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Offbeat short about a post-murder hitman discussing his contract details whilst guarding the corpse in the car. In French, which was nice. Good stuff.

Unfortunately, this short suffered a little from style over substance. It was pleasantly arty with out of focus streetlights wavering, but if the highlight was watching the main character playing solitaire on a laptop, we're in muddy waters.

Fitted the genre well and had a twist that I didn't spot for once. Good job, Shrewd Mechanicals.

With believable characters and a decent plot, this genuinely sad short was a very solid entry and congrats to the writer. Before the reveal, I was sure it was either going to be what it eventually turned out to be, or else a comedy twist. I'm glad they did the brave thing and stuck with the downer storyline. Best use of 'Did you hear that" in the heat too, I feel. Good acting, and one of my faves of the heat.

I liked this mainly because I had no idea what was happening, but it was hilarious. Everyone involved was having a great time. Was it a robot movie? Doesn't matter. Good fun and well done.

What started as a promising Clockwork Orange homage descended into repeating shots of the antagonists in various woodlands. Not to say I didn't like it - I did - but it became hard to work out what happened. The very restrictive genre didn't help and I think this team did well with what the limitations of time and genre they had to work with. More of a bit of the old ultraviolence needed.

This disqualified animation ticked all the boxes of gore, sexism, vulgarity and general shock factor that you'd expect from this animation team. I have a soft spot for other animations because we know the workload involved. My favourite part wasn't necessarily what was on screen, but the audience reaction of shock, disbelief at what they were seeing and loud exclamations of "No!" at some of the shots. Loved it. Keep them coming, Readers' Wives.

They got the genre spot on, with two distinct stories meeting at the climax through a glorious shot where the action turns from black and white to colour. Nice way to visually indicate what was happening. Solid acting, and a good result with the 48 hours they were given to work with.

Some fun moments like the handheld shots. Over all, the general atmosphere was confusing and intimidating, which I think the creators were aiming for. Not sure how much it fitted the techno-thriller genre, but still, enjoyable.

I liked this short, good job.