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Thoroughly enjoyed this film! I thought the cinematography was great and most of the acting was fantastic. Great use of lighting as well. This film kept me interested the whole time even though I am not such a fan of that genre personally.

Very well done!

Thoroughly enjoyed this film. It was very well filmed, I loved the story line/whole idea, and I thought that this team did a really good job.

Very well done.

I thought it was a very clever film, but it lacked some aspects of the musical genre.

The dog was very cute! I really enjoyed this film, it was light and although the dog was killed at the end I thought it added a great spin to the story.

Very funny film, I enjoyed it. It made the whole audience laugh and the story flowed well.

I thought this film was very cleverly done, but I became lost at the end as to why he died at the end - what was the reason for that?

Apart from that, very cool film. I enjoyed it because it was different, and the 3D was a good effort as well.

I think this team became very lost with their concept. The first opening shots were very nice and set the scene, but then I slowly started to get confused, and my confusion didn't stop. The prop of cards seemed as though it was just used so they could get the prop in to the film, although I think I seemed to understand the meaning of the 'joker' card at the end. Good effort though, as the team was not equipped with the best equipment.

Absolutely hilarious! The lead actor was great to watch, and when the film finished I wanted to see more.