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A top three film of the heat for me - the execution of this grand guignol comedy of errors was pretty top notch, and it had a killer (pun intended) final ending that definitely got the sort of audience reaction you would hope for.

I could see this being many peoples favourite of the night, and it's really only my personal taste around narrative versus genre execution that has made me rank it not as highly as my other top two from this heat.

If you like a bit of gore, some very black comedy and some farce this will be right up your alley. Not for the squeemish or easily triggered by violence though.

If you are going to try and take inspiration from famous film makers (clear Wes Anderson nods as this film opens) you need the balls to not abandon that one minute in and also the balls to deliver on the setup that you create for the audience.

This film chickens out, multiple times, when it should have been brave.
If you want people to respect your work and respect you cribbing from better filmmakers then you at least need to match the bravery of those you copy even if you can't match their skill

Another style over substance film here. Watch for nailing the look of the genre and drawing upon some great production values. However don't expect anything in the way of story that satisfies or is heightened via the clear skills on display.

Style over substance all the way here - perhaps taking the show don't tell mantra a bit too far.

A bit more of a clear narrative or audience pay off and I'd have been an absolute cheerleader.

Clearly metaphorical - but some greater clarity was needed or an even more heightened sense of inexplicable fear, loathing and dread.

But none the less the visually the film delivered - and I felt thats what really mattered to your team.

Theres probably lots of technical quibbles I could make re the visuals - but none of them would change my assessment that someone in the team definitely has a great eye and wanted to exercise that skill.

Technically and artistically this animated short displays incredible skills given the time involved. Clearly the work of a collection of visualists with talent and techniques to burn, if you want to be wowed by talent, time management and technique this is one to watch.

Gross out humour and speaking to a sort of nightmarish world of the worst imaginable high school fears, fates and insecurities - the films climax (or perhaps multiple climaxes...) are visual representation of everything as powerful and puerile as a puberty stricken psyche itself.

As an exploration of genre, as a trial of talents the work is a triumph.

It's not a story that fully satisfies an audience, but as a lurid mix betweem artful exploration and flat out visual gags it absolutely does.

I am really torn on this one, where I think they were done in by being too led by genre.

Obviously musical is hard for many team, and heist movie is actually a hard genre because a good heist movie requires a film that displays an impeccable sense of timing.
Gag to gag and shot to shot and song to song this film might deserve to rate a little higher, but collectively it kind of became less than the sum of its many disparate parts.

Props to every team that draws musical and does their best to deliver - but in trying to satisfy your heist movie genre you leaned too hard into genre to dictate character and scenario and not enough into what makes a satisfying narrative that can be sung along to.

A good attempt at a tough genre, bringing together the necessary elements to fit the conceit in 48HOURS is a challenge and there is a level of respect required making a story that covers 10+ years with no prior planning in 48HOURS.

This may have been a predictable reaction to the genre, but it had just enough going for it feel like it's own take on a predictable direction.

Ending was 1st year film school obvious - but executed successfully and the film didn't overplay it (although perhaps there was a hope it would hold more gravitas than it didn't).

A fe moments of ropey performance and editing creative and technical faults distract - but a middle of the road attempt deserving a middle of the road rating.

A team who made the most of some available props and talent it seems.

As an exercise in time limited film making I think this is definitely a solid entry - ingenuity, some ambitious if uneven production value, a fairly decent pun of a title and enough visual style to convey the narrative and a bit of a message, clearly influenced in part by the necessary elements.

Narratively however - it needed to go beyond the premise in some way, just have a little bit more going on in terms of a character having an interesting arc and this could have been a whole level up given the rest of the skills on display.

Imperfect, unexpected, genuinely well executed. An entry to be proud of, and something to build on.

For me this short was a bit of a time warp in the competition in more ways than one.

Over played and out dated gag that was a ill executed as it was misintentioned - roped in mate to deliver vital exposition - conceit stretched on way too long for a predictable punchline that you only wouldn't predict because you have lost interest.

But, in saying that - low bro and amateurish is where a hell of a lot of teams start in this competition who go on to make some pretty interesting stuff with a few more tries under their belt.

I am unsure of the teams history - if this was a first attempt then I give them the benefit of the doubt and simply say 'try harder on all fronts - the comp can be fun for you AND entertaining to an audience that has grown to expect better with a little practice and steering away from cliche.'

If this team has entered before, and this is what they genuinely think other people will find entertaining and funny, I'd say hope you guys get time travel genre next time cause you are stuck in the past.

Top notch production values is a given with this team, but should never be under rated in terms of achieving on a deadlinr when trying something new - and the ULTRA all animal main cast decision was certainly that.

Wrangling snails effectively and editing the resulting footage with voice acting into what amounted to more seemingly convincing and nuanced performances than many human competitors provide is no mean feat.

Clever reveal which I enjoyed, especially as I should of seen it coming but didn't.

Disclosure: These guys are mates, but if they didn't deliver they'd expect me to say so. They definitely delivered.

