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This one looked like the team were a little bit phased by the fantasy genre, and making do with what they had in an urban environment. Full props for going for it. I found the pacing a little slow, though.

This was the standout film in our heat. Zombies have feelings, too! They clearly had a lot of fun with their genre, going all out on zombie makeup, lurching acting, and a gross dinner party. Form a pack!

Oh my. Very black humour, and a lot of crazy ass scary dolls at the end. The children's music used to drive the inmates insane was very creepy.

This was a film unashamed to be sentimental (I liked that the spell involved things like picking herbs, rather than the blood and guts that are all over other urban legends.) I think I missed something in the ending, though.

I was pretty fond of this one, and cheering for the monkey busker by the end of it. :-)

Thanks for the reviews. We were supposed to show in Heat 9, but most of our team were out of town and they let us switch to an empty slot on Monday as a favour.

A 'suspense' crime film, this had some nice visuals, but I could kind of see where the story was going fairly early on which detracted from the ending. It might have worked better with more of a twist at the end?

This wasn't an effective short - the cinematography was poor and the team didn't have a good handle on how to make the story interesting. Ultimately, it was just some guys in a room playing cards.

Squicky horror with a lot of energy, the blackest of black humour, and some gross bits at the end.

Body horror, and some bits where I was covering my eyes and wincing at the sound effects. In honesty, I think this would have worked better for me as a film if they'd avoided the big special effect at the end. It was visually effective, but the situation the protagonist is in was already very horrific and scary, and tapping into people's fears. The effect kind of ... added a layer of separation?

This team had a lot of fun with their short - a sad tale of love among the bogans. The technical quality was OK, and they had some nice comedic touches, such as when they explain the outcome of the STD clinic visit.

An animated superhero movie, this had some unfortunate technical problems with the sound - offsynch by long enough that it seriously disrupted the story.

A quest movie about something near and dear to everyone's heart. This paced itself well, didn't overdo the cringe humour, and had the audience onside with the story. Sad about the DQ.

Definitely a team that likes a challenge, combining one-room with rom-com and musical. This was colourful and tuneful and a lot of fun. Sadly disqualified.

This was a short with a lot of heart - a child dealing with a dysfunctional relationship with her stepfather. The team were juggling many locations and many actors - at a technical level, some of the visuals weren't topnotch, but that didn't matter because I really dug the story.

This was a lot of fun, with brightly coloured socks, a slightly OCD protagonist, a guy with a grudge, and some tiki touring around Wellington's landmarks. This was beautifully filmed and made me laugh a lot.

This was tightly filmed and visually appealing, filmed up on one of Wellington's old gun emplacements. They also had an innovative way of dealing with the body switch. About the only thing that didn't make it for me was the story (or lack of?) - they show us the what of what's going on, but don't tell us why, and it made it harder for me to care about which side of the battle won.