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I miss seeing more batshit-insane stuff like this in the 48hours. I would be lying if I said I thought this was the best film of the night, but it may very well have been my favourite. Madness! I love it!

This one was interesting because the choreography and camera work was REALLY well done, but it fell flat in other areas. I didn't really understand what was going on exactly... I'm not sure if this was some intentional Lynchian vibe you were going for, but it could have done with a clearer story. The quality of the camera work seems at odds with the quality of the footage... next time try to source a better quality camera, better lighting, possibly colour grading.

On a technical level, everything was super slick. Really impressed with the use of split screen, must be a real head-spinner to figure that stuff out in editing while sleep-deprived! I think the story lost a little bit of the punch behind all the technical wizardry unfortunately... didn't find it quite as funny/entertaining as usual, but that's only relative to the high standards we're used to seeing from Jovial: it was still a super fun watch!

This was really well done, the performance of the main actor in particular helped carry the film. It's hard to remember specific details off the top of my head but it felt like each scene built on top of each other well, it just got funnier and more convincing as it went along. In terms of story telling, dialogue, performance, etc. it worked really well. Could use a little more visual polish (perhaps better lighting, colour grading, tighter editing), but ultimately, as they say, story is king. I will be keeping an eye out for this team next year.

The production levels on this were spectacular as usual! I loved the lighting and the Lego spaceship stuff was really well done. I didn't even realise it was just Lego at first. I think the most technically impressive part was showing the character performing on one side of the split screen, and then the same performance on a monitor on the other side... kinda mind-bending stuff. Great use of split screen, everything was conveyed very clearly. Split screen would have been very daunting to work with and edit together seamlessly when you're sleep deprived! The story didn't feel quite as tight as some of your earlier films, but the dialogue was well written and performed well.

This is probably my favourite Halcyon film so far. I absolutely love that you not only stepped up to the ultra challenge and made EVERY character an animal, but went with a very unexpected choice of animal. As always the cinematography was absolutely beautiful. I have to admit I can barely remember the story because I was so caught up in the technical qualities but it was probably a good idea to stick to a simple story to allow all the crazy ideas room to breathe.

Absolutely incredible! It met a good balance between parody and just good quality story telling. This could easily have fallen into the trap of "it's funny because their puppets" but instead, it hooked us into believing in and loving the characters right way and for half the film, so when we finally DO see human hands, the impact was much stronger. Amazing atmosphere, special effects, performances, everything, great work!

I loved the concept of this film, really imaginative. Mostly pretty funny overall, but the ending was definitely the funniest part. I think the only part that fell flat was the car joke... probably would've worked better if it was more exaggerated (like maybe he unzipped a mobility scooter instead of a car or something like that) although I suppose you can only work with what's available. Overall, really enjoyable!

This was pretty sweet. At first I didn't really follow what was going on, but by about halfway through I really liked the little guy.

I commend your team for tackling a serious topic such as the Auckland housing crisis, and even more so for doing it in only 48 hours! The film starts off great, but it felt like it didn't really have much of a conclusion. The difficulty here is taking this subject matter and criticising the root of the problem: that is, rampant financial speculation by housing investors. Recently a house was sold 3 times within 24 hours increasing the value by $80,000... having this happen in front of our hapless heroines could have been both heart breaking and hilarious with the right comic timing. Perhaps also showing more of the effects of this stress on their relationship might have made a more hard-hitting conclusion... I imagine the housing crisis is breaking up a lot of families. And I couldn't help but wonder: where are they currently living? Are they living in a car like so many Auckland families are forced to at the moment?

Anyway... it was a very good effort, and you're obviously a talented bunch. It's all shot and edited beautifully, and the performances were also great. I would love to see the same team pick up the topic with a bit more time later on and make a more refined story about it.