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Cool concept - everyone loves prank wars. Was the main actor wearing eyeliner? Laugh out loud funny at times - this film could have been slicker if camera work had been more stable. But nonetheless - good effort.

Awesome, fast paced action film here. Excellent camerawork with great acting. The story diverged into strange places, but somehow kept it all tied together in a neat bow. An alien film that was a birthday film?

Awesome visuals on display here and a great story that could have been fleshed out further in more time. It actually felt very sci-fi - through the language, acting and tech elements. The ending felt a little rushed and maybe lessened the impact of the 'twist' a little. Can't wait to see what these guys do next year.

A little strange - perhaps falling somewhere between chase, thriller and mystery film. It had moments of comedy and moments of tension but these were undone by random moments of bizarre-ness?

This film was comedy gold. A pity it was disqualified. Santa and his elves generated alot of humour and jokiness that had the audience chuckling hard. Santa's workshop could have been better dressed to make the setting more believable but good fun overall.

This little film had a mint concept with some typical kiwi humour thrown in. It garnered alot of laughs from the audience too which means it was doing it's job. Alot of locations in this one - it may have been better to limit the locations in favour of shooting a few better?

Awesome one-location film that keeps ratcheting up the tension as time progresses. Much like Chilly-Box's winner last year, this film creates a tense believable setting over a phone conversation at a radio station. The only little thing was that the slider work was overused.

Funny film that plays on kiwi humour. The voice-over throughout was a good concept. A little more finesse with editing and camerawork could have made this film great.

Funny concept thru and thru. Brave actors, and the girls played a bunch of middle-aged wierdos well haha. Re-use of same actors at end a little bit of a let-down.

Did well to create world around puppet hunting - esp with the pokemon craze atm. Blood effects a little overused, but something easily fixed with more time. Decent comedy woven throughout too.

More or less a one-location movie. Immaculately shot with clear dialogue. While some of the comedic timing felt a bit forced, the story was the driving factor and had us all edge of seat come 5 minutes.

Probably the most intense film this heat in terms of acting, although audio patchy in one or two spots (maybe deliberate?). Violent, but kept it's feet in reality which is good when making something this short. Ppl need to understand it.

Very well shot. Alot of set dressing and cleaning up no doubt. Acting and locations were great. Felt the final twist lingered a bit long but other than that all good.