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Really good work from these guys, hellishly funny, great acting, tightly written. Not really much more I can say. Thoroughly enjoyed -- one of the best of the Heat.

Good way to start the night, while definitely not the best of the night, was definitely one of the more enjoyable. Solid, quirky effort, with a strong performance by the lead. Hope this guy gets an acting nom, he held the piece together with a really funny, quirky performance.

Absolutely loved this film -- was an audience favourite and rightly so. Really proves that sometimes, the most simplest of concepts can come out with the greatest results. Simple storyline -- but executed pitch-perfect. The Dog P.O.V. shot was a stroke of heartwarming brilliance, well shot, directed and edited. The cast did a very solid job, had great chemistry and showcased brilliant subtle comedic acting in roles that could've been very easy to overplay, but, I must say (sorry to the human cast) the dog was absolutely brilliant -- stole the show. Best Actor/Actress nomination? I say yes. Thoroughly enjoyed it, was one of the top films of the night and am really interested in seeing more stuff from this team.

Nice film. Atmospheric and visually intriguing. Thought the actors were well cast and did a fine job. All around, a solid effort.

I enjoyed this one quite a bit -- will second what the above reviewer said with sound, it was a bit iffy, but I don't think it was a huge issue, I only noticed it once or twice, where it momentarily pulled me out of an otherwise really engaging piece. Nice concept and execution, peppered with some really nice gags, good performances and one of the best soundtracks of the night, I feel. It wasn't too long or too short, it hit a nice place, answered everything I wanted answered and wrapped everything up nicely. Recommended indeedy.

I didn't particularly enjoy this entry, I felt it was overly long and uneventful, the use of the cards felt a little contrived and it all ended in a pay off that sort of fizzled out, and made me kind of annoyed. Some nice shots throughout, and the lead did a relatively good job of holding together a largely non-existent story. There's definitely talent on display here, I just hope that in the future they utilise that talent better, and make an engaging film that keeps the audience interested for its duration.

Firstly, I appreciate what ADHDMI did with this film -- I think it looked great, and the idea of doing a 3D film was a novel idea, and the group must be applauded for continually pushing the boundaries of shorts in this comp. BUT, in saying that, I felt that while it was a really nice piece and had a great aesthetic, I felt it lacked a bit of substance and went on for a bit too long. I felt the films that worked the best in Heat 2 were the punchier ones that got their point across in an economical fashion. Unfortunately for a short, this kinda dragged, and equally as unfortunate, the 3D didn't really come off that well -- I'm not sure if it was where I was sitting or if it was just iffy 3D. While I was a little disappointed by it, I would recommend it, for the visual lyricism if nothing else.

Great experience working on this film with the boys of the mighty mighty BATTLESOUP! Really happy with the result, cut together well, good direction from Benjiwenji, great effects, and a really fun movie to watch. Seemed to get a good response at the screening, which is always nice, and heaps of people that I talked to who saw Heat 2 seemed to have really dug it. Also, concur with the above poster -- so very, very happy that the "Did you rig this up..." line was in this movie.