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Great effort just to get round the locations in time - but to get some beautiful footage and decent performances into the bargain deserves real credit. One small criticism would be the lack of originality in the script. A very cinematic 48hr film.

This one looked great- and they must have moved like shit off a shovel to get all the shots before losing light. Had all the dank creepiness of many a 1970s children's drama series.

Funny and sad. Violent and romantic. This one grabbed me by the bowels and refused to let go.

Good work this team. If only the Matrix films had just got everyone to stand really still they could have saved a fortune in cameras.

Strong central performance and good tempo. Story idea was great but execution of the final pay-off was a little bit rough. Yes it was repetitive, but as Harry Enfield would opine: surely a good gag never gets old?

Shame this one was disqualified. A really good use of a tricky genre- and with tremendous song lyrics too. Laugh? I nearly shat. Looked nice too.

Epic. Some would say too epic. The prolonged dance-off at the end with crew reflections was mind-bending.

Perhaps 3 stars is generous, but this was bloody funny despite sucking technically. Those extraordinary performances are seared into the audience's minds for all time. *Action!*

Probably the year's trickiest genre- and although the writing had its flaws this was a good effort. The fact that it looked like it was shot on a cellphone tied in nicely with the planking theme.