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This team reminds me of our first couple of films for our first years of 48Hours many years ago...

The overhead shot in this film was great especially when the four characters came together - I can imagine they felt very bad-ass seeing that scene come together. Large chunks of the audio was missing, and you could really tell as you could cut the silence with a knife - for next year, I'd make sure there's some background music or something at the very least. I'm eager to see what this team will be delivery in a few years time ....

This film had a really strong opening - the flashing text was great and the juxtaposition of the character whipping the character on the sidewalk with the chain and the way the team name comedy was presented was a great gag (I don't know whether this is intentional or not, but I'd own it either way). It kind of fell away a bit from there though and seemed to end way sooner than it should have. If this team carried the strong opening across the whole film - this team would be a force to be reckoned with!

One of the stronger films in an otherwise mixed heat. I can understand why you didn't - but, I wish you'd really doubled down on the homoerotic direction of the film and commited to the kiss and having the 'romance' progress a little further before the third character interrupting it.

The VO of the film playing in the background was great - You VO artist did a great cowboy impression.

There were some great elements to this film and some weaker ones. The tone felt like it was a little all over the place - I sort of thought it started as a bit of a comedy with the campiness of the Eye to Eye host, I really wish the team had doubled down on this in the first half so the sudden switch to the bizarre in second half was more jarring. Probably the best overhead shot used this heat - It lingered a bit long for my tastes, but I loved the visual effects of the blood in the static TV scene.

This is one of those films I hate to see as a competitor because of how strong it was, but on the other hand - It's a film that's great to see what can actually be achieved by teams that actually put in the effort for the weekend- especially impressive as a solo/duo team. As far as ultra goes, the use of split screen was good, but I especially liked that it enabled the fourth wall break gag - My pick for best use of the fourth wall break this heat. This film is easily going to make it to City Finals.

Sucks about the DQ - I was looking forward to this one since your strong showing in last year's heat. Split screen worked well, and this was my pick for best use of wind element this heat.

One of two 'mature' films from tonight's heat and one that finally answer the question of what you'd do if you met your clone screw them or fight them... The humour of the cross dressing was lost a little when there was always one. I kind of wish that the main characters had both been their original genders and the clones had been more exaggerated cross dressing, but I get that it's not that kind of humour. I was expecting the characters to end up with the other character's clones, so was surprised when they ended up with each other.

If I had to guess, I'd say this team had watched Get Out recently before making this one - not a bad thing. The use of genre was great, I'm always a big fan of teams that take the genre and make it their own. I don't know what the run time on this film was, but it seemed to end almost as quickly as it began - I feel like it could have benefited from another scene or two in the escape. The film had a very strong and consistent visual direction, which was missing in a lot of the films tonight.

Loved the costumes and make up for the film. The strongest make-up design of the night - It's refreshing to see that level of make up on multiple characters in a film. Really liked the gibberish language used in the film (unless it's an actual foreign language, I don't recognize). Plot was pretty straight forward, not really clear what happened when the time travel happened. - Bad luck about the DQ - better luck next year guys!