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Sound sound sound. Check your sound. This would have played a hell of a lot better if we could hear it more. Acting was pretty good. The only thing missing was a bit tighter editing and maybe a bit of story work - quite confuse about the ending- was there someone else in the bed too??? Nice effort overall.

Hmmmquite dark and mysterious and a little bit confusing. Think it the puppet showed up AFTER the mushrooming then it might have made more sense. Acting was pretty good just felt a bit confused with the story overall... but maybe that was the intention!

This was a very polished film with extremely brilliant acting and an amazingly put together film. It felt like an actual documentary - great voice from the main interviewer (possible best performer nod coming I suspect) and the cinematography was superb. I literally found myself relaxing into watching this, like a real doco. The only aspect that took something away from it was the slightly drawn out dialogue in the middle. A few less words and explanations from the leading lady and I think this would have jumped another level! And that ending?! Dayum... ! Out of nowhere. Definitely a finalist?! I think so... unless the other heats are as good as this one was.

Okay this is a toughy - great setup and concept. It was bizarre and hilarious. Camera work was okayish (big shaky at times) and the acting was the same. Loved the Cosby art Dept heads and actually wished you found some real Cosby voice samples as I think it would have taken to the next level. VFX were nice too. Might make the finals - fingers crossed.

Nice camera work and overall damn good acting. However I felt like the story and the slides themselves got a bit messy in the middle and I lost track and interest (a bit). And the ending just kinda left me confused, which is sad cause I was enjoying the build up. Overall, a nicely composed we film.

Okay - bit torn here... the main actors were superb, especially the one with his trembling lips. And the setup was great. However, bit of learning on the music / editing side could of made this even better. I would have continued the atmospheric music right through from the opening scene and into the walk to the cave. In fact, you could have easily removed the walk and just jumped straight to the cave watching shots! Would work great. Loved the VFX inside the cave, though bit disappointed by the final scream / end result / ghosting ?. Felt a little anti climatic. Anyway, overall keep you actors together and keep that comedy coming - look forward to next years effort!

This was obviously a family team (?) and the heart from that showed through. A bit hit and miss in places, though, editing wise and story etc. However, the wonderfully low-fi green screen flashbacks and humourous dialogue/acting made up for all that in the middle - which made it all come alive. Was a damn good effort all and all!

Voice work was great. Drone shots awesome. Editing and script got a bit lost in places. Overall had good laughs. Nice effort.

Definitely the most all together polished film of the heat. Story, prod values, acting, genre, drama and humour. Finalist if not contender for overall Wellington’s best... just has it all and from a two person team too!! ...probably shoe-in for Ultra champ too!

Look Tim’s films, as always, are out there, fun, weird, strange, polished and smart! Would easily have made the finals if not DQ’d. The only criticism/feedback I have and it’s more subject related is.., can he do something (a film) that can exist and work ‘outside of’ the 48hrs comp - as in the film subject is not set around the competition itself... (and being disqualified) ... now that would be an interesting challenge!

Very strange film this one... it opened well then kinda went into flashbacks and a concept around the devils babies? Had a nice enough presence and some hilarious splatter action that got the audience going. Gore fest with pregnant woman!!

This is a tough one... great shots in this film, however the low lighting meant we lost a lot of the images at night... and the sound was bit tough to hear. However, it's clear they have a good natural eye and cinematic language style that could grow into something awesome with more experience and practice :)

Crazy retro visual Vfx feast! Lots of crazy warped things took place... nuff said! Just really no story though... mainly a random game experience.

Great little film! Had a fantastic heart that pulled you in with nice acting. Story was compelling and had me hooked. Thought it could have ended after the young lad came back in with the survival kit - the extraterrestrial ending wasn't really needed as the metaphor had already been sold earlier. Great film overall in my top 3 and definitely a finals contender!

Very simple and familiar trope used here, person spends time with an object etc that they treat like a human etc... especially played out with the montage sequence. However, it suddenly came alive as a film once it smashed cut into the evil Banana sequence. Was a brillIant change up... got a great reaction. However it did drag a touch at this stage with me expecting more escalating badness that never eventuated. Great effort overall!

Very nice quirky, gentle well intentioned film. I admit to being taken in by the premise and especially loved the wee young actress... In the right film she could be another Anna Paquin!! The jokes worked well too...

The Russian held it together overall and while the production level was only average, it was clear everyone was having fun and it showed! Great effort!

What can ya say? Slick, funny, beautiful, sexy and that's just the actors!! This had a bit of everything, but mostly energy and a smart / vicious lead actress -great to see her get a grittier role too. Loved the last shot! Really made the film - certainty for a finals birth!

Noise and Pictures produce yet another top notch, beautiful looking drama/horror with a little comedy chucked in. Very effective and smart use of cinematography to convey what truly felt like a scary situation. Loved the dialogue and characters interaction. One of top 3 in the heat and most likely the finals again?

Great little film with high production values! Sort of a devils version of Groundhog Day - loved the game like strategies he had to come up with to keep moving. Thought the heavily designed makeup was great but also a little too perfect - on reflection I would have loved the creatures to be hidden , more in the light/darkness etc. Also, was a little disappointed with the ending as it was such a change around in styles, which I really enjoyed and wanted to follow this... But alas time constraints - though I was missing the whole 'who' they were going after ? Needed that motivation etc... Overall pretty damn slick all round!

Very weird film that was never trying to hide its own awareness. Loved the stranger / hero to the rescues entrance and the whole milk craziness. Maybe in line for best worst film? Though to be fair this had some great inventive story elements... Just feel the production values let it down a tad (just a little mind you!). Great work!! David Lynch would be proud!

