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Everthing but the story.
Special effects, excellent costumes, good performances. It was just missing a worthy script
Look forward to seeing more from this team.

I enjoyed the hamminess of the film even though it was a bit hard to follow.
The montage cut through time was the highlight for me!

Not quite a RomCom, but it was funny.
Unfortunately disqualified but there's potential. A team for the future for sure

A good idea that just wasn't quite executed.
Characters that weren't likable left me not caring what happened.

A film that suffered from an identity crisis. It was all over the place from moments of seriousness to the absurd.
It was lit quite well and was impressed with the costume department.

The beginning was a little clumsy, crowbarring in the required elements in quick succession, however all is forgiven once the story kicks off.
Excellent performances, plenty of laughs and beautifully shot. Nice

A woman attempts to summon something.
This film started off strongly but just didn't quite deliver. Excellent performance from the lead.
I really wish the horror genre was embraced rather than parodied. However it was a nice film. Well crafted - good work!

I'm not quite sure where to start.
It was amazing. Like something from the Tim and Eric show, it kept you guessing. A cacophony of characters and ideas presented to you leaving one satisfied and yet dumbfounded.
Would watch again!

A young man runs over a girl and tries to hide the body.
A decent effort - moments of gold mixed with moments not quite there.

A duo of private investigators are tasked with finding Pat - the missing Pussy Cat.
It was silly, it was great - and then the sound cut out for the majority of the film, and it became genius. Intentional or not, I enjoyed it and looking forward to more from The winners.

Was a bit hard to follow - and to be honest I didn't get it.