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First of all, nice work on keeping it short! Getting more and more into nice tight stories for 48HOURS.

Thought the start was great, with an awesome match-cut and well-staged humping. Like others, I thought he was pulling off a condom post-pee, which was odd, then realised it was gum. Does gum come out of pubes that easily? Maybe scissors instead of a comb...

I liked the guy embracing his new identity and the girl seeing him again without the booze-goggles. All in all a nice simple and amusing short, good work.

I loved this. The camera work and voiceover were both fantastic. Such a simple idea - like one of those 2-sentence horror stories that float around Facebook. A really cool concept of taking revenge on the product instead of the person that the revenge should hit. The accent of the voiceover kept me laughing throughout. When the title came up, I leaned over to the guy next to me to ask the genre, and then instead of the film kicking in, it just stopped. For a moment I was stunned but in hindsight, I really like it ending when it did. So many questions! Excellent mood creation. My #2 on Aud Choice.

Nice idea with this story and some really sweet comedy. Enjoyed the first computer scenes of the internet flirting, and loved the main guy transforming himself into Red for Bed. I didn't realise at all that this was a race-against-the-clock film though, so not sure if the genre could consider itself nailed. Liked the clumsy characterisation of the lead female. In the end I was pleased the protagonist failed, thinking that he didn't deserve the win he was after. I enjoyed watching him, though. The lead actress was really fun.

Really enjoyed watching this film but goddamn, this doesn't belong in any way in the musical genre. It's like saying Nightmare on Elm St is a musical cos of "1, 2, Freddie's coming for you...". That aside - some great scares, huge mood building, lovely camera work and editing. I was really into it and scared at the end with the dark shot of our hero, and unfortunately the reveal of Potbelly could have been much sharper - maybe a lights-on or something? Was prepped to shit myself but didn't. You guys were fantastic at creating mood and have a massive bunch of skills but there's no way this will progress as a musical.

I think this film would've been at least twice as good if you'd cut off the first two or three minutes. The main action was really good and compelling and the situation pulled me in, but goddamn I had no idea what was going on for the first few minutes. Good ending.

Insane. Wonderful. Horrible. Great. Shit. A stop-motion animation that compels you, pulls you in, then teases you by being fucken nuts. Sweet massacres. Ending was random as hell. Thanks for making this.

I really liked your film. My favourite parts were the bookends, with the guy turning up at home then coming out from the garage. Lovely ending with his revelation being just that last nail in the coffin for his girlfriend. Also points for super-beard. Acting was close but no cigar, especially from our lead. Some nice camera action though.

A great idea with some nice fx and some fantastic melodrama. I liked the set-up, albeit pretty ridiculous. Leaned over to my friend and whispered that she should have just killed the other woman if she's taking over her life, otherwise things get tricky. (Called it.) The bread knives had us laughing a lot. Enjoyed your use of split-screen too. Not too sure why we all had to slice our own throats in a Fight Club manner, but that's ok. At least there was some 8-ball mystery to finish it off.

There was some great cinematography in this short. I thought the lead was strong, and enjoyed the main female performance too. The stalking aspect worked well and I liked the lonely character you created. Pacing-wise, I think you could have got to your ending a bit sooner, and while the twist was ok, I was hoping for a bit more. Part of me wanted her to be his flatmate and the ending be him running into the lounge to revive her...! I liked the film a lot and thought there was a lot of style going on. I missed the potential masty jokes from watching other webcams but that's because I'm filthy and no fault of yours.

A one-room film mixed in with fad (?) about the forthcoming rapture. Bishop Bobby gets us off to a slow start delivering his sermon among some good gags (Chastity being my favourite, the hip-flask sipping wife was good too).

Overall I found it entertaining and with a sharp sense of humour. The background music was well-done. I did find it a bit too talky though, which wasn't helped by poor dialogue levels. Good ending.

Competently shot and put together, this was a pretty gentle and easy-going film. You could argue that turning up to a paid appointment with someone to fix your mental issues isn't really 'dating' as such, but solo-ma seemed up for it at the end so his bravery maybe won her over. Pretty rough of her to make him come to her for an agoraphobia counseling session, really...!

Very funny film, with ultra-creepy hitch-hiker (creepiness heightened even more by the horrific / incredible ADR) getting revenge on childhood bully. Some cheesy-as-hell dialogue ("Looks like the car's stopping") that totally worked with the lack of sync. Killer last line, as mentioned by the other reviews. A great lo-fi 48 short.

The film lived up to the promise of its title. Very funny, incredibly random, pretty cheesey, and quite silly. Won the audience over pretty quickly and had a lot of great moments scattered through-out. Well done guys, hope you make the finals.

I thought this was a pretty nicely-acted film. The flashbacks were well-done and heightened and the lead-up to the accusation had all the seeds planted. I liked the last twist too.

I don't think there was an audience member in the house who didn't glance at the person next to them during the jew jokes, wondering what the deal was. A pretty funny and somewhat ridiculous premise which lent itself to a gloriously insane montage of gags.

It's a shame that so many films have someone formerly bullied by Bobby Young exacting their revenge. These guys did it too, with an intense display of overacting from our caring fatherly nutbar. I enjoyed the smoking scene as Bobby psyched himself up for his task. This film had an interesting visual style which helped to build towards a pretty satisfying twist.

A girl accidentally magics her bunny to Skull Island and sets about to retrieve him. The images looked good but I got frustrated with the reasonably constant shuffling in and out of focus. The highlight was the 3 kids and their delightful performances, plus you can tell the production team was loving dressing them up to look so bad-ass.

This film was pretty hilarious. Some shockingly funny acting, some STI seduction, a horrific accent, a variety of people kicking back in a spa... Over the top, rough, and wonderful.

Started with some promise, but I think its brevity took us all a bit by surprise - we were looking out for the fad, and then the credits started appearing. The guy's speech was pretty well-played, I thought.