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My Fav of the night, right from the start it had me hooked deep during the meal dialogue, wondering which direction this film was going in. The humour was witty and clever and they managed to squeeze a lot of it into their short. Editing was tight and I felt it flowed nicely, the story worked for me !

Had a kind of De ja Vu start for me with the opening party. It reminded me of the 48 hrs promo ads of the past with the animal heads. Nice story location, and cinematography here was top notch. The use of the balloons to lead us further into the storyline was clever. Acting seemed natural to the cast, I enjoyed this movie :)

Well done guys !
End of world can be a difficult genre to source props for. I especially liked the soundscape and also the steadycam shot down the driveway. Nice footage quality. Seeing as a lot of it was night shot, I suspect a DSLR was used here, considering the lack of grain in the footage.

Nice job !

Tangerine, that was smoke from burning potatoes, not guns. And it IS possible for people to pass out and die due to smoke asphyxiation.