Rubbery is a short, sharp solid entry in a typical 48HOURS style.

Solid gags, one killer location that dictated natrative but added a bunch of production value, well put together, and short enough to not get bogged down in it's own conceit.

Over the credits voice over brought it home to great laughs.
A little bit more focus on satisfying narrative with the same skill set and I think these guys could compete for am Auckland finalist spot. But as it stands a solid appetizer, not quite a main.

I loke experimental shorts in 48HOURS when they really push the boat out.

I am incredibly wary of them when they are seemingly making up for a lack of production capability.

This one kind of straddles the line. Its got something going for it, but not quite enough to push it into the good category. In saying that the actual star rating is probably a little harsher than I felt when watching it - so to the team involved don't take this as a critique of your approach in going somewhat abstract or experimental. If thats what you like go even harder next time and just ensure the concept and production values are nailed. You nearly won me over.

The review site failing to have this films title or genre at time of this review is kind of a mistake I hope doesn't get fixed. Too strange to spoil, too weird to unsee, too fun to forget, Boston Bear Import have definitely been importing something and I am not convinced it's entirely legal.

A different take on buddy genre by a team that clearly has a passion for Sci Fi, some pretty excellent production values, great visuals and a satisfying ending that if not a huge twist is absolutely nailed in terms of performance makes Braid the Wife's Fur one to watch out for.

Definitely a film to be super proud of and I would not be surprised at all if this is another Heat 2 film that sees some award nominations.

Fantastic lead performance, great cinematography and well put together non linear narrative that engages throughout puts this film as a highlight of the Heat 2 films I saw verging on a maximum score. Some very minor quibbles about the ending are the only thing keeping me from proclaiming it as a definite Auckland city finalist, but I would be very surprised if some award noms aren't in this films future.

If you like your alien conspiracies with a touch of the Twilight Zone or Outer Limits this film is for you.

Brothers in Crime are a notoriously excellent 48HOURS team with a patchy record in terms of getting films in on time from memory and 2017 is, sadly, no exception. This darkly Kiwi story of a slacker NZ Santa with an aversion for The City of the Future will play gangbusters everywhere except maybe Hamilton.

Heat 2 throwing up a definite candidate for best disqualified film, one has to wonder what could have been if they had been able to deliver this macabre and manic Christmas present on time.

Definitely one of the stand out films of Heat 1 this survival story of a couple under pressure was slick, had a great female lead and plenty of gags. While it's sharp switch to comedy betrays the nature of 48HOURS films eschewing their genre for a crowd pleasing watch when it all comes together this slickly and entertainingly it deserves to be recognized with a high star review.

Sometimes saying 'a great 48HOURS film' is damning with faint praise in a competition where occassionally there are also simply great films made in 48HOURS.

This film is more the former than the latter, but it's enough of a mix of both to definitely be worth checking out for yourself.

Giving out high ratings in reviews is tricky, and I am tempted to go a little higher for this one as it was a great sci fi premise with some solid gags and an enjoyable lead performance. Just not quite technically polished enough or tightly written enough to be a knockout, and one particularly hammy performance by a military commander keeps this film from a higher rating.

I'd love to see these guys try to get a bit more narrative into their script in future years because concept, gags and visuals all felt like they had genuine chops behind them dealing as best as we all do with getting a film done in under 48HOURS.

Not so much your traditional Horror Comedy as a horror film, then a comedy, then a horror film, then a comedy this farce playing on tropea of K and J Horror is fun and funny. Charismatic performance by the lead male and a suitably creepy female lead this was another solid entry by AKMSA

The sort of dark strange television parody that pops up in 48HOURS and early 2000's late night skit comedy shows, some of me wonders if Moon Cup was just a bit of an excuse for friends to playfully torture the 'guest' on the witches morning show. Female lead held the show together with gusto and the interstitial ad breaks threw enough weirdness and comedy to stretch out the initial gag and central conflict to the inevitable, conclusion. Whether you find the film fun to watch or not outside of the context of a cinema full of fellow 48HOURS competitors watching, there is no denying that fun was had by the team making the film.

A clever film idea that perhaps the film makers already had in their heads given how far it fell from the Crime genre, was a bit worried the satire of entitled white man was going to be all lecturing and no laughs until the second half of the movie when a bit of rampant oneupmanship becomes our protagonists undoing.

Not exactly a shock ending but definitely flirting with the sort of very bad taste ending that 48HOURS tends to bring out in people, and it got a suitable crowd reaction. Probavly best enjoyed with an audience.

Seemed creatively shot and edited but unforunatet graded too dark throughout the majority (or just so undelit lots was not salvageable) this starts with a dream/nightmare like quality the reason for which pays off at the end.

It's a good premise whose technical issues unfortunately let it down. But it was still an interesting watch. not traditional take on the genre, let's call this Bad Seed meets Inception.

Slightly conflicted about the star rating for this film. I am rating it higher than it probably deserves because the concept, intermixing a live action break up with a stick figure fight representing the verbal sparring is so clever and shooting both live action AND doing animation in the same 48HOUR period is definitely not playing it safe.

