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This film did not handle its plot well at all. Pacing was well off as soon as everything (including exposition) was explained through a huge chunk of dialogue in the middle. We should have known a lot of the exposition much earlier in the film. Excessive swearing was unnecessary and kind of made it seem like the two friends didn't really like each other. They had no dynamic. The film also tried a bit hard to be very serious and it came off a little forced. The film looked good though. Great colours and cinematography.

Probably the most absurd film I've seen this year... not just for 48. But I like absurd! It was just so silly that I couldn't not enjoy it, and also didn't rely on being overly random or quirky. Great sense of humour and HANDS DOWN best use of bread. Production wasn't top notch but it kind of suited the idea of the dining game/reality show.

USB gag was on point and hilarious. Film went down hill for me from there. It relied too much on montage to tell the story. I would have liked more dialogue.

Terrific concept. Topical humour always gets a good laugh and this film certainly had me laughing. Production quality let them down slightly. Also pacing was a small issue. The dialogue was great and I liked the face to face/computer conversation scenes. Also very clever reversing the film when the main character scrolled back through their conversation.

Didn't care for either of the main characters. Thought Harper's 'thoughtlessness' was a little too obvious as well. That being said, the jump scare of the kid running through the light was done so well that I actually jumped. More of that would have been awesome. I would also have liked the film to explain why the girl was killing people, rather than have just a random monster killing people.

Had the film established that the main character was in love with the man who was getting married earlier, and more clearly, then I would have been more invested. However, it just became a very generic 'friend chases drunk friend around' story. Some funny moments, but overall a bit forgettable as a result of the plot line that I felt I had seen many times before.

The lack of plot is what let this film down. I enjoyed the characters and dialogue felt natural and had me laughing. But when I realised all the story would be was one character fetching bread and milk whilst talking on the phone to his best bud, I lost interest. No conflict = no story.

I admire the ambitiousness of it, and the special effects were impressive. However, it fell apart in its story telling, mostly caused by pacing issues.

That being said it had a thrilling climax, and the tension created in the scene where all the clones believe they are the original had a lot of potential. If anything, this film showed me this team have a lot of promise and I hope to see them again next year.

Characters weren't particularly interesting, but I thought the scene with the beer and the brownies was hilarious and actually really well filmed. Cookie monster/Sasquatch was weird but I liked it. Introduction of the Sven character was also a bit weird but again, comedically it worked ok.

The Taken gag was really funny, but I agree with the other reviewers, moving location was disjointing and unnecessary. Maybe I missed something but the motivations of the characters were a little unclear. Was still a pretty enjoyable film.

Mysteries shouldn't be obvious, but this one's ending was easy to call. It had the opportunity to use the audience's expectation of the generic storyline to create a film saving plot twist, but the film was too short to do anything but reveal the expected. Thought the team played it too safe and didn't attempt to be overly original with an interesting genre. Scenes in the cellar were actually pretty well done though. Good tension, just no satisfying pay off. The end credits were awesome though.

The 'Last people on earth reality show' was a nice take on a genre that is pretty difficult to make non-cliche. I did feel like the film relied a bit too much on the hilarious main character. The trail of apples leading to the pose and the banana was a highlight. I think a different setting would have been more aesthetically appealing, the apartment was a little drab and didn't make me feel like these characters were truly the last people on earth.

Weird concept, but I liked it. I was really impressed by the stop motion of the lego, but some of the humour relied a little too much on quirkiness and being random. That being said I did find the film pretty funny.

Overall I enjoyed this one, mostly due to the German guy. He was the best character of the entire heat. I wasn't immediately interested in the film to begin with, but it eventually proved itself to be funny and surprisingly moving.

Some pretty blaring production problems that were easily fixable. But I thought it was a simple story that had its moments. I thought the chopping of the meat was done really well, and the ending was pretty good. I think the team has a lot of potential.

Easily the funniest film of the night. Plot was thin, but I didn't give a shit cause the two leads were charismatic enough to carry my attention and make me genuinely interested to find out what would happen next. The self deprecating breaking of the 4th wall was a highlight. I found the moral at the end of the film was a little unrelated to the plot, but again it was easily over looked because it was hilarious. I demand a 'The Fucket List' TV show because I enjoyed the characters so much. Eli was the best male character. Really well done on that actors part.

It looked like the team had a lot of fun making this film and should be proud to know it made me cry with laughter. They seem like funny people. I would like to hang out with them. please hang out with me.

Overall I felt this film was more style over substance. I figured the thing Harper was making was an erotic enhancement drug of some sort, but why it was dangerous, why Harper spoke demonically, and why their was any reason to fear harper or her sexy lesbian science was never made clear. The film made me eager to learn more, but didn't reveal anything. So there was no real payoff for all the suspense established in the beginning of the film.

That being said, I thought the erotic red lit scenes were some of the best scenes of the night. They were superbly edited and displayed some very talented cinematography.