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Really nice opening shot. Great lighting, and awesome acting from the necromancer! Had some great dialogue, but I missed a couple of hints and didn't pick out the relation of the back from the dead character after the 'twist' at the end. Film changed in tone quite a bit from start to end but enjoyed it overall. Good stuff.

What a random film! Super quirky concept, good beats and progression. Not exactly sure what's going on but it doesn't look like a good dream and she needs to quench that thirst. Sound and visual quality could have been a bit clearer - was hard to understand the lyrics. But an enjoyable watch! Look forward to seeing what you make next year.

Funny 48 hours element concept, great acting from the cast. Felt like the "Film takes place over 10 years" was forced into the plot a little and the ending reused previous footage without adding anything new to the story. What made the lead character decide to end his days of door slamming? But had a good smile on my face watching The Slammers gang perfect their craft. Awesome puddle slide/slip.

A classic mockumentary approach. I think it could have done with more of a story progression and variation on backdrops and settings, but it had some fun moments and beats throughout.

Thought this film was cool, had some classic time travel elements in there but hadn't seen quite this take on it before. Could have had a bit more background hints on who the main character was and how he got himself into this pickle. Ending played well.

What a well trained cat! Really impressed you pulled off a cat film with the cat looking in all the right places and working the camera. Could have been fun to explore more of a story arc within the concept, but overall played well as a short piece.

Cool film, story kept me wondering exactly what was going on throughout but the ending worked really clearly, tied it all together. Story was great, only thing was the guy didn't have a clear motivation for getting angry that I noticed. Some cool lighting fx and good sound track.

Really interesting concept. Solid acting from the lead, with great beats and timing. Felt like this film started out super strong but I was a little confused at to what all the additional 'app-update-characters' were as they were introduced. Didn't make complete sense of the ending but overall really enjoyed the way the film played out. Good use of repeated shots throughout.

Awesome acting, loved the dramatic lighting, didn't see the ending coming - can't have read the genre. Some great shots throughout, must have made a true mess of that bedroom.

Loved the contrast between the dead pan acting and the melodramatic dance shots. Awesome lighting, cinematography and of course dancing! Was hoping for a mother son dance at the end but the ending you guys picked was great too. Great use of puddle.