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I think the reason this got 2nd place in audience choice was because everybody from that intro showed up ahaha. Sorry.

Was not too bad, some good stuff here and there. Although it wasn't the best film of the heat it was still a nicely made film.

EDIT: steelpotato review up there appears to be someone voting up their own film so it ranks higher. There were no good redeeming features in this film other than some solid camerawork. This film was DQ - get over it.

Re-edit: If you gave this 7 stars you can't be a real judge hahaha! Try harder next year.

One of the greatest, can't find anything to fault with it. Solid film.

Might have been due to the genre of the film but I just didn't find this enjoyable to watch. The premise of the film - the button, didn't really have much of an impact. Good try.

Not too bad. Kinda boring but there was some wicked shots involved so, good job.

Oh yeah this one was like reallll guddddd. A-grade stuff!

This wasn't very enjoyable to watch, but the costumes were cool!

Solid film. Good premise but the second-half of the film fell flat though.

Pretty solid. lots a laughs'