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I assume there were sound problems here which may have lost us some key plot elements, but the idea was well grounded, and some good acting brought us 'on the journey' with the lead character. Was the ending Hobson's Choice - eternal damnation, or eternal damnation just one week later? Wasn't quite sure of the payoff and, as I say, that may have been because of the lost dialogue.... Nice idea overall.

Another nice idea developing, but some sound/dialogue issues meant I couldn't quite follow what was going on. The End of The World element could have been rammed home better by some different choice of location, as there were many people happily shopping at Countdown..! Having a tick-list of things-to-do-before-you-die was a sound idea, but you could have had some real gravitas to this story and grabbed your audience's sympathies with some deeper activities. Overall a good idea with lots of potential.

The ending was a little disappointing as it seemed we'd just concluded 10 years and the guy remains mad, and maybe I missed something but that powerful symbol he was drawing had a plot twist waiting somewhere......However, overall, I enjoyed the premise of something driving our character to insanity, and some generally nice photography kept us engaged.

A little confusing this one and I'm not sure I followed how the time travel was working because as I was watching it felt more like dimension-travel rather than going back and forth in time. Maybe it was both and perhaps I missed that. A nice idea certainly and lots to develop on.

For me, this was the most fun film of the heat. Some cliches and the outcome was a little bit telegraphed, but it still had many many good comedy moments (loved the forward rolls on the patch of carpet). The look of the film was great too with the predominantly black colour really emphasizing a night time heist. Good stuff.

A very strong first gag with Shank'd, and stronger still with Plough'd, but after the second punchline the film quickly faded into repetition. I think you could have actually ended with the great eyebrow raise to camera at Serv'd, which was strangely my favourite part of your film and gave me a good chuckle.

Very nice cinematography and the set-up was great. Some dialogue issues confused the ending and the film seemed to finish a little abruptly, and I hope perhaps there's a further plot twist in there for the Director's Cut...?

A nice doco-style shaky-cam - I usually hate that effect because it makes me feel ill, but you didn't overplay it and it worked. The film had a good premise, but lacked a twist at the payoff. Perhaps there's another 2 minutes of story waiting there to round this off..?

Excellent photography, and powerful use of the silhouette. Clearly a stand-out film for the heat (and presumably Christchurch). Like MistaTeas, my only observation is it felt similar to other things we've seen but that's easily overlooked for something of this quality.

A novel and stylish approach. Although I was a little confused by the story at the end, this was very enjoyable to watch.

With some slick editing and a good pace, the payoff was ultimately disappointing which was a shame because there was some great acting here, and interesting characters we were warming to.

Great brummie accents to lock in the MockuRockumentary style, but ultimately with no story it was just fun to watch you guys have fun.

Nice cinematography at the beginning which created a good atmosphere early. Then the story was just a little too simple and I felt and you could have gone a lot further with it, but it is a really hard genre to pull off and I'm glad I didn't get it.
PS. I think I saw a van go past in the background towards the end of the film ... last but one man on earth? ;)

Good performances, and spot on timing and photography with the interplay between the buddies and the captee. The emphasis on sandwiches felt contrived because we knew you had to include bread, but yet it was still funny and engaging (and hints of Flight of the Conchords humour I thought). The ending was good, although telegraphed. Overall, an enjoyable film.

This was fun but a strange fantasy theme and so I'd question Black Comedy. I know you had sound issues at the start that were not your fault, but then the voices seemed overdubbed and everso slightly out of synch - which I then couldn't work out was technical or intended! To be honest, if it was intended, it ADDED to the weirdness of your strange theme! Ultimately, if I am honest, I didn't really follow the plot but somehow still found it entertaining. Let's see a Director's Cut maybe??

I liked the look of this at the beginning - good shadows and reflections - and I think you could have moved the mood of the story by changing that look during the film (easy to say in the calm of post-48 hours, I know!)
Good performances from the actors, the pace was a bit up and down but there was a good element of 'is she the killer?' or 'is she just framing him?' so it kept my attention throughout.

