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Just watched this in the screening room. Wow this was shot so well, the actors were mint the storyline was mint and this was inspirational. loved it!!not sure why this one didn't get into the finals?

I like the idea of this urban legend. The stage back drop was very cool and the costumes to. Did a great job on editing all the spooky bits and built tension which i liked.

This was a awesome storyline and funny. The lead actress was fantastic!! Keep it up guys next year you guys will be cracking it!!

Luved the gaming nerds, shot really well although it seemed a bit dark in the forest at the start. Great storyline for this genre!! favourite part girl getting run over so well done!!

This was shot really well, storyline was pretty sweet too!!!

Beautifully shot, the lead actress was fantastic!!

Good effort if you keep at it you guys will be mint in a couple of years!!

Graphics were sweet. Costumes and Super heroes fantastic. Most of all super funny!!

What can I say blown away!! not surprising though with this team!! I have fallen in love with Tummie lol.
The production of this is second too none. Smooth in every way.

The end was awesome made me cringe made me laugh pretty good for schoolies

Congratulation to Art house
Was very surprised to hear you won hamilton finals

This film made me laugh so much!! loved the idea and for an all guys team you did pretty well for rom com

The best Bobby Young character so far in the heats, fantastic twist.

The best laugh of the night awesome take on fad

So going to be a cult classic!!

Loved the storyline good twist on a road movie genre, stunning performance from actress. Pity about the sound guys.

wow what an awesome short film had me engaged the whole time and the actors were brilliant.

This was my favourite from heat 1. Awesome plot and epic shots made a great short film.

loved the plot good effort guys

Cinematography was out standing, actors were fantastic the little smudge of lipstick on the drunk actress was also mint.