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The film was well written, the production was amazing and the acting was also brilliant. Definitely deserved to be an audience favourite. keep up the great work!

This film was easy to follow and the production was great. The chase scene was a bit too long but the punchline was actually pretty good.

The storyline was easy to follow and also had great cinematography. Although parts felt unnecessary overall it was very interesting and well done!

I thought this was a superb effort by everyone involved. Audio was poor in places sure, but really good storyline, lead adult was brilliant and also it was well put together. Loved the song at the end. The cinematography had its ups and downs(they obviously weren't prepared to do night scenes) but the cliché story made me want to watch Hammer Horror films and I actually ended up curled up with Dracula after the screening. overall I thought this was remarkable considering the age of the cast and crew.