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Lost for words at the ending.

The revenge genre was achieved.

Better luck next year.

Great job with such a hard genre. Pulled it off.

Little rough but I think I grasped the overall concept.

My favourite for the night, well done all round.

Good camera work, but felt like the story dragged on a bit longer than needed.

Really liked the entire film, great acting, dialogue and cinematography but the ending didn't wrap it up in the way I had hoped.

Good effort, saw the potential, little rough on the edges.

What can I say really. Lost for words.

Total crack up, didn't see that coming at all. Must have been high as a kite on Friday night to come up with that one! haha

Cinematography was the strong point as well as the comedic elements. Wasn't sure of how serious to take the film but in the end was good overall.

Night at the Farm, thanks for your review.
Because we had gone for a mockumentry style film, we purposely used an older sony handycam as the "behind the scenes" camera, as shoddy camera work etc is a typical convention of the mockumentry genre, but thank you for your sound advice, it is truly appreciated. Good to know someone who doesn't even know where the film began is giving out advice on other films. Thanks for your time.

Interesting take on the genre, using it as a sub-plot, not sure if it is a strength or a weakness.
Not sure how to feel about the film itself, but was a good laugh to end the night anyhow.

Nice pokemon hat too btw.

Camera work wasn't that great
I see how you tried to get creative with the plot, but that was also your downfall.
Solid effort.

Edit: I came here and gave you an honest opinion on what I thought of your film.
I really did think you tried to be unique with the plot idea but it did not get shown in the way you had hoped for.
Now seeing your immaturity it is clear you do not deserve my rating.

Great audio, quite comical, storyline was conveyed well.
Good effort.

Well put together, simple idea.
Nothing spectacular, but no huge downfalls either, good effort.

Congratulations, well edited and put together film.
Pitfalls in the camera work, the jumpyness in the contrast and brightness and some shots breaking the 180 rule and not making sence completely, good simple story, a good effort.

Interesting concept?...
One shot was the trip up, the camera control wasn't the best and the idea did not convey itself well.
Better luck next year with a better genre.

A good effort, had its pit falls here and there.

Well shot and editing, but didn't really like the plot itself, thought the ending was a bit of a cop out.

I liked your idea, pretty good execution.
Well shot, well done.

Well expressed idea that has a predictable sort of outcome, the punishment for abuse.
Great make up/costuming
Acting was alright, so was the location.
Overall well filmed.

Everyone seems to point out how messy the plot was and i do agree, it was our first year and we underestimated the need for planning on Friday night, and it will be our goal for next year :) Thanks for all the feedback and hope to show a much better film next year

Nice plot, it had potential, nice mirror effect, but it felt a little short, and lacked a few more horror elements, but altogether a good effort :)

Felt a bit unfinished, or the plot wasn't explained well enough, but some nice shots, and a good edit, better luck next year guys

Well done guys :)
Bit of a cliche plot but what else can you do with ROM COM? it was sweet :) and well presented, good luck in the comp.

Nice spin on the FAD genre :) very well done, could have used some colour grading to finish off the feel perhaps?
One of my favorites, nice easy to follow story too, and a nice cliff hanger :) Good luck guys

Great job doing it all yourself :) very nice story and all, hilarious costumes :), not sure exactly what the FAD was, losing weight?
But well done and good luck getting any prizes :)

Had a nice ending, the whole loop :), but it felt a little slow paced here and there

lol on opening night when i heard Superhero be called out i imaged people running around in tights.... and thats exactly what i saw and it was brilliant :)
GJ using the wire prop, very nice

Nicely done, one of the best one of the nights, looks pretty polished, well done with the baby :)