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A nice film with some great camera shots! A really nice ending that the crowd all enjoyed with some nice acting between the teacher and the student! Although it was Cat and Mouse it seemed like the chase went on forever

Very funny ending to the film when the older lady came out and kissed the actor! The awkward scene had some good acting and had me laughing a lot. The credits were quite long though but all up. a nice film

Good animations with the lego. Felt like the fart noises were going for an easy laugh but the voice overs were nice and worked well

Pretty good film, had some strange moments but I quite enjoyed the shots of the actress being kicked out of the gardens

What an amazing ending! one of the best films in the heat!

Enjoyed the Scenery but I was confused with what was really going on

Such a well thought out film! Great interpretation of thoughtlessness!

Loved the jokes involving the dead guy. Pretty funny all round!