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Really enjoyed this film, one of the best of the weekend that I have seen. Shot beautifully, really well performed by your lead, east of to follow. There were some really clever shots in there, the one with the painting swapping looked epic, as did the fall into the pool. Only thing that I think let you down was that one shot with those "unplanned extras". Even then, it's easy to overlook that with the product of your weekend.

This film terrified me, but for some reason I still enjoyed it.

Really liked the concept of this film. Some really good shots in there. Audio really seemed to cause some issues however,but was well put together otherwise.

Thoroughly enjoyable film. Some really great moments in there that let us all laughing our sides off. Did really well with what looked like a pretty tough genre.

Film was a bit jumpy and audio made it at some points difficult to understand what was going on. My attention was not held in the film's entirety, yet the ending left me in laughter and brought the film into the light. Looking forward to the future for this team.

By far the most visually appealing film in the heat. Cinematographer deserves a gold star, was extremely well done. The lead actor did a great job and the locations were used well. The film clearly had a great, deep meaning, however I was left unsure of exactly what it was -perhaps by my own stupidity- but perhaps something a tad simpler would have been great. It's great to leave the audience thinking, however I was left a little confused. Great film, can see how it was a top contender for people's choice. Good effort.

Thoroughly entertained. Great concept and the use of the prop was very well done. One thing that I think was great and amusing was when the protagonist first identified where the jersey was being taken and the joke about how he may have been 5'10 left me laughing. However using the same concept at the next clue was a little less interesting. I feel as though you missed another chance to leave us laughing there. All in all, amusing and well crafted film.

Really well done. Was captured the whole time until the ending. Had great potential however the unresolved finale left me a little disappointed. Great acting though, and loved the use of the matches and lighting. Looked really good.

Hilarious. Loved the concept and was done relatively well. Would have been nice to have a bit more connection with the sister, it seemed a little as though she was 'just there'. Well acted and entertaining. Solid effort and look forward to seeing any future films.