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I won't dwell on the obvious technical problems.
This was fun short with an appealing main character.
However the film felt like an extended montage scene trying to advertise man chips or man dip which is funny but it didn't have much of a story.
The interactions with the neighbour character didn't add much at all but at least you were trying to introduce some conflict to the story.
It looked like a fun film to make and I'm sure that the full quality render will have some great production value.

Congratulations Sam films, pat on the back.
A great horror film made by real horror buffs, the audience were literally jumping in their seats at the shocking villain.
For a moment I thought that you had stumbled across my secret drinking spot and this is exactly why this film was so strong, it is completely relatable.
It had an unassuming horror beginning but out of nowhere the story unveiled itself as a psychological thriller.
I won't spoil the ending but I will congratulate the film's SFX department for that final shot.
Great job on the original soundtrack and song, my only complaint is that the film could have had more ducks.

This film reinforces something that I have always known, cleaners are smarter than you or I.
It is normal to see cleaners sorting through trash but most people don't realise that it isn't for recycling, it is to get materials for home chemistry labs.
Mr Chancy is your regular Mensa-card-carrying professional cleaner that longs to leave his dusty broom cupboard / chemistry lab and relax in the comfort of a psychiatrist's office.
However Chancy's unfulfilled mind becomes distracted by some old timey cameras.
He soon begins processing some old super 8mm film using a chemical formula that he invents using old coffee grounds, some mouldy orange peels and various other bits of trash.
Unfortunately this formula has some toxic properties and Chancy is left mentally impaired and unable to continue his charade.

The dreaded musical genre was no problem for this skilled team.
It got off to a great start with a song about a dog or was the dog singing? was its mouth moving?
The excellent use of sound effects drove the message home for me and I am currently wondering if I should return a Chumbawamba CD to Real Groovy.
However the dog never gained the courage to turn around and fearlessly sing toward the audience.
This lack of courage was clearly the burden of knowing the plot twist... the female character has an evil twin.