Guttered! Have to say, I had really high hopes for this film (based on the teams rep and previous entries) and while it was generating a lot of laughter(deservedly) - it really didn't kick off for me until our lead actor got naked! And by then it had already lost my attention a lot. I'm really torn with commenting on this film as I do know they pulled off a lot with a skill/talent and an awesome production value, that they should be proud of... But, there was just too much going on and ALOT of exposition and ...yeah, the story just was sludgy (sorry fellas- I need to be honest) - it was trying too hard to do too much. And what happened to your music?? It was very subtle in this piece- even no existent till near the end, where as in previous years it blows everyone out of the water!! Was sad to have so little of it in the film. Now, I'm probably coming across as harsh(?) but knowing how talented this team is, I suppose I'm just wanting them to keep growing and getting better and hope they can develop into the impressive film makers they have shown they can be previously.

Boom! Style, skills and sub-titles... Once again, the randomness and specific cleverly bad use of the VoiceOver and subtitles rocked. Again, definitely in line for best-worst again!!

This was a very well thought out concept - a little 'done before' but with a nice twist... Challenge was it kinda got messy, story wise and production wise. Loads of potential though as a concept... Could be cool to write another version of it with more time to develop it. But overall, really nice twist on the concept of a time travelling ability and a common student.s use of it!

What a start to a film! Was looking out for this team again - especially after last years short. And, boy can they deliver... The style, writing and editing/ production value were just perfect. They definitely know their strengths and obviously love what they do. And, so this short rocked along with some real energy right up until the ending. Now, to be fair what they were wanting to shock us with was pretty effective, except it was all pretty much lost on me and a few others as we weren't quite sure what exactly was going to happen with the baby... But more importantly though, they lost me with all the characters deciding to walk/run away from the next door neighbour laying on the ground, kinda bleeding(?) but awake. I mean the characters just seemed like the kind that would help her up and get her inside... So to run away... Weeeeeell, *humph* it just killed it unfortunately. Which is mighty disappointing as this (although still lights ahead of the majority on the night) was looking like another potentially winning entry. Bummer - but still awesome...

Cool little film that was defiantly going for the funny factor! Loved the dramatic thinking pauses in the interviews. Though, it did drag a bit and became a little sluggish - i.e needed the editor to cut it down more. Also, it definitely had the right intent, I could definitely see what they were trying to do, just the execution was lacking a little. Overall, there's some real talent in the writing/comedic ideas which could really bloom with more development! Great work.

Tough genre! And big kudos for going at it straight laced... Challenge here was that the story all hung on one conversation and a very long cutaway in the forest. I just felt like it needed more in the story and a boom/mic so we could hear the characters better. Liked the use of multiple locations, though found the ending a bit of a stretch as it all hung on a story for a stranger... Good effort!

Well I have to say wow again... and mainly because this team is one to watch in the future. Again pretty hot right across the board and right smack on the genre! The gasp from the audience when the sticks flew into the evil mage's hands was brilliant, and again an amazing a score to boot! But I'm still not sure who's doing the music? nevers seems to be credited in the teams credits?? A shame, because they could get a lot of work!

The actors were good, but the film was crying out for a bit of age differentiation - i.e. someone in their 30's/40's/50's??? it would have really helped the piece and the stories world!
Overall, it was blasting along as the best of the night until it kinda just died story wise with the flashback and random magic stone thingy... and at that point the story was lost on me... maybe a feature forced into a short film issue??

But hell, lose the vfx next year and get in on time! you don't need them! You're good storytellers and a rising bunch of film makers... we need ya in the finals next year!! ( and find some older actors to compliment your team - it'll really expand your story options and market appeal!) ;-)

This film definitely was the crowd favourite on the night. It started a little slow - the editing at the start with the door shutting repeatedly three times in multiple cutaways was a touch *gahhh* but then it got really Hilarious really fast... the chase and fight scenes were magic (though again, more editing experience would of helped out this whole section too...).
And then the coda: just when we thought it was over the second act kicks in with puns galore and another stand off... the final pun was "terribly" brilliant! :-)
The acting over all was ok - the two lead guys were great! Would have been interesting to see what a more experienced editor on board may have done... having said the way it was edited just added to the charm. Well done!

Wow! Hilarious, one of those films that just shouts out... we're school teachers and we love having fun! (no idea what you actually do for a living but anyway ! Loved it!)
For what they did with what they had available it was brilliant... did drag a little after a while in the dance sequence and near the end... it could have used a bit of tightening edit wise. But the charm of the cardboard set and solo guitar definitely put it up there for 'best worst film' - and that's definitely a positive thing too! Some of the other Best worst films are that - the worst: so bad they're funny... you guys are genuinely funny just... ok enough said :-P
Loved it!

Wow, what a way to start the screening! A serious mind bender, which left me putting all the pieces together... and from the response of the audience (reserved silence), I think it wasn't just me! The best production values of the night, and with just a touch more volume I think untouchable (production wise)

Not sure about Stealpotato's rating 6/10 (the most prolific reviewer! Who are you anyway??) considering SP, you also scored Fresh Leaf, Rollover and Full-night the same... (yeah I notice your ratings lol) they were clearly no where near the smarts and quality of this film, which I think is doing this team a major disservice...

From reading the reviews so far(including Steel's), all I can think of is that a fair few of the audience missed the biggest element of the film... I mean it was called PlayBACK(wards) right? Did everyone seriously miss that..? that's frickin brilliant - really want to watch it again... So nice to see a film that requires you to think for a change! Congrats guys!