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That tank out of nowhere was fantastic. Who said that 3D animation could not be incorporated into a 48 hour film! Acting was good, and the story suited. However, there were several shots where you would accidently see the human life still there, at first I didn't mind, but after the 2nd instance, I began searching every shot outside for it. Music became frustrating after a few minutes. The end was a surprise and for sure the best surprise ending of the night.

I will never be able to look at animated films such as this in the same way again. Constantly thought it couldn't get worse and then BAM. In the spirit of v48 Hours this movie was memorable, and despite the crude humour, well animated. However, the story plot could be seen as slightly controversial. Voicing was well done.

Quite enjoyed the humour in this film. Characters were well portrayed and well acted (Tza was great) . The main downside to this film was the mockumentary aspect, as I felt that it seemed a slightly easy way out. Well shot on most fronts!

Technically well done, sound was good, acting was good. Some odd shots here and there, but the locations were well chosen and the story reasonably memorable.