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I'm sorry not a fan. It was creepy but the acting held it back. The chain saw needed to be running more while in shot. It needed more in the story. You told us not showed us.

Simple, werid but it worked. Good awkard acting. Kinda did and didn't like the song... But do think it worked for the audience and film. I did see that ending coming but it worked anyway.

Good storyline. I enjoyed that this played with how people are online versus real life. I feel it could improve but overall it was really good.

I really appreciate that this wasn't a happy wish film. It kept a good storyline from the start to the end and the overall feel of the film was cute. It had twists and underlines that worked.

Kinda liked this one. The characters were good and the script is what made this film work. But felt like it was still missing something.

It was a tad odd. Framing was good but focus wasn't the best. Kinda lost on the storyline if there was one.

Simple, good layout and complete. This film was funny and easy to view. Created a cute story that was well shot and edited. My favourite from the heat