There were some sound issues so I lost some of the dialog, and the plot drifted a little in the middle. However, it was well filmed with a clear rockumentary style and some great one liners meant that overall it was an enjoyable watch.

I struggled to follow this film. The build up to the mistaken identity was too long and, after some yoga fun, I didn't quite follow the brother in law character. (And what was that accent of the husband?!)
Some nice cinematography though, and perhaps starting the film at the park could have brought in more of the good interior scenes later.

This had no story and an average ending. However, it was energetic and fun - some one liners hit the mark well and others missed - but overall it is hard not to enjoy it. You clearly had a blast, as I remember you at the hand in giving it all beyond 7pm! And that's the most important thing.

Apologies, i just didn't get this at all and am therefore finding it difficult to post further comments. Sorry.

I really didn't like this to start with, but the growth in the development was so well done I was grinning by the end. Technically a great film which was what I enjoyed. The story less so but I guess that was the point! Definitely a highlight.

Poor sound and music mix made this a bit tricky to follow, but your action sequence was excellent and exciting to watch. Although I couldn't follow the story, I still loved the punchline in a groan-out-loud-I-really-shouldn't-be-laughing-at-this-but-I-can't-help-it kinda way!

Loved the look of this - Wes Anderson-esque! A simple story excellently delivered with a killer use of the match cut. My favorite of the heat (that isn't my own!) You set the bar high being first film to show too!

Enjoyable overall, the core idea was good and could have been exploited a lot more. It seemed to start as a 'what happened whilst filming V48' story and shaped up to be entirely told through the new camera. The introduction of the second camera was good but then we saw the action from a third point-of-view which detracted from that notion.

The ending was sombre (and nicely acted) but I'm a sucker for a happier ending and would have liked to have seen the found footage used for Good and the perps caught!

I liked the opening idea of missing out on the lead roles, would have been great for you to really burst that one out into a big number! (We felt your pain...looks like you had fun though).

Some good gags, thoroughly enjoyed the face in the sofa and the slide back into the bedroom.

A simple idea, and lots of smiles in the audience at the end proves everyone loves a rumble in the leaves!

The story was jumbled and I didn't get what the superhero was, but the radio-active forest idea was nice, and the end punchline was great and would have been a killer if the build up had led us there.

A good start with the graphics, but the B movie acting that followed did not quite match. Nice costumes and make-up, and a good twist in the story at the end was well presented.

I think you hit the mark you were aiming for here - it was a good twisted tale - and I have to say the hanging gave me the biggest laugh of the evening (not sure if that says more about you or me!) Be keen to see what you would do with this idea in more than 48 hours....

Very well filmed - I enjoyed your take on the One Shot with some slow scenes and the speeded-up segues. I'd be keen to hear if you managed to shoot in one hit or cleverly edited takes together (which I think is legit by the way - just because the genre is one-shot, doesn't mean you have to have actually achieved it in one physical take). I did find the end confusing, but otherwise a very good short-film. Nice one.

Great example of a rom-com, had the key elements of single people "desperate for love" and the friends who fix them up. Some good humour, but slightly disappointed to see an American Pie 'gross out' scene which wasn't necessary when you'd already made a good verbal gag out of the 'coarse balls'. Enjoyed this one overall.

A great opening sequence followed into a nice idea for the sombre story. However, once we'd established what had occurred, the end tailed off without any feeling of redemption, closure, or retribution for the events.

A promising start but it drifted off towards the end when I think you had the opportunity to 'kill' the audience with a cleverer twist. I like the fact that you focused on the prop as key element of the story.

[technical error - sorry for the dupe]

I struggled to follow this - I didn't pick up a feeling of Nicky being unlucky nor the reason why he was chosen to be taken. There was some energy in the middle of the film that gave promise, and some of the effects were suitable for the genre.