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No mum! A good idea and lead actor was believable. Really like your intro!! Pay off unfortunately was a bit dragged out, could have been a little tighter with the edit - twist ending felt a bit off, tonally (dark world-building, but possibly too naturalistic - could have double down on the bleakness and given the twist ending an extra beat to land with the audience)

This really felt like it was done in good spirits so will review accordingly. Very funny. Great chemistry between two blokes. Some solid reveals and top tier execution on jokes. On form all round.

I don't know if this would even be allowed to screen at City Finals?? I don't think I've seen something this visceral in this comp, myself. 100% commitment to the gross out, fantastic production values and courageously explicit. What a horrible experience. 7/7 would experience again.

Damn this was really slick! One of my favorites of the night. Great make-up/costume. Top performances. Well executed concept.

Was this a school team? A lot of awesome, hilarious ideas. Keep making stuff!!

This was a bloody riot! The guy on the tape really nailed it with his comedic timing. Some really good gags. An intriguing take on what might happen if we don't encourage each other. That was my understanding, anyway.

I unfortunately missed the beginning of this entry, but just caught the end. Was it parody? Handled the obscene comedy well. Truly a feel good story. Nice camera work! And props...

This film really lost me. Shoddy camera work. Botched editing. Main character had no real enthusiasm. The 3 mimes at the end had next to no chemistry. Such a fall from grace from the almighty Couch Kumaras. Heck, I remember back in the day when they made their best entry to this competition, "Loosely Attached". The performances were really strong in there, especially the guy with the bowl cut. Stop motion intro? Don't get me started. PS. if you guys ever need an extra set of hands, let me know. Could really do with the work right now, times have been really tough and just feels like an uphill battle at times. Terrible film. 6/7, would watch again.

There were some solid performances in here. Two guys in the tub were great. Overall the cast were committed to the jokes. I was a little bit lost tonally. Solid entry! Sorry to hear about the disqualification :(

The film had highs and lows, it was a shame that it would probably take a repeat viewing to fully understand the film, which is not ideal in this sort of competition. It was a good effort either way.

What can I say that hasn't already been said? Really funny, really entertaining, an overall crowd-pleaser! Every loved it. On a critical level, well, I don't know. Everything one would normally critique, you seem to have done on purpose. Terrible props, terrible costumes, terrible premise and terrible story. You made this film so bad, it's good. Really good. You obviously had a lot of fun, and that's admirable. Despite the intentionally low-budget look you were going for, there is still this hidden high production value. These sort of things can go either way, but you were my favorite comedy of the night. Hope you guys go far in the competition, this year or next :)

I agree with some of the other reviewers, that the biggest downfall for this short was the repetition of very similar material. It was easy to get a little lost in this. However, I can tell that there is a lot of heart in this. The most admirable part is how inseparable the main couple seemed. There was something very real in that relationship. Beat-boxing was a peculiar way to replace words, but it worked. The main problem was that scenes blurred into one another, without much diversity, and it was easy to get lost. Perhaps it could have done with a few more silent moments or something to contrast the intensity? A very challenging genre with an original take on it. Mad respect.

First off, nice intro! Your story was incredibly ambitious, seemed like the premise for a feature length film rather than a short film. But you did manage to sum it up well. The whole thing was a little confusing, messy at times, but well acted and had a stellar soundtrack. It was filmed well, however shots were a little disjointed. All things considered, this was a mean feat for 48hours. There are always things that can be improved with everyones film. I am a big fan of conspiracies and stories that try to break the expectations of what can be done in one weekend. Complicated, but worth the watch!

I love your guys films. I was fortunate enough to see Dive Dive Dance (or the other way around?) and the fact that you guys continue your style and embrace the spirit of this competition is heartwarming. I am looking forward to seeing what you have for us next year!

I enjoyed the characters in this film the most. The story had me pretty bewildered at the end, but I am sure it would make sense given another viewing. I suppose this is always a compromising element to any film, as we only have the one chance as a heat audience. So until I see it again, I will deduct a few points from my review (wank wank, right?). A classic story, somewhat familiar but with a very original kiwi twist, which is always a good thing. Well done :)

This is one of those films that you almost cringe at how well made it is. The acting was a highlight for me, I was a huge fan of how charismatic the lead was and how awkward Vicki was without being too much. It was well shot and the gags were hilarious (perhaps a little 'been-there-done-that) but the thing that really holds this one together was that moment that links to the start. I didn't know where the main guy was or how he got there at the beginning, which sparked my curiosity. Finding out his predicament at the end was a joy, and it's things like this that set films a-part from the rest, story-wise. Bravo, I won't be surprised to see this one in the City Finals line-up.