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Very Cute Film. Nice to see reference to classic animations of old where the animator has to deal with his cartoons. Some of the shots were a little blurry. Pacing was well done.

Great to hear real accents! Acting was extremely well done! Enjoyed the twist of certain characters just running with the situation given to them. Syncing worked well (most of the time), even when it didn't it felt as though it added to the character of the film!

You kids created an enjoyably bizarre film. The small mistakes throughout added to the films character and the extreme amount of exposition especially towards the end was extremely entertaining for me personally! Embrace these quirks! Costumes were fun! Looking forward to seeing whats next!

Enjoyable! We all new the end point as soon as we saw the poster at the beginning It would have been nice for more of a pay off here to end the film.

Legitimately intriguing mystery throughout. Some nicely bizarre moments. The "they are gay lol" twist felt strange to me, I don't feel as though someone being gay should be the punch line like it was here.

Good effort beginning shots looked good, would have ben cool to see the rest shot as well. One of two of the films of the evening to end with a "They are gay lol" moment. Being Gay isn't a punchline.

Began with some great shots, although the focus pulling seemed a little too excessive detracting from the shot. Great child actor, and direction there. The fake american accents and young gangsters ruined what was quite a dark tone as they came across as purely comical.

Great Characters, well shot and fun! Very cool use of the fantasy genre.

Despite being well shot and mostly funny, the morals of molesting a Homeless man and featuring a rapist tricking woman into having sex with him could have been handled better. This felt like it was being played for laughs, when it should have felt much creepier.