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A revenge-based one room entry. Very hard to make out the plot in this film due to huge amounts of technical issues. I'm guessing something went very wrong in the editing suite which is a shame since there was obviously a full story written and shot.

Great take on horror.. very enjoyable. Technically I think it had a little room for improvement in the shooting/editing... but I really liked the style the team went for and for the most-part they pulled it off well. I'm not sure the B&W added anything, I would have preferred some colour with a nice grade. The team did an excellent job of continually building the tension which I think is critical in making a strong horror entry. Well done.

Well done on attempting a drama, they can be difficult to pull off and I think you made a great effort. One thing I think that held you back was that you're actors looked too young for the roles they were playing. It's a common problem with younger teams, and I think it's better to script your characters to suit your team composition. I also thought the film needed a little more resolution. Although the main character was remorseful at the end, I'm not sure you adequately portrayed how the journey had reformed/changed him. Well done, and I look forward to seeing more in years ahead. (Loved the team intro)

For most of the short, I was just in awe of the sheer amount of shooting this team did. (Did this contribute to the late delivery?)
The costuming too was awesome. The film itself was well done, well written, very funny and incorporated the character of Bobby Young extremely well. I'm sure it would have done well if it had been eligable for competition.

Pleasant start to the heat with this film. It had some fun lines scripted that had the audience laughing. "She's not baggage, she's my wife!" The plot seemed to jump along very quickly however, with them seeming to stumble across the culprit with no real detective work done beforehand. Need to work a little more on varying shot sizes, which would make a big difference to the look of the film. All in all, a good effort from a young team, and look forward to more in future years.

I thought this team had a really great idea behind their film and a fresh take on the revenge genre. For the most part it was shot well and showcased a really nice performance from the neighbour character. I think a much tighter edit would have made a huge improvent to the finished product, especially if it cut out some of the student flatmates banter, which felt unscripted and didn't add anything to the film. Overall, a very solid entry and went down well with the audience.

In comparing this to previous Outwits efforts, I found this year's entry fell a little flat for me. It seemed like the film was building towards a climatic finale dance scene, but then just abruptly stopped short. Still plenty of laughs per usual and no real sour notes.. but for me lacking the X factor of previous years.

Lovely shot musical, much in the style of "Once". Great acting and singing perfomances from the cast. I thought the story could have been a little more clearly told, as the motives of the bully/ex bully character were hard to discern and I was confused over whether she was being nice or nasty. And perhaps a little tightening in the edit would have improved the flow. Overall a gem however and a real shame it wasn't in the running as I would have loved to voted for it.

Technically let down in both sound and vision and as a consequence it was very hard to hear the dialogue actually tell what was happening. It made for a surreal end to the heat with an enjoyable ape chase sequence, but overall seemed to lack a coherent plot.

A real crowdpleaser... nicely shot and edited and genuinely funny, I'm not sure how well the ex-bully trait was incorporated and in my opinion the team did a small sidestep with the genre and ended up with more of a crime/mystery than a quest. However one of the best in the heat, and highly entertaining.

I always enjoy how the Spooceman completely mixes it up and gives us something fresh each year. With this year's solo entry he went with an illustrated graphic novel type approach. Great mood and atmosphere, fantastic illustration skills. I did get a teeny bit lost at the twist at the end with who was who, but then again I also forgot where I parked the car.

My favourite from heat 8, I really enjoyed the approach this team took with Body Swapping and there was a beautiful little twist at the end. I think perhaps it could have been tightened up a bit in the edit, but overall excellent with some great work from the cast.