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Clearly some talented memebers in this team, great concept and fantastic editing to create the found footage look. The sound was well done and I have caught myself singing about Swamp Love twice since. Also thought the leaf elements were well used. The actors were not quite as impressive as the techinical side, but the voice over was fantastic, you had me at the mention of country calander!

It seemed like musical wasn't quite what this team had hoped for, but it was nice to see the use of a broad variety of people and this did get a few laughs from me.... Looks like there was a bit of fun the the making, hope you have another go next year!

A fun/crime style open, this film seemed to lean toward horror in a few places. Some really fantastic facials from the actress and humerous moments. Tied in the explanation for Nicky 'Brick' nicely! Shame you guys were disqualified, better luck next year!

Good job on the oneshot- not easy to do. Started strongly, felt there was a wee bit of dragging out with the instense build up of the man leaving the building, but I thought the musical score was fun with the quirky humour this film managed to balance on. The newsreader sounded really realistic and helped to structure the story.

Impressive cineamatography, with some really beautiful close up shots and use of depth of field. Loved the biking shots. The ambient sounds helped to capture my attention and the actors were really believable. I got a little distracted from the narration with what was going on so lost some of the inspiration factor. Beautiful musical score. A really strong effort at a serious film!

This seemed to me one of the harder catergories to pull off, and thought you did a good job as one of the only serious films in the heat. There was some really nice cinematography, and I always love afternoon light on the port hills. Good to see you had some fun with the special effects too! Rated in my top 3.

Storyline was nice. Good to use an older couple vs the standard young hotties. The male actor stood out to me. It was a shame there seemed some issues on the technical side with cutouts/synchronisation as narratively I really enjoyed this film.

The opening introduction with the guy running down the line of trees had me excited but I found it went a bit flat. The fake blood was pretty realistic so well done there.

A bit of crazy fun! Watching this was a bit like Back to the Future meets the Telly Tubbies. Some really funny moments, loved the laughter turns to straight face in the bath. Pirate commercial was amazing. There is clearly some talent just work on a more clear storyline! Enjoyed this in a slightly confused state!

Some very well done shots (such as the walking down the corridor near the start). I was stoked that you named a character Leaf instead of the cliche-overtly-obvious-tree-leaf-close-up that most films seemed to use. I felt the interviewer was a particularily strong actor in the team. Well done!

This film had a few golden moments, but wasn't really my kind of humour- it seemed like they had a good time making it though! Memorable bullet guys!

I thought this was slightly unexpected story line, in a positive way. The opening credits were really well done. Auidience seemed to enjoy the humour, a few of the shots didn't quite line up which was a bit distracting, but particularily enjoyed the juxtoposition between the bedroom fight and commando fight. I would rate this among the stronger films of this heat.