Sadly, ultimately I think the stick figure animation on it's own may have stood stronger than being intercut with the drama of the live action because the performances of the young actors didn't live up to the dynamism of the animated stick figures.

Where this film falls down in execution it makes up a fair bit of ground in originality. How much that matters to you will dictate how much leeway you are willing to give in regards to the star review system.

I don't really know if this film was a Z Grade film. Another young team, this one tried some interesting things, but it's always a problem when the way the titles and credits are written stick in you mind more than the film itself. Perhaps a group struggling a bit with the genre on this one.

Technical issues/poor audio and a gag that kind of fell flat at the end hurt this Christmas crime caper about teen boys grinching up their spoilt classmates Christmas. Christmas movie may prove to be a tough genre, as using it as a mcguffin / setting for a completely other sort of movie may only work if your name is Shane Black.

These guys did have a clear idea about what they were trying to do - and I think if they had better audio I'd be much more generous in the rating. Keep trying guys and get some help with sound gear/mixing - and hopefully get a slightly less tricky genre than Christmas movie next time.

Strong school entry with funny gags, this comedic battle between after hours janitors also had some fun editing choices and great broad physical performance ina sort of slapstick style.

The ending was cute but had some minor pacing issues. In all I could see the team members building on this and going on to very strongly executed films in the future.

A high school stab at turning the Alien genre into a parable for sexual/gender identity wore it's heart on it's sleeve a bit too much. A subversive twist would have had me give this one higher marks, as well as if they had avoided a few technical synchronization issues.

Still the overall attempt was solid for a school entry and it is nice to see a 48HOURS film trying to say something.

Behavioural Sink was obviously a high school student team, and while I feel my star rating is a little generous given the usual growth such a team has to do in terms of scripting, acting, sound recording etc they are getting a big bump for an awesome visual use of the wool prop - Perhaps a future pro art director on that team! The plot is about some sort of experiment where the subjects each take pills and go to sleep, and the next morning one of them has been murdered. There isn't a lot in terms of story or performance that elevates this above most other high school efforts - but seriously the audience was enthralled with the clever use of prop and the impact it had on screen as a visual motif is stuck in my brain.

A tale of a two friends who used to run a stag party company growing up and growing apart as one is about to get married. Well shot and well acted, the only issue I had with the film was that the ending didn't quite elevate the film the way it could have. I was expecting a big twist or gag at the end. Could have been a contender if it stuck a great ending - 2 days of stuff have the skills to deliver a great short in 48 Hours, just need to work on the writing side and they may be a future contender.

Body Switch is a very hard genre to make work, so I salute this teams effort but feel that they really didn't manage to pull it off.

Relying too heavily on voice over narration, this obviously heartfelt effort about realizing that you aren't the only one with troubles and the danger of youth suicide was too on the nose in almost every way.

The bones of the idea were good, but in an effort to either get the required elements into the film, or simply get the story and idea across the audience, this film spends too much time telling the audience what is happening, even when we can see what's going on.

A bit less exposition/education and a bit more entertainment would have gone a long way.

This film had some amazing stunt work in the flash back sequences of it's young protagonist being bullied, which really was the highlight of the film.

The quest story was a bit all over the place, and made the fatal mistake of pandering to the sponsors product in substitute of having an actual plot.

Worth checking out though for the awesome dedication that the young actor in the flash back took to getting beaten up and falling down stairs - cementing this films Bobby Young as one of the ex bullies for the ages.

This one room movie that explores the relationship between super heroes and villains when things don't go quite how they happen in the comic books took the genre of One-Room Movie and spiced it up well with the super hero genre.

A great example of shooting within limitations, this movie was also credited as to being shot entirely on an iPhone4 - which worked very well for the concept (in fact full body camcorder with a narrower field of view would have probably impeded this team.)

Apart from straying into the one territory I really dislike in NZ films (our short films seemingly inadvertently turn into road safety commercials far too often) this hit all the right spots. A solid four and definite contender for best of Auckland heat 2.

Enjoyable crime movie, in which an ex bullies newly found conscience (in the form of a subverted 'Clippy' helper, you know, the paper clip thing from MS Office etc.) seems to be of more hindrance than good. Good use of the required element, but they also played it safe by having a regular bent bit of wire in there as well.

I think crime is a tough genre because it's one of those broad ones, so while the crux of this film was the conscience element, it certainly had a good amount of crime in it that was played well for laughs.

Probably over analyzing it to question whether the team was making some sort of statement about imposing another persons moral code as a conscience is really a wise idea. In fact that's definitely over analyzing it, but the film made me think that thought - so maybe it's a bit deeper than it was even trying to be?

This purposefully lowfi road entry has a pretty clever twist. All in all a bit esoteric for my tastes, but certainly one worth checking out.

Don't want to spoil it but, other than to say this gritty man alone road movie is not quite what it seems - and it's execution of the low budget video nasty look is excellent.

A solid 3.5 stars