got pretty wild in second half, too much depth of focus chicanery.

3-way Mexican standoff for some kind of inheritance. Some cool vibes and performances, but let down by a lack of lighting and resolution of story...

Brooding, dark revenge film. Took the audience a moment to take the discovery of the fathers discovered gay adultery seriously, but eventually all were hushed. Shot well on limited resources, it tells it's story clearly and dramatically. Sweet score (downloaded) helps. Although the ending is a little rushed and seemingly far-fetched, the real life drama was engaging. I'd like to see more of their stuff!

Sassy office girl content that she can score either of two co-workers guys gets her just desserts when they make out in front of her. Good